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  • It does have good ideas as a tv series but it's not quite their yet.

    The main idea of a story about a mental hospital is a really good spin off of the House series. But a lot of the writing and the way the characters are formed aren't really developed properly. There are many gaps in the story but at the same time the plot moves to fast, i mean he already found his sister? Also, the way it was filmed was really jumpy, and some parts could be cut out completely. The cast wasn't bad but i think Annabella Sciorra (Nora Skoff) did not fit her role at all, she should have been much more interesting to hear and look at. At times some of the cast didn't really seem to have emotion in what they were saying and it actually sounded scripted. the one that i didn't like at all was Derek Webster (Dr. Carl Belle) his character was just really weird. One day it seemed like his character hated Chris Vance's (Dr. Jack Gallagher) character and the next he seemed okay with him. I was just completely confused by it. i don't know if it was to make him appear fake but even should some what show us in every episode.

    the one line that i absolutely hate becuase it is actually repeated at least once in every episode is that a person can be held in their care for up to 72 hours. and that seems to be the constant idea that they are forcing everyone to stay in the hospital. Which is utterly ridiculous Overall it has great potential but i think it need better writers or better yet a new creator, which i'm surprised to say because i thought that most of Deborah Joy LeVine's work is excellent.
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