Season 4 Episode 12

A Matter of Time (Part One)

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 2004 on

Episode Recap

Reviewing the stolen file from Milton's lab, Glae is convinced that one name in the file belongs to her donor mother, Gina Lester (Karen LeBlanc). The kids summon Gina Lester forward from the recent past so that Glae can talk to her, and perhaps discover who her father is as well. Glae and Gina visit Milton's lab, where he tests their DNA and positively identifies Gina as the mother. But Glae's strange DNA confounds Milton and the head of security, Travers (David Ley), who is really a government agent, figures out that Glae is much more than an average kid. When Gina returns to her time much too soon, the kids figure something is wrong with the time machine. Racing home, they find the time machine gone… taken by the government.