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  • I really enjoyed this pilot episode, but it doesn't take much to please me. Though slightly a House rip-off, the characters show a whole new side to psychiatric institutes...

    This show has a lot of potential, as long as FOX doesn't screw them over. "Mental" has a House-like atmosphere, with a more positive approach. Patients are not looked down upon, and it's made clear the doctors are there to help them not only with their mental problems, but go beyond the call of duty to get them home. I immediately fell in love with the characters of Jack Gallagher, and Veronica Hayden-Jones, and I'm sure the rest of the cast will continue to grow on me in no time at all. I hope "Mental" will continue to bring original storylines and witty talk.
  • Doctors in a psychiatric hospital deal with patients and politics.

    Although I feel this pilot fell short, I do believe it has the potential to be quite good. The character development was weak but Jack Gallagher was interesting and mysterious enough to tune in for another show. None of the other characters stood out. I have always liked Annabella Sciorra. Hopefully the writers won't make her a poor imitation of Cuddy. I would've liked to see a more engaging story-line as well. A psychiatric hospital is a novel idea for a show. It's an opportunity for the audience to learn more about mental illness, something that has not been done before in any depth. To be a good show, the audience has to care about the characters and to be drawn into the story. Hopefully they do better in future shows.
  • It does have good ideas as a tv series but it's not quite their yet.

    The main idea of a story about a mental hospital is a really good spin off of the House series. But a lot of the writing and the way the characters are formed aren't really developed properly. There are many gaps in the story but at the same time the plot moves to fast, i mean he already found his sister? Also, the way it was filmed was really jumpy, and some parts could be cut out completely. The cast wasn't bad but i think Annabella Sciorra (Nora Skoff) did not fit her role at all, she should have been much more interesting to hear and look at. At times some of the cast didn't really seem to have emotion in what they were saying and it actually sounded scripted. the one that i didn't like at all was Derek Webster (Dr. Carl Belle) his character was just really weird. One day it seemed like his character hated Chris Vance's (Dr. Jack Gallagher) character and the next he seemed okay with him. I was just completely confused by it. i don't know if it was to make him appear fake but even should some what show us in every episode.

    the one line that i absolutely hate becuase it is actually repeated at least once in every episode is that a person can be held in their care for up to 72 hours. and that seems to be the constant idea that they are forcing everyone to stay in the hospital. Which is utterly ridiculous Overall it has great potential but i think it need better writers or better yet a new creator, which i'm surprised to say because i thought that most of Deborah Joy LeVine's work is excellent.
  • Great show- Don't cancel!

    The show was awesome. I just watched the season finale and am hoping that it does not mean that the show was not signed for another season. The first episode was not great in my opinion the acting was off-base and seemed fake. Still something about that first episode kept me interested enough that I watched the second episode...After that I was officially hooked. The acting began to flow and the concepts seemed believable. The storyline began to evolve and the characters grew on you. Even the characters that are perhaps the "arch nemesis" instantly became easy to hate. Overall good show
  • Supurb series. This was an excellent episode(s)! Really hope it isn't over for good...

    Wow. So many subplots in such a short series. If Fox does not pick this up for another season-then they need mental help:) This show has so much potential, and the writers only cracked the surface. Things were just getting good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. take a chance and go with this show. People keep comparing 'Mental' to 'House' Really there is no comparison. 'House' is soooo predicatble and frankly, I have gotten bored with it. Not even sure I will watch the season opener in Sept. However, as someone else wrote, it would have been interesting if Dr. Gallagher showed up as the one to help House's recovery. No luck there as the episode has already been filmed.

    I love and hate the way it ended. If it comes back for another season then there are so many ways to write Jack's return. If there really is to be no more 'Mental' then there are too many loose ends. It should be brough back even if it is only to see "evil Carl' get his. What a horrible man-in every aspect. Really, why does someone who cares so little for people become a shrink anyway?!?!?!?

    Nora needs to be the one that helps Jack 'recover' or 'find himself' or whatever it is he was doing at the end of the final episode. But, the admin at the hospital needs to get rid of Carl and beg Jack to come back.

