Men of the World

BBC (ended 1995)





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  • A little forgotten 90's sitcom

    I remember watching this back in the early 90s and thanks to a happy eBay coincidence I now have the series on DVD.

    I used to enjoy they show and watching it noe, even though a little dated in fashion, it still manages to raise more than a smile.

    David Threlfell is fantastic as the grown-up kid, a slightly damaged divorcee he can be infantile and pained in the same episode whilst losing none of the momentum or character of Lenny.

    John Simm, currently lauded by the media for the wonderful "Life on Mars" and his psychotic Master in "Dr. Who" is brilliant as both the gullible/worldly wise Kendle. A sort of Luke to Lenny's Obi Wan.

    With Daniel Peacock, who wrote the show, as their gormless friend Gilby this trio of friends make up a light and entertaining show.

    OK, in these more jaded days their not-very-PC humour would be less accepted, but I thuink that is to our detriment and not the show.

    To sum up this is a gentle little gem, hopefully it will be picked up by UK Gold or some other channel and have the opportunity of a re-airing or maybe a DVD release as the BBC raid their archives, I like it and that's all that matters to me !