Mental Block

YTV (ended 2004)


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  • Excellent show, specially the acting of Erik Knudsen. It should be returned to YTV.

    I started watching the show with my grandaughter but soon found myself caught up in the pleasant, clean entertainment provided by a wonderful young cast. Erik Knudsen stands out as a great actor. I have not seen such use of facial expressions since Spencer Tracy. Eriks acting is flawless. Thanks kids. Edbro68
  • Strange storyline and random events may attract viewers but not that likely.

    So, you take 4 teenage kids, place them inside another high-school teenager's brain (how in the world do you do that, anyways?!) and help him make wise (and sometimes bad) decisions. This show didn't attract many viewers when it aired after a few months. Although it is still airing, it airs at 3:30 in the morning on Sundays. So unless you can't sleep and feel like watching TV, you probably won't see it-proving that not many people watched it when it aired at it's regular time. All in all, it was a decen show showing how to get by in high school--but in a strange way...