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  • Reason for low ratings

    Funny this show has a lot of low ratings because most of the people I know love this show and most of the people who reviewed the show here enjoys it as well. And the ratings on IMBD are not bad (7.7 as I write this)

    My theory is maybe a certain number of "Everybody Loves Raymond" fans were pissed at Romano's new show cause it wasn't a comedy and they decided to give very low ratings (probably 1 or 2) to every episode. If 15 person did this, it's easy to tank a global rating.

    That's the only explanation, but who cares, it's a great show and I still enjoy it.
  • Ended Too Soon

    While I can certainly understand why this show was cancelled, I am sad to see it go. I think the show moved a little too slowly for most audiences. I personally thought the show was great and moved at a proper pace, but most people want things to move more rapidly. The fact that certain issues from season one were still being dealt with was probably one of the things that lost viewers, but I think the show was aiming for a more realistic approach to the problems that people face. The problems we all have don't just get wrapped up in half a year. We humans have problems that last for years on end and we can't change overnight. Unfortunately, I think most audiences don't want to see that. They want immediate changes (or at least significant changes by the end of a season). In any case, this was a great show that was ended too soon and probably for the wrong reasons.
  • For those that look for less is more in TV.

    Romano. Braugher. Hell, even Bakula. These are TV giants. Bakula, the "worst" among them, still made this the best role he's been in, period. Braugher was looking for a stand-out performance after Homicide and this is it. And Romano... Oh man, love him or hate him, the man is unbelievable as a deadpan comic and his rhythm and timing is virtually unparalleled in the TV world.
    So why is it that after two seasons the show is no more?
    US TV panders to 18-35s, with the accent being on under 30's. They feature shows with a) pretty people or b) exploding spy stuff or c) easily digestible family fun. That's 90% of the TV landscape.
    Men of Certain Age attempted to honestly, brutally and inconspicuously show us the lives of 40-somethings from 3 different, yet so familiar perspectives. They faced and re-faced their demons, changed their minds, kept being inspired and uninspired - as all of us actually would.
    But that's not what TV is (mostly) for. It is for "what could be" and "bigger and better" etc., so I really can't fault the company for letting it go.
    However, for me, it was the smartest, most honest thing on TV for two years and I'm just glad I had the chance to enjoy those two seasons.
  • how could such a good show have such poor user reviews???

    I think the show is great, I have watched it since Episode 1 & I give it a 10!!!

    I read some of the reviews and user scores and cannot beleive they think the show is so bad

    I will say i am a little biased because anything with Andre Braugher in it automatically gets a 10 :)

    the man is one of my favorite all time actors ever since Homicide: Life on the Street

    maybe because i am a 39 year old male i can relate to this type of show and I do find it hilarious for the most part

    Its very well written and permormed by the actors

    I hope this show is around many seasons to come
  • Intense, dark and depressing, "Men of A Certain Age" wasn't the quenching drink I had hoped for. Perhaps those looking for a trip into hopeless land will be able to appreciate the stable of magnificent actors that were assembled for this piece.

    With Scott Bakula, Andre Braugher and Ray Romano at the helm, this show should be a home run flying out of the park, but like many pilots I couldn't find the hook. To be fair, as a middle-aged female, a series about men's dysfunction might be too far off the mark for me to interpret. It was more than that. The very first episode was so full of hopelessness, I couldn't even get all the way through it.

    I remember when I heard David Duchovny would be starring in "Californication." I couldn't wait to see him back on the screen. When I got halfway through that pilot I also realized I was in the wrong waiting room. My enjoyment of David Duchovny's acting wasn't enough to embrace what he was representing, although I know plenty of women who swooned at his sexual prowess onscreen. I simply couldn't get past the drugs and senseless sex coming from someone who's character was also a dad. It didn't make any sense.

    I don't know what I was expecting from "Men of A Certain Age." My only reason for tuning in was Scott Bakula. I've loved everything I've seen him do. He is an amazing actor and knows how to pull at the audience's heart strings, but to be honest I've only seen him in good roles.