    Last thought-GREAT show!!! Bring it back!!! Not that the network 'bigwigs' even read these posts, too bad. Lets hope they get the message.
  • it's kind of like House but so different in two ways. One, he's a Psychiatrist and two, he actually cares for his patients. I say it's kind of like House because Jack uses Unorthodox methods to cure his patients.

    Mental started out brilliantly. The mysterious new boss of the psychiatric ward was making everyone feel uncomfortable because of his unorthodox treatments to patients but after awhile when his methods actually succeeds, everyone starts to trust him except for the evil Carl who was gunning for Jack's job since day one. Personally, i would really really REEEEEALLLLY like to stab Carl. After watching episode 13 it feels like the show ended, but there is always what we all call an amazing come back. my vision is Carl becomes head but quickly makes mistake after mistake because of his stubborn narcissistic attitude and is fired by his so called friends. just as everything was going to explode Jack comes back from his trip and saves the day.
  • I loved this show. It was FANTASTIC!!!!! It would be so awesome if they continued. Much better then House.

    I loved this show. It was FANTASTIC!!!!! It would be so awesome if they continued. Much better then House. Mental kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. My husband loves it as well. I have told all of my friends that they should watch it. FOX would be nuts if they didn't keep the show up and running. Hopefully they start up again. I was so mad that the season ended. Every week I would look forward to Mental. I would put off everything else just to watch the show. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep this show going. It would be wonderful.
  • Jack Gallager is a doctor with off the wall treatments at a straight laced hospital. He believes in connecting with his patients and truely understanding what they are going through.

    I can not decide if I like this show or not. It is ok, but does not really have that magnetic pull that brings me back every week. I like the characters and the idea, but something is missing for me. The episodes I have seen have interesting ideas and I like the story line involving Jack's sister, but like I said, there is no magnetic pull that makes me excited for friday so i can watch the show. I will watch it if i have nothing better to do, but i really wouldnt be crushed if it got cancelled.
  • One of the best shows definitely. New approach to mental health. Great characters (especially dr. Gallagher), interesting cases and relations. Cant' wait for more episodes to come!

    I absolutely love this show! Finally the show that approaches mental health in totally different way -every mental disease even if it can't be cured can be handeled to help people lead normal life. Finally very human approach to patients with mental health issues. Ok also, dr. Gallagher is totally cool, unconventional psychiatrist with interesting working methods, understands his patients, and knows how to handle his colleauges and bureaucratic BS that may aapear. Of course he's cute but also I'm looking forward to see how the things with his sister will resolve and how this relationship will function adn looking forward to see new cases and how he's handeling them. I also really like his boss dr. Nora, she's very protective and maybe has a crush for Jack so it'll be intersting to see their relationship in future. Jack's new neurosurgeon girlfriend (hot but I keep forgetting her name), i like her and she looks like a quite challenge for Jack cuz he's not really a guy for a long term relationship for now. Anyway it's one of the best shows lately, very interesting and can't wait to see new episodes!!!
  • Excellent show!

    I think MENTAL is an excellent show. It goes where no other show has gone before, and I have been a TV fan for many years now. I am a medical student and I have already had my psychiatry rotation and I have to say that one of the reasons why I like this show so much it is because it is quite realistic. And we, the fans, should really speak up because not many people apparently understand what the show is really about. This is not a soap opera, it is a glimpse of how psychiatric disorders present themselves and how important it is that we recognize them for the effect that they have in the lifes not only of the ones suffering them but in their closest ones's as well.
  • A real show about psychology all psych grads will love.

    I really hate how people just automatically assume that since the media is hell bent on making them sound similar that Mental is exactly the same as House. It's not. House is a medical doctor = he deals with the body and could give a crap less about the mind (Professionally and Personally). Jack is a mind doctor all the way who HAS to care about his patients on a professional level (he cares equally on a personal level too which makes him an even greater doctor!). They are two completely different professions no matter how much they work together.

