Men, Women & Dogs

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Men, Women & Dogs

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"They say that dog is man's best friend. In L.A.'s trendy dog parks, it also can be man's best method for meeting women and sharing the latest adventures in dating. From Emmy-nominated writers Dan Staley and Rob Long (Cheers) comes a new relationship comedy about four guy friends in their twenties whose lives center around their girlfriends, their careers and their dogs - but not necessarily in that order." "Jeremiah (Bill Bellamy, The Brothers, Any Given Sunday, MTV Jams) is a talented chef and consummate player with a penchant for seducing women with his irresistible charm and decadent chocolate cake. His theory is that if you can convince a girl to break her rule about skipping dessert, there are no rules left. Commitment-phobic to a fault, Jeremiah is closer to his dog Wolfgang than he has ever been to any woman. Jeremiah's best friend Clay (Danny Pino) vocally disapproves of how he objectifies women, and is mocked mercilessly for being just the opposite - a sensitive idealist nursing the wounds of his first broken heart. Easygoing surf bum Eric (Niklaus Lange, Blonde) recently moved in with his girlfriend Michelle (Heather Stephens, Tomcats), who has issues about playing second fiddle to Eric's first love - his old and incontinent pooch, Betsy. Newest to the group, Royce (Mike Damus, Brutally Normal) is a study in unbridled, penny-pinching ambition that usually blows his chance at getting the girl. Royce doesn't actually have a dog; he just hangs out at the dog park holding a leash and a few scoops looking for fresh talent." "More likely to know how to pamper their pets than how to treat a lady, these four friends occasionally succeed in shedding some light on each other's inadequacies and fallacies. Bound by their canine companions, the unlikely comrades fumble their way through life's little indignities on their search for love and happiness. Maybe with a little help from a dog's sixth sense and the tug of an extendable leash, they'll also learn how to meet - and, more importantly, keep - a woman for good." (WB press release) Men, Women & Dogs* is produced by Staley/Long Productions, in association with Paramount Network Television Broadcast History ----------------- Oct 2001-Nov 2001, Sun 8:30-9:00 Dec 2001, Sun 9:30-10:00 First telecast: October 14, 2001 Last telecast: December 30, 2001 Show type: Single and Multi-Camera Sitcom Number of episodes: 13 Media: 35mm film *(Men, Women & Dogs is not affiliated with James Thurber, the estate of James Thurber and/or other fine James Thurber products in any way.)moreless

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