    Knowing Bakula's traditional roles were the good guy and that generally speaking in the world of fame he himself is also one of the good guys, I was shocked to see him personify a bad boy. It was more than that. Scott Bakula is a REALLY GOOD actor and as such, the one thing that drew me to the show repelled me as well. I probably wouldn't have been as offended by his character had I never seen him in any other role. He made an exquisite scum bag.

    On the other hand, I have never liked Ray Romano's work. I was surprised to find (after reading a staff writer's review) the piece was his brainchild as all the advertising I had seen was for Scott Bakula. I've never been a fan of New York "it doesn't really matter" style humor that "Seinfeld" or "Everybody Loves Raymond" embraced. I champion shows that contain hope at their core, not diatribes about how bad life is and how it will never get better.

    I also found Ray Romano's acting in this piece far from the quality of both Bakula and Braugher. It was painful watching two amazing drama actors and someone who looked like he was still trying to be a comedian without a line of comedy in the script. I don't know a lot about Andre Braugher, but he had the goods on screen. Both he and Bakula put much more value into what was written in the script with their performances than Romano. I would go even further to say even the supporting actors were of such intense quality, had the script been better constructed I would have continued to watch the series.

    I'm not against shows about men finding their way. One show I was incredibly disappointed to see go was "In Case of Emergency." Sure, not a lot of people watched it, but it was hysterically funny regarding the very same topic "Men of A Certain Age" addresses - what do middle-aged men who's lives haven't exactly turned out to be the American dream do? From the very beginning "In Case of Emergency's" characters hooked you. There was something about the way they were composed that evoked compassion and hope, which is a commodity far too scarce these days.

    "Men of A Certain Age's" characters seemed to be composed of two guys who don't deserve our compassion and Ray Romano's character who drowning in his own self-pity and lack of self-esteem we don't even want to be around. Even thinking about the group, I start to feel like this piece was written with such a desperate need for Ray Romano to be a star that he purposely made the other two characters (an egotistical actor who sleeps with one woman after another and a spoiled lazy son expecting to inherit his father's business) archetypes that would seal that deal. If that was the case, it failed miserably.

    "Men of A Certain Age" may attract those who like stewing in the darkness of the underbelly of self-pity, but I personally want that 30 minutes of my life back. I don't fault Scott Bakula for wanting to stretch his acting skills by portraying a darker character, but in the future it would be nice if those types of roles came with a surgeon general's warning for those of us that would follow him anywhere. ;D
  • A great show with depth perception.

    "Men of a Certain Age" is one of the best dramatic series that I've seen in years. Each of the three leads have uncannily balanced comedic and dramatic talents, yet manage to never overplay their hands for a cheap laugh or hollow emotion. Their characters, while flawed, are all likable and recognizably goodhearted. But the show is strongest when it shines a spotlight on their short-comings and honestly illustrates a complicated dance of self-actualization and co-dependence (on each other, their families, and their aspirations.) Yet, despite embracing some of the more socially acceptable and "instinctive" traits of manhood, there are moments where we're allowed a more telling glimpse into thoughtful, if blatantly philosophical, foundations. It's nice to see a show that looks at men, of a certain age, as more than just archetypes, caricatures, and cliches.
  • Blends comedy and drama very effectively.

    Although it's not always laugh out loud funny, I found myself giggling quite a bit. The best thing about the humour is it is much more subtle than the usual American humour.
    That is probably why someone else reviewing this show has given it a low score and constantly went on about how dark it is.
    Yes, it is dark but it's not black. It's great there is actually some emotion in this show. Some of the best emotional scenes are coming from Ray Romano. I never really enjoyed his character in 'Everybody Loves Raymond' which is probably why I'm finding his performance in this show so compelling.
    It's not just Ray though, I think the entire cast has been selected really well. The chemistry between the main characters is fantastic.
    I hope that when I am 20 years older and the age of the 3 stars, I have that kind of friendship with my best friends.
    I really hope this show sticks around!
  • When does the show start again - I can hardly wait - need this show to tell me what my husband is going through since HE won't tell me.

