Men of a Certain Age

TNT (ended 2011)


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  • A great show with depth perception.

    "Men of a Certain Age" is one of the best dramatic series that I've seen in years. Each of the three leads have uncannily balanced comedic and dramatic talents, yet manage to never overplay their hands for a cheap laugh or hollow emotion. Their characters, while flawed, are all likable and recognizably goodhearted. But the show is strongest when it shines a spotlight on their short-comings and honestly illustrates a complicated dance of self-actualization and co-dependence (on each other, their families, and their aspirations.) Yet, despite embracing some of the more socially acceptable and "instinctive" traits of manhood, there are moments where we're allowed a more telling glimpse into thoughtful, if blatantly philosophical, foundations. It's nice to see a show that looks at men, of a certain age, as more than just archetypes, caricatures, and cliches.