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This is the first co-production of Fox International Channels (FIC) and Fox Television Studios (FtvS). It's also the first U.S. English-language drama to be shot by Fox Telecolombia in Bogota, Colombia. Mental is a drama that explores the complexity of the human brain like never seen before. Every week there is a different patient with a different crisis. Every crisis is a mystery, a confusion, or even a wrong diagnosis from other doctors. Originally from the UK, Jack Gallagher is a compulsive traveler who has taken a position as the director of a psychiatric hospital in L.A. to be in the same city as his twin sister. Fascinated with the power of the human brain since he was a child, Jack approaches psychiatry with unorthodox treatments and slightly unusual methods for the sake of his patients' mental health. He is overseen by Nora, the department administrator who is also his ex-lover. For Jack, each case is like a puzzle. Jack has the ability to see what his patients have in their heads, to see the world as they do and give them a perspective on their own worlds. Unfortunately, some of his colleagues don't agree with his methods, and they will do anything to get him out of the clinic. Day after day he fights against his sister's schizophrenia, afraid he'll end up as one more victim of this serious mental illness. He is ready to break some rules for the well-being of his patients. For him the most important thing is to get into the mind of his patients, seeing reality as they do and make them understand that the doctors are a part of their recovery. Jack thinks that doctors and patients have much more in common than they are ready to recognize.moreless

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  • Jacqueline McKenzie

    Jacqueline McKenzie

    Dr. Veronica Hayden-Jones

    Nicholas Gonzalez

    Nicholas Gonzalez

    Dr. Arturo Suarez

    Chris Vance

    Chris Vance

    Dr. Jack Gallagher

    Derek Webster

    Derek Webster

    Dr. Carl Belle

    Annabella Sciorra

    Annabella Sciorra

    Nora Skoff

    Marisa Ramirez

    Marisa Ramirez

    Dr. Chloe Artis

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    • I really enjoyed this pilot episode, but it doesn't take much to please me. Though slightly a House rip-off, the characters show a whole new side to psychiatric institutes...

      This show has a lot of potential, as long as FOX doesn't screw them over. "Mental" has a House-like atmosphere, with a more positive approach. Patients are not looked down upon, and it's made clear the doctors are there to help them not only with their mental problems, but go beyond the call of duty to get them home. I immediately fell in love with the characters of Jack Gallagher, and Veronica Hayden-Jones, and I'm sure the rest of the cast will continue to grow on me in no time at all. I hope "Mental" will continue to bring original storylines and witty talk.moreless
    • Doctors in a psychiatric hospital deal with patients and politics.

      Although I feel this pilot fell short, I do believe it has the potential to be quite good. The character development was weak but Jack Gallagher was interesting and mysterious enough to tune in for another show. None of the other characters stood out. I have always liked Annabella Sciorra. Hopefully the writers won't make her a poor imitation of Cuddy. I would've liked to see a more engaging story-line as well. A psychiatric hospital is a novel idea for a show. It's an opportunity for the audience to learn more about mental illness, something that has not been done before in any depth. To be a good show, the audience has to care about the characters and to be drawn into the story. Hopefully they do better in future shows.moreless
    • It does have good ideas as a tv series but it's not quite their yet.

      The main idea of a story about a mental hospital is a really good spin off of the House series. But a lot of the writing and the way the characters are formed aren't really developed properly. There are many gaps in the story but at the same time the plot moves to fast, i mean he already found his sister? Also, the way it was filmed was really jumpy, and some parts could be cut out completely. The cast wasn't bad but i think Annabella Sciorra (Nora Skoff) did not fit her role at all, she should have been much more interesting to hear and look at. At times some of the cast didn't really seem to have emotion in what they were saying and it actually sounded scripted. the one that i didn't like at all was Derek Webster (Dr. Carl Belle) his character was just really weird. One day it seemed like his character hated Chris Vance's (Dr. Jack Gallagher) character and the next he seemed okay with him. I was just completely confused by it. i don't know if it was to make him appear fake but even should some what show us in every episode.

      the one line that i absolutely hate becuase it is actually repeated at least once in every episode is that a person can be held in their care for up to 72 hours. and that seems to be the constant idea that they are forcing everyone to stay in the hospital. Which is utterly ridiculous Overall it has great potential but i think it need better writers or better yet a new creator, which i'm surprised to say because i thought that most of Deborah Joy LeVine's work is excellent.moreless
    • Great show- Don't cancel!

      The show was awesome. I just watched the season finale and am hoping that it does not mean that the show was not signed for another season. The first episode was not great in my opinion the acting was off-base and seemed fake. Still something about that first episode kept me interested enough that I watched the second episode...After that I was officially hooked. The acting began to flow and the concepts seemed believable. The storyline began to evolve and the characters grew on you. Even the characters that are perhaps the "arch nemesis" instantly became easy to hate. Overall good showmoreless
    • Supurb series. This was an excellent episode(s)! Really hope it isn't over for good...

      Wow. So many subplots in such a short series. If Fox does not pick this up for another season-then they need mental help:) This show has so much potential, and the writers only cracked the surface. Things were just getting good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. take a chance and go with this show. People keep comparing 'Mental' to 'House' Really there is no comparison. 'House' is soooo predicatble and frankly, I have gotten bored with it. Not even sure I will watch the season opener in Sept. However, as someone else wrote, it would have been interesting if Dr. Gallagher showed up as the one to help House's recovery. No luck there as the episode has already been filmed.

      I love and hate the way it ended. If it comes back for another season then there are so many ways to write Jack's return. If there really is to be no more 'Mental' then there are too many loose ends. It should be brough back even if it is only to see "evil Carl' get his. What a horrible man-in every aspect. Really, why does someone who cares so little for people become a shrink anyway?!?!?!?

      Nora needs to be the one that helps Jack 'recover' or 'find himself' or whatever it is he was doing at the end of the final episode. But, the admin at the hospital needs to get rid of Carl and beg Jack to come back.

      Last thought-GREAT show!!! Bring it back!!! Not that the network 'bigwigs' even read these posts, too bad. Lets hope they get the message.moreless

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