Season 1 Episode 13

Bad Moon Rising

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2009 on FOX
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Episode Summary

A man who assures to be a wolf man takes Jack and his personnel as hostages in Jack's apartment, where they had met to try to solve the budgetary crisis of the hospital.

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    Joseph D. Reitman

    Joseph D. Reitman

    Ellis Kahane

    Guest Star

    Laura Johnson

    Laura Johnson

    Georgia Riede

    Guest Star

    Lex Medlin

    Lex Medlin

    Thom Hygard

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      • Arturo: This is gonna make one hell of a pickup line. I can see it now, "So there I was face to face with a wolfman and a gun. But there were lives at stake so I went for it."
        Chloe: Yeah, like a complete idiot. Actually I thought you were pretty frickin' brave.

      • Jack: (to Ellis) Look at it this way; you're either crazy or you're a werewolf. Either way we'll deal with it.

      • Jack: Ellis, take it easy. I have a suggestion. If might just help. Bite me.
        Ellis: What?! No, no. No, I can't.
        Jack: You don't want to face the moonrise alone, that's why we're here. You're all alone.
        Ellis: I don't want to be alone, no.
        Jack: Come on. Two werewolves have got to be better than one.
        Ellis: Why would you do that for me?
        Jack: Fancy a change. I'm dying to know what happens.

      • Ellis: No one will listen to me. They didn't believe me.
        Chloe: Arturo and I spoke to him initially.
        Arturo: Dr. Belle didn't believe that he fell under the critical category.
        Carl: Which he didn't. I gave him a prescription.
        Chloe: He gave him the equivalent of two aspirins and told him to call you in the morning.
        Carl: You're suggesting this is my fault?
        Arturo: She's not just suggesting.

      • Carl: Mr. Kahane, we've seen you at this hospital before though it's been some time. You were diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder in your teens and you've been in some sort of therapy and taking medication every since.
        Ellis: This isn't it. This is the beast planted inside me. What if I lost control and I harm innocent human beings? I could forfeit my soul.
        Carl: We can inoculate against that.
        Chloe: We can?

      • Therapist: Why do you think you need therapy?
        Jack: Why does anyone?
        Therapist: A million different reasons. You know that, pick one.
        Jack: I have a decision to make. I need to talk it through.
        Therapist: What decision?
        Jack: Whether or not to quit my job.

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