Season 1 Episode 3

Book of Judges

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 09, 2009 on FOX
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Jack attempts to give a highly unorthodox treatment to a famous philosopher who is in a catatonic state due to a lightning strike that crippled him and killed his wife. Meanwhile Jack gets in a complicated situation as he feels attracted to a patients daughter.

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  • A somewhat famous writer is saved from being stamped as a vegetable by Jack and Carl enlists a reluctant Arturo to get rid of him.

    Well, I hoped that there would be more character development by now. What ever happened to Veronicas marriage? No more trouble? Not very convincing. Why is Carl so evil? This needs explaining. I liked the opening scene, hilarious.

    The scene at the pool where Jack just stands there and says "Interesting." was just ridiculous! No meaning in there. The main case was quite interesting, but then again there were hardly any other patients, which I think is kind of unrealistic.

    I didn't like the ending, because I'm not sure where the writers want to go with that. Do they want to show us, that yes, he is a man and behaves like one (having a one night stand with a patients daughter is somewhat unprofessional though)? Why would he do that? Just because she is pretty and intelligent and the daughter of his famous author?

    I gave this episode a 7 anyway and that is mainly because I loved the scenes with Jack and Nora and the developing friendship between Jack and Veronica. They are absolutely great together. I could hardly help laughing out aloud when they compare their mornings after the sleepless night (bikeride vs. nap, cereal and hot shower) and him saying "You live an exiting life". That was just great!

    I will definitely give it another shot!moreless
  • Looks like Jack will get into trouble

    So what was the deal with Bell? I don't know what he wants to prove, but he's being totally unprofessional and unethical for what he's doing.

    I like how Veronica supports Jack even when she knows and thinks his methods are a little bit out there. And it also looked like they were having fun when they were taking that thing. I don't think it's bad, since they must go through so many bad situations with patients that they need to enjoy life when they can.

    The case... It must be difficult to lose someone that way and feel guilty about it. Good that Jack was able to go deep inside the man's mind and improve his condition. Didn't like the daughter, didn't like the end.

    Well, I've never liked that actress.moreless
David Carradine

David Carradine

Gideon Graham

Guest Star

Estella Warren

Estella Warren

Niobe Graham

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Lex Medlin

Lex Medlin

Thom Hygard

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jack: What happens when you get struck by lightning?
      Nora: Your hair frizzes.

    • Vivian: Where is Gideon's mind by the way?
      Jack: I was hoping you'd tell me.
      Vivian: Wherever he is, he's laughing at us.
      Jack: Why do you think that?
      Vivian: I assume he escaped the thing he feared most-what we all fear if we're sane…the awareness, the constant reminder that…life is not forever.
      Jack: A world without death, without inevitability.
      Vivian: Gideon never believed in gods, but I think he would've liked to have been one.

    • Jack: If you knew he was here why didn't you come before?
      Vivian: I never had more than half of Gideon and by the end almost nothing. I'm not sure I want to help.
      Jack: Aww, come on tell me about the book.
      Vivian: Our relationship brought something into Gideon's life he never experienced before, guilt.

    • Mr. Breyer: I'm going to go upstairs in a minute. It's been, um, difficult to see him like this. Do you think my visits do any good at all?
      Jack: Oh, yeah. I think so. Conventional wisdom, says so anyway.
      Mr. Breyer: You know what Gideon called conventional wisdom?
      Jack: Rank stupidity.

    • Carl: Don't worry about Highguard. I smoothed things over with him.
      Jack: Does that mean we're still on for Laguna?
      Carl: I don't' think it's your scene.
      Jack: No?
      Carl: No, but very much mine.
      Jack: I can see that.
      Carl: The thing is I'll do more long term good for this hospital in one weekend that you'll accomplish in months.
      Jack: On the [golf] course?
      Carl: It's where the money flows, doctor.

    • Jack: Darren Knuth.
      Arturo: Age 23. No history of treatment for mental illness. There is however a history of violent acts beginning in his early teens; two convictions, one as a juvenile. Police brought him in last night on a 72 hour hold.
      Nora: Under what charges?
      Arturo: Assault and battery. He beat the crap out of two high school football players.
      Nora: What set him off?
      Arturo: They were leaning against his car.
      Carl: Why is he here and not in jail?
      Arturo: Well after the incident he drive his car into a brick wall four times. When the police got there he was sitting in it sobbing.

    • Jack: (Tells Malcolm as he is getting in the pool to treat Gideon) "Do we seek the womb in aquatic environments or is it simple the nearest we come to flying?
      Malcolm: That's nice.
      Jack: Gideon wrote it.
      Malcolm: Really? You wrote that Mr. G?
      (No response from Gideon.)

    • Jack: Gideon Graham.
      Veronica: TMS scheduled for today. His daughter will be here observing the procedure.
      Arturo: Fashion model.
      Nora: Trans cranial magnetic stimulation?
      Veronica: Yeah, I hope to God the damn thing works. I had to promise the guy at County my first born child to get him to lend it to us.
      Jack: It works. I took it for a test drive last night.
      Veronica: What?
      Arturo: You tried TMS on yourself?
      Jack: The tapping sensation of the contact points is a little bit irritating. Get past that and there's a nice little buzz.
      (Veronica laughs)
      Nora: Okay obviously I need to restate the hospital policy on self-experimentation.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Title: Book of Judges
      The title is an allusion to the book of the Bible originally written in Hebrew. It tells the tragic story about God being taken for granted by his children. It is a contrast of the book of Joshua that contains the blessings that God bestowed on the people of Israel for obeying him in conquering the land.

      In the book of Judges, they disobeyed him and that lead to many defeats. After the death of Joshua, God allowed the Israelites to suffer for worshipping false gods. Then He sent them judges to lead them to a better life. However, they would return to the wrong path of life every now and then.