Men of a Certain Age

Season 1 Episode 2

Let It Go

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 14, 2009 on TNT

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  • Terry almost gets run over as he is walking off the sidewalk twice by drivers on the phone. Owens father gets a little heavy handed with his son and causes some ill will. Joe has a women make some advances with him which causes him to go a little goofy.

    Men of a Certain Age is an interesting program filled with angst of a whole different variety from your regular TV fair. We are use to the unrealistic teen angst of the many different shows on the CW as well as a few on other networks as well. This show definitely is headed a little in this same direction only with the angst of older men who have never grown up.

    Terry has a few altercations this week and in both cases does something that I think everyone has thought about doing at least once in their life. He gets a little carried away and I'm not sure he got the satisfaction he was looking for in either case.

    With Owen one would have to feel even after two episodes that his father has two sets of measures. One for his son and one for everyone else. When push comes to shove he does seem to be a little prejudice against his own son. We'll see if that continues in the future. This was the most satisfying of the stories overall.

    Joe has some major problems. Of course we know he is separated from his wife and living in a hotel by the month. We learn he has a pretty hefty gambling problem. Dropping 2 G's on a basketball game? Talk about foolish. These days I can't say I've seen a basketball game pro or college that either wasn't poorly called or not called at all by the officials. After he has an interesting encounter at the hotel with a single women he sort of freaks out, has a discussion with his wife, and then makes the big bet on the game. With most gamblers part of the problem is the occasional win amidst the many more loses. There could be some disastrous situations coming down the road for him unless he gets some help.

    So far I find the show interesting, entertaining, and a little uneven. The cast is great and Joe's wife being played by Penelope Ann Miller was a big surprise. There's an actress with a history of some major roles and great talent. The show certainly is different. Thanks for reading...