Men with Brooms

CBC (ended 2010)


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  • Season 1
    • How They Got Here
      How They Got Here
      Episode 12
      Bill discovers that Pramesh owns a red Fiero - which he never drives - and changes his opinion about Pramesh. He encourages Pramesh to drive the car and the two go on a road trip. At the club Matt and Tannis get into an argument over the contents of the lost and found box and, with his father visiting, Gary goes out of his way to prove that he is not like the man who abandoned his family when he was 10.moreless
    • The Ex-Factor
      The Ex-Factor
      Episode 11
      Gary is upset and jealous to the point of distraction when April receives flowers from an old crush, causing him to lose focus on the ice. After losing two games, Bill insists that he should be skip and sets up a vote. Meanwhile Tannis and Rani agree to be gym buddies.moreless
    • Space Wars
      Space Wars
      Episode 10
      The team is concerned because Pramesh has missed several practices so Gary follows him to see what has caused him to desert his teammates; Matt is thrilled when Bill hires him as a bouncer but gets carried away with his role; after April negatively compares the donut shop atmosphere to a cafe she used to frequent back home, Rani decides to hold an open-mic night at Speedy Treat.moreless
    • Love, Smells, Funny
      This episode features three separate story lines.

      Love: Rani forgets her wedding anniversary and Pramesh is crushed after he went through great effort to make her a very personal gift.
      Smells: Bill is concerned that he is seriously ill when he detects a smell at the bar which no one else can smell.
      Funny: Gary receives a 1 out of 5 on his Performance Review for Humor. Upset, he sets out to convince everyone that he is a very funny guy.moreless
    • Wedding Knells
      Wedding Knells
      Episode 8
      April needs a wedding date and Gary, fearing that she will ask him, enlists Matt's help to make him look bad in her eyes. Unfortunately Matt goes too far and Gary ends up with a bigger problem with his boss. At the bar, Bill buys a punching bag machine and Pramesh, after punching it, is concerned that he has a temper problem.moreless
    • Big Changes
      Big Changes
      Episode 7
      Gary overhears Office Manger Joan Parson telling April that there are big changes coming at the plant and, with a little encouragement from April, jumps to the conclusion that he might be getting laid off, so he sets out to prove his worth to the company in a way that has unintended consequences. At the store, Rani is happy to have Pramesh help with the books in the hopes that he will fail. When he does a great job, she is upset over her space being invaded and decides to get him back by taking up curling.moreless
    • Accidents Happen
      Accidents Happen
      Episode 6
      Bill is apoplectic over Long Bay's decision to name a sheet of ice after local hero and Golden Broom winner Chris Cutter. In his efforts to show Chris up, he convinces Pramesh and Rani to sponsor the team by purchasing jackets for them.

      At the plant, Gary is keen to finally achieve one year without an accident so that the staff can enjoy a company barbecue. The last two times the safety record got to 364 days, Matt had an accident and Gary is determined to avoid a repeat. Unfortunately, his efforts to keep Matt safe have unintended consequences.moreless
    • Sweet Victory
      Sweet Victory
      Episode 5
      Gary is forced to stand up to his mom when she and her team, The Killjoys, take Gary's team's Tuesday night ice time. Meanwhile, April is determined to get a free doughnut, which Rani refuses to give her because she lost her full bonus card.
    • Favour Math
      Favour Math
      Episode 4
      After April spends 10 hours doing Gary's taxes in an emergency, he finds himself indebted to her and having to do a series of favours for her, until Matt cooks up an idea to balance the ledger. Meanwhile, Rani makes an upset Pramesh the Employee of the Month at the business they co-own and Bill's struggles with mid-life crisis when an article in the local paper overstates his age by over 10 years.moreless
    • Quitting Time
      Quitting Time
      Episode 3
      April and Matt are concerned by their addiction to diet pop and agree to become quit buddies. After a while Gary, feeling left out, joins in the quit group, but things don't go so well. At the club, Pramesh suffers a hard fall on a sheet of ice and hurts his back. Bill becomes worried that he could be sued and works hard to get on Pramesh's good side, but when Pramesh discovers what Bill is up to, he takes advantage of the situation.moreless
    • Death of the Birth Tree
      While Gary is showing April his birth home as part of a tour around town, a tree which holds many memories for him is chopped down. He milks April's sympathy towards him by taking advantage of her kindness. Meanwhile at the club, Tannis tries an unusual wealth building technique and Pramesh and Bill play a very complicated board game that goes on for days.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      In the series opener, problems arise when the team competes in a meat-spiel, where the first prize is a freezer full of meat. Pramesh, the team's lead, is a vegetarian and when his wife hears about the prize, she sets out keep her husband from eating meat by convincing Matt that her marriage would be ruined if Pramesh eats meat. Meanwhile, Gary takes a shine to April, the new accountant at his place of work.moreless