    They are two medical professionals who have unconventional means of doing things... that's about the only thing that's the same (and they have a Patient of the week but with that you can compare every single show on tv so its a moot point) and even then, that's not much of a case. Psych doctors HAVE to be unconventional with people cause there is no "here's all the right answers" book to mental disorders like there is for medical doctors (as Jack makes clear in the show). But aside from the fact it is nothing like House, I am also so thrilled that it is nothing like most other psych shows. Basically every psychology related show out there is all about catching criminals or something like that. This show actually deals with treat patients in a ward. And they actually do research papers! As a psych grad, this show is one of the best for me.
  • just love the show

    i love the show its, clever, and the characters are believable. its not flash or over the top with special affects or unnecessary fillers. Its easy to watch and leaves me wanting to watch again and again. yes shows like dollhouse might be exciting this isnt that type of show. this is about making you think, and empathise with the character and if that is what the writers were getting at they succeeded in my view. the fact that Dr Jack is a nice guy who seriously is called to his work, and is portrayed so believably will only bring more viewers to the show. in a world where everything seems to be squashed into a little box, maybe the lesson from this one is, think outside the box
  • new age of mental health

    yes this is like house but so far more, this is the first big show that is high lighting mental health not only this but the way the world has change in the way we work with people with mental illness, im a str worker (support time recovery) and watchin this show was a breath of fresh air for me i just hope this makes it big around the world so this stigma will stop ppl will learn here in the uk we get a 1am time slot on red nose day hopefully with shows like this ppl won`t have to hide away in fear, not much different then a phyical illness other then u can c it....AND PPL know ur facts about mental health before u discriminate!!! end of.
  • On a year with both DOLLHOUSE and THE UNUSUALS, it's hard to imagine a show so bad it is the hands down winner for 'worst show of the year' but MENTAL manages to 'win by several lengths' -- not just bad but dangerous.

    DOLLHOUSE is bad but particularly so because of the expectations for something by Whedon. And THE UNUSUALS was just bad. But this show is not just badly acted and written -- not to mention the ugly photography -- but -- judging by the first three episodes -- could cause serious harm.

    The first involves a seriously delusional -- and we see his delusions -- schizophrenic being advised to stay off his meds because they 'interfere with his artistic talent.' Which might make sense in an institutional setting, since both the patient and doctor admit he might 'go off the rails' at times. But no, his sister -- who wants him institutionalized because of fear for the safety of her two young children -- in convinced to take him back into her home, with the children. (But of course they love him -- and have never seen him in his psychotic moments -- another thing the sister had wanted to shield them from.

    (My wife, who is on milder psychiatric medicines for Social Anxiety Disorder serious enough to get her declared legally disabled, asked "Why a car ad that shows dangerous driving has to have a warning 'stunt driver, do not attempt,' but this show can go out with no warning label for those schizophrenics who might watch it.)

    The second episode teaches that 'if a patiewnt is forced to confront his delusion, he'll realize he is delusional.' Again true, sometimes, but the way they make him confront it is to put a scalpel in his hand, certain -- of course -- that he will neither act out his delusion and slice his wife open, or attack them rather than surrender his delusion. If it were that simple, if people didn't hold tightly to their delusions, there would be little need for psychiatry or psychotherapy.

    The third is less dangerous, just ridiculous. Details are not necessary except to say that the writers might read up on catatonia and realize that someone who makes purposeful movements, or any movements at all, isn't catatonic, something it takes the brilliant staff another section to realize.

    Then throw in the fact that the 'villain' of the show is black -- the ONLY black important character -- and the person he blackmails (because he falsified a small part of his resume) is Hispanic. Then add the scene where this doctor attempts to convince his lesbian colleague that 'one night with me will cure you.' (Again, it is played to make him look like a fool -- but the resolution -- which involves the lesbian asking him to 'unzip and show her what he's got' implies his error is 'being unprofessional' and never confronts a stupidity hardly credible in any doctor, and particularly not in one working in Hollywood.)

    Of course his 'unprofessionalism' is not the same as the married female lead's 'quickies' with one of her colleagues in the locker room -- but the sex in those scenes can only be described as absurd ('quicky' is an understatement). It is almost anti-sexual.

    Btw, sex between medical people IS common, in real life and on tv, and is understandable. Sex can be an 'affirmation of life' necessary to those who deal with death or its possibility every day. There is no similar excuse here. These people are not watching people die, and, according to the show, they are only doing good for their patients -- except for the 'villain' who is the tool of Big Pharma.

