Men of a Certain Age

TNT (ended 2011)


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  • For those that look for less is more in TV.

    Romano. Braugher. Hell, even Bakula. These are TV giants. Bakula, the "worst" among them, still made this the best role he's been in, period. Braugher was looking for a stand-out performance after Homicide and this is it. And Romano... Oh man, love him or hate him, the man is unbelievable as a deadpan comic and his rhythm and timing is virtually unparalleled in the TV world.
    So why is it that after two seasons the show is no more?
    US TV panders to 18-35s, with the accent being on under 30's. They feature shows with a) pretty people or b) exploding spy stuff or c) easily digestible family fun. That's 90% of the TV landscape.
    Men of Certain Age attempted to honestly, brutally and inconspicuously show us the lives of 40-somethings from 3 different, yet so familiar perspectives. They faced and re-faced their demons, changed their minds, kept being inspired and uninspired - as all of us actually would.
    But that's not what TV is (mostly) for. It is for "what could be" and "bigger and better" etc., so I really can't fault the company for letting it go.
    However, for me, it was the smartest, most honest thing on TV for two years and I'm just glad I had the chance to enjoy those two seasons.
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