Men of a Certain Age

Season 1 Episode 3

Mind's Eye

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 21, 2009 on TNT

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  • Owen tries something new to sell cars and it is sort of a success. Terry does an acting job for a friend and becomes a little wrapped up in the storyline. Finally Joe's son Albert seems to have acquired some of his father's more quirky behavior.

    Another fairly entertaining episode of TNT's new series Men of a Certain Age. This show is trying a little too hard to be quirky and different so far. I find the storylines OK, but a little over the top from a normalcy standpoint. Mostly in the case of Romano's character Joe.

    This week Terry's buddy who he works for has a second house he's been trying to sell so he hires Terry and another actor named Alexis played by Valarie Rae Miller to pretend to be a married couple looking to buy the house. With Terry things seem to escalate and by the time he's through they are having the cast of "Eight is Enough" over the next few years starting with twins! Just very strange.

    Again the strongest and most believable story comes from Owen who is sick and tired of being the bad guy car salesmen. Being a Chevy dealership it is not a surprise that people have a bad viewpoint of the salespeople and dealer itself. Owen tries something new though. Instead of keeping the larger markup and negotiating hard like most of the Chevy car dealerships do, he sells cars at a profit without gouging the customer. Of course that does have a tendency to hit his pocket some. Moving the cars is one thing, but not making a profit is another all together. I think it is good that they are representing a Chevy dealer though as people don't generally have that same feeling of overpaying even buying say a Buick or Cadillac.

    Once again the strangest story comes from Romano's Joe character. This time he is talking to his son Albert when he finds out he didn't go on a field trip he was suppose to because he just couldn't get on the bus. Later after he makes the golf team the same thing happens. Everyone experiences non-rational fears in their lives, but this one takes the case. No real explanation comes forth, but Joe seems to feel it could be he and his wife's breakup. Who knows. Let's just say this kid needs some counseling.

    So another episode of Men of Certain Age. Being of that certain age myself I can relate with these fellows. The aches, the pains, the angst, and the living. Interesting, quirky, and entertaining. Not the best new show on TV, but certainly not the worst either. Thanks for reading...
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