    The person whose review hoped the show would be canceled at once was understating it. This is a truly vile show.
  • If only

    i've tried to watch this show, but i wasn't able to grow attached to it. there are things which could be better:

    All the characters seem to be guest-starring along with Jack Gallagher, they are a bit shallow, ill-conceived. Many rightfully took notice of similarities with House, that is a show about an ego-maniac but it's also about his relationships with his co-workers (almost absent in Mental).

    The whole "becky" thing is far-fetched. the connection with Nora is simply not interesting.

    I'm sorry this show have great potential, but i don't see that put into use. i'm particulary sorry to see the talent from the 4400 alumna so wasted.
  • Yes yes all reviews mention of the other show similarity.

    Chris Vance (As Dr. Jack Gallagher) is a good promising actor and fits the role right on because unexpectedly he is sexy for a psychiatrists, intuitive, alert and everything pshychietriests are usually not... CARING And yes, Metal is A LOT like House but different medical field, which brings on a sort of competition. The beginning of the series was awesome! So bald and daring just like the start of Dr. Gallagher's career at the hospital. Very enticing! The camera work is on its way to good. There is some artistic work with special effects which is pretty cool and adds a modern twist which lets you see inside a troubled head. The show itself is well written overall and brings all sort of ideas where each trouble comes from. Wish it was this simple in real world but its a show.

    Acting is a bit passive front background people or over played. But main characters are doing good and bring interest. I have good faith in this show and looking forward more.
  • Keeps Getting Better

    There has been so much publicity for this show in Latin America that I just had to watch. You know, give it a chance. Fortunately, I didn't waste my time.

    The first episode was very good and the show has getting better. Though it needs a little polishing in the writing area, the cases are very interesting and even when they can be weird can in fact be true, and the subplot about Jack Gallagher's sister and Carl's personal agenda make it appealing and fun to follow.

    I've never heard of half of the cast before, but they all have chemistry and that works for me. Chris Vance does a pretty good job playing the rebellious, fun, caring and innovative doctor. His scenes with his sister on the phone are very touching.

    So, how is this show like House? Is it because Gallagher is as sarcastic and doesn't give a damn about the patient like House? Is it because Gallagher is interested in two of his co-workers? Or is it because all the physical illnesses? I have three words for you: Two different shows. Period.

    I'll keep watching.
  • Awful show. I hope it gets cancelled today.

    As a TV watcher, the show is written badly, acted poorly, and is a bad version of One Flew Over the Cookoo's only the administrator is a pseudo-McMurphy trying to stir things up. He also is supposed to focus on running the place, less on micro-managing therapy, alienating his staff. Character development is awful and I don't care about the characters in the show. First impressions of all the main characters were wooden and boring.

    To him being the new House...House is more interested in the mystery of the illness than connecting with the patient. He also is an ass to everyone, not just his staff. This guy's main concern is to show how incompetent everyone else is unless they do things his way. That in itself lends to a bad therapeutic environment. The question that was asked of him if he thinks hes qualified for the position...he may be but hes not interested in what his position is, he should go back to being a therapist because that is what the writers are trying to show him as: a maverick therapist.

    As a therapist, I was horrified. Not only is the new administrator completely lacking in all legal and ethical foundation (i.e. violating HIPPA, patient confidentiality, all over the place), he isn't allowing other professionals to provide consistent therapy, which is important. Just trying to shake things up, especially just coming in and not knowing client backgrounds, can have catastrophic consequences. Plus, if he really wants to micro-manage he needs to consult with the therapist, talk to the client and then try to come up with ways to improve a individualized plan without springing new things on clients. He also has no regard for patient or staff safety. This show makes the psychology profession look like a circus and makes therapists look bad.
  • The direction of a los Angeles mental hospital is shaken up when a 'maverick' new psychiatrist arrives with unorthodox techniques.

    it's basically rubbish House, with very poor acting and poor quality scripting. The English lead is a poor quality Gregory House and the other characters are mish-mash pull togethers from Greys and other shows. The plot of the pilot was slow and overly sentimental and riddled with cliches. You have 24 hours to solve this case etc. There nothing wrong with a psychiatric version of House. in fact I was quite looking forward to the idea but this is missing the essential spark of genius, humour and realism, which makes House a strong show. Also the cast is a bit lacking in verve.

