Mercy Point

UPN (ended 1999)


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  • Season 1
    • C.J.
      Episode 8
    • Persistence of Vision
      The station crew recovers a capsule with a man who chose exile in an unexplored region of space as an alternative to prison, and now claims that his brain disease is the result of communing with God. Meanwhile, Dr. Cook treats a woman whose nightmares are driving her to the brink of insanity.moreless
    • Battle Scars
      Battle Scars
      Episode 6
    • Battle Scars
      Battle Scars
      Episode 6
      Bortok and C.J. survive being jettisoned out of an airlock, but are in critical condition. Meanwhile, miner who has just struck the mother lode discovers that he won't live long enough to enjoy it, and Dru undertakes the detoxification of a drug-addicted teenager even though she has been unable to locate the mother to get permission.moreless
    • No Mercy
      No Mercy
      Episode 5
      A high proportion of alien deaths at the station causes suspicion to fall on Dr. Maxwell, and a team arrives to investigate. Meanwhile, Haylen discovers that a woman in need of an eye transplant isn't likely to be helped by it, as she has already had several -- from C.J.
    • Second Chances
      Second Chances
      Episode 4
      A patient's premature aging turns out to be caused by an illegal operation that had preserved an old scientist's mind by transplanting it into a young man's body. Grote faces an ethical dilemma, because one of the two minds must be sacrificed for the other to survive. Meanwhile, Haylen overrules Dru in the treatment of a patient whose arteries are clogged by synthetic blood, and ANI wonders what it would be like to have human feelings when she witnesses a couple holding hands.moreless
    • Last Resort
      Last Resort
      Episode 3
      Grote is pressured by an influential man to perform an experimental procedure on his dying son, in which an ill alien would be sacrificed for his blood. The procedure fails and the son ends up saving an alien instead, with a reverse blood transfusion. Meanwhile, a female patient developing webbed fingers believes that she has been infected by an alien. Haylen diagnoses a guy she once dated as having Home Sickness Syndrome. Dru oversleeps on the first day of her residency.moreless
    • Opposing Views
      Opposing Views
      Episode 2
      A shuttle accident sends passengers to Mercy Point. Accused of disobeying the dead pilot's orders, the dying co-pilot is given a memory download on orders of ISC's Charlie Bantam. The doctors resist his cold approach. Lily Parks becomes Dru first patient. A patient with lunar pneumonia is treated in cryostatis by CJ and Grote. Batung gives world famous gymnast Nancy Curtis two artificial legs. He tries to understand her anger, ends up apologizing to her and trying to motivate her. Dru catches Lt. Salisaw and CJ making out in a supply room. ANI is praised and sheds a tear. Haylen and Rema's boyfriends are introduced.moreless
    • New Arrivals
      New Arrivals
      Episode 1
      A computer virus attacks a computer technician and soldiers. Operation in zero gravity saves an unborn baby and mother. Dru arrives as a new resident, confronting her estranged sister Haylen and former lover CJ. Grote tries to find his family. ANI is promoted to Head Nurse and helps save Tobitt who has resented her. CJ's past with Dru is discovered. Dr. Batung shows his skill but shows his dislike for humans.moreless