    This is a WONDERFUL show -- it's like a Desperate Housewives for MEN. Our husband's won't tell us what they are going through in life, so till now we had no way of knowing .... but now we DO. My girlfriends and I watch this show religiously and really need to see more of it. When does the next show start? We just got done watching the last show of the season. Please tell me the next season starts SOON, not next winter......
    okay - gonna put in x's now to make this a 100 word minimum - please forgive the x's - xxxxxx x x x x x x x xx x
  • On tonight's episode of Men of A Certain Age...Owen has plans but so does his father....the actor gets a role....and Joe well he has to deal with reality.

    First of all thanks Mr B for giving an interview before the season premiere to my favorite blog Baltimore Sun's Z ON TV...we look forward to the show every week. This show does not disappoint at all. The chemistry between all the guys is really starting to take shape with all the twist and turns that come with life. The show does a great job of tying together the plot to the audience. The writing is witty & spontaneous...these guys & this show are going somewhere and are definately epitomizing the culture of today. Loved the reference Melissa made, "The real housewives of Chevrolet"

    Great job and cannot wait to see ya'll next week.
  • I am really enjoying this show.

    I do not find this show dark & depressing, as another reviewer does. I liked Everybody Loves Raymond (mostly) for the same reason I like this show - Ray Romano isn't afraid to play himself in a self-deprecating way. Too many actors & actresses don't want to make themselves look bad on-screen (big or little). I have loved Andre Braugher since Homicide and it is nice to see him a little less intense than in those days. I've never watched anything of Scott Bakula's, but I am liking him on this show. And I like Lisa Gay Hamilton as Owen's wife. I look forward to each week's new episode and I hope TNT gives this show a longer chance to survive than it did Saved for 3 or 4 years ago.
  • There are highs and lows to every age, but three best friends know what it's like to be Men of a Certain Age. Ray Romano stars in an honest, emotional and funny drama about what it is like to be a middle aged man in the modern era.

    Men of a Certain Age is amazing. Funny, poignant, and sincerely realistic. This show has the makings of a great new drama, looking forward to lots more episodes.

    I'm looking forward to watching the character development in this story. Scott Bakula performs amazingly again. I've always found this particular actor very good and his character this time is very complex. He's going through a terrible point in his life, and still remains down to earth, zany and positive.

    His friends, are annoyed by many of his behaviors, but when the going gets tough, they remain loyal and do the best thing for him, even when it may not be their initial choice.

    They keep him real, and on the right path, despite issues within their own lives. I'd be glad to have three friends that were as good as these guys in my life.
  • Realistic Baby Boomers in Male Mid Life Crisis. Excellently written and directed. Definitely a male bonding series, and original. TV at it's best.

    At 50 myself, I readily identify with each character, especially Ray Ramono's. As a gambling addict myself, it is the mirror in the face I've needed to show how my transgressions and excuses have made my life more complicated.

    The three male characters all in their late 40's, early 50's, offers a view of life from their own daily lives. One in a marriage with kids, working in a used car lot for his dad who doesn't respect him, deeply in debt and no where else to turn; while he also deals with his health issues. One, single over-the-hill actor who does day work in an office setting doing spreadsheets while surfing the web and taking breaks more than he works. And, Ray Romano's character runs a small party supply store who is coming out of a marriage because of his gambling addiction, while having time-to-time problems paying his bookie.

    The three meet and talk around breakfast, run together, and more. This is definitely a male bonding program that has been long over due for TV. In a way, it's what the Golden Girls were to older women.

    Ray Ramono has done it again. I loved, "Everybody Loves Raymond", now I'm loving, "Men of a Certain Age". The show has been successful in tapping into my age group and showing the reality of what men our age go through. It's definitely a testosterone show. Enjoy!