    Those trying to use this a House/Grey's substitute should check out Nurse jackie instead.
  • Same old, same old without anything new to really excite

    Thought I would give this a try while waiting for the new series of House to start. Medical dramas seem to be the replacement for police & crime proceedurals but I'm always willing to give a New Series a try.

    I think it's the 'New' in New Series that's the confusion here - I didn't see anything that was radically new - doctor with a unique way of solving cases, a hospital administrator with a personal history with the doctor, 2 students, colleagues who have an axe to grind with the new doctor - yawn !

    What's new about this?

    Mental is not going to be on my watch list. Bring on something genuinely new please.
  • A little bit House, a little bit Grey's Anatomy, and a long way to go developmentally

    This show has some of the quirkiness of House, some of the linen closet inter-staff boinkage appeal of Grey's anatomy, but a ways to go drama wise if this show is going to make it into a second season. It has the look and the potential to be a great show if the writers are successful in developing a stronger chemistry between it's major characters and some better quality drama as the present run of episodes continue. So far so good, and I'll cut this series a little slack for the time being but this show has a ways to go if it's going to survive.
  • It seems pretty great!

    I read a bunch of reviews that said this show was lame because was a imitation of House and it wasnt original and stuff.
    So when i watched the first episode i wasnt waiting for much and honestly...didnt got much.
    But, i was surprised that i actually liked the show, yes it is kinda like House, but the doctors personality is different, completely different from House´s, since he is worried about the patient and his social skills and life, while House is only worried about the disease.
    I'm really beating on this show to be a very good medical show, they do have to get some things right, wasnt very happy with some characters and some of the camera work, but i think this will eventually be a pretty nice show to watch.
  • so far seems interesting but the idea for it is unoriginal.

    its like a fusion of house and lie to me/the mentalist. its alright but its not that interesting. The main character was alright but unoriginal and so far i like his background felt bad about his relationship with his sister. The black guy i so far don't like. I get a really nasty vibe off of him. the cancer boss seems like houses boss. The white lady in charge of the day clinic was annoying but i guess i could put up with her. the two assistants we barely saw anything of were ok but i don't think i'll like them very much. decent show will try to watch again but i don't think it will last since its more of the same.
  • House wannabe, boring characters, ugly camera work.

    I didn't like this show at all. The camera work is ugly and it makes the show look like something I made when I was 12 years old.

    And we have House, no need for this show...

    The characters are boring, some even act very bad. Sometimes it looks like they don't know what to do or say.

    I don't know what else to say about this show. I'm not going to follow it, thats for sure.

    Score: 1 out of 5.

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  • A stuffed shirt staff at a psychiatric hospital r turned Topsy Turvy by their new director who lives and breathes outside the box! With Great success I might add! I'll be tuning in & writers u truly know how to entertain with the right actors of course!

    Awesome! I love the new Director!! Living outside the box! I would love to see more of us doing it! This show has gone out of the box just by taking on the topic of mental illness. So many of us still to this day are afraid of the topic and it is still so misunderstood. Hopefully this show will open some eyes to the struggles many face and the possible cures. I look forward to seeing more of what the writers have accomplished with their wit and creativity. I would love to see this happen in the real world! Time for alternatives to drugs and more natural remedies. Mental is definitely a breath of fresh air to the psychiatric world.
  • Should have been canceled half-way thru

    I was bored in 10 minutes. It's too bad, as the show has a good premise. I don't recall any other medical TV drama that focused purely on mental illness. There will be many justifiable comparisons with 'House' so I'll skip them. However the main character here, Dr. Gallagher, is only annoying without the redeeming cleverness. Also, the pilot did not clearly introduce the role each supporting character will play in the future. The first storyline was a bit hard to follow - or maybe just too tedious to bother. Dr Gallagher reminded me a bit of the main character in 'The Mentalist', always cheerful and self-assured, but somehow it works well in that show and not here.
  • a show about an unorthodox doctor. been there done that

    the description makes it sound like it will be a good show.. but theres just one problem.. it already a show. HOUSE!!! from the description to the clips ive seen this show is a a summer rip off of house right down to the hospital administrator and the doctor having a past relationship. the only difference is it is about mental illness rather than physica illness. i wonder how any why fox ripped of one of its own shows!! as a huge House fan ill be tuning out just on principle. if theres one thing i cant stand its an onorigional television show.