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  • Supurb series. This was an excellent episode(s)! Really hope it isn't over for good...

    Wow. So many subplots in such a short series. If Fox does not pick this up for another season-then they need mental help:) This show has so much potential, and the writers only cracked the surface. Things were just getting good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. take a chance and go with this show. People keep comparing 'Mental' to 'House' Really there is no comparison. 'House' is soooo predicatble and frankly, I have gotten bored with it. Not even sure I will watch the season opener in Sept. However, as someone else wrote, it would have been interesting if Dr. Gallagher showed up as the one to help House's recovery. No luck there as the episode has already been filmed.

    I love and hate the way it ended. If it comes back for another season then there are so many ways to write Jack's return. If there really is to be no more 'Mental' then there are too many loose ends. It should be brough back even if it is only to see "evil Carl' get his. What a horrible man-in every aspect. Really, why does someone who cares so little for people become a shrink anyway?!?!?!?

    Nora needs to be the one that helps Jack 'recover' or 'find himself' or whatever it is he was doing at the end of the final episode. But, the admin at the hospital needs to get rid of Carl and beg Jack to come back.

    Last thought-GREAT show!!! Bring it back!!! Not that the network 'bigwigs' even read these posts, too bad. Lets hope they get the message.