Season 1 Episode 1

Can We Get That Drink Now?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

A woman comes into her kitchen listening to the radio. She is in New Jersey and the radio announces a memorial service for a man who was killed by an IED in Iraq. She looks out her window to a helicopter and gets shot with a ton of bullets...and then she wakes up. It was all a dream!

Her mother wakes her up with a cocktail and cigarette in one hand and a package of underwear in another.

The mother tells Mike that Ronnie called last night. Mike cheated on Ronnie while she was "away" in Iraq.

Ronnie goes to a coffee shop to read the paper and there is a car crash outside the coffee shop. Ronnie runs out to a woman who is yelling to get help. She runs to the driver's side door to help a man named David who has a glass bottle lodged in his chest. A dermatologist had already run to the scene to help but she orders him to get a knife and something to sterilize it with. She tells the woman in the passenger seat to stop freaking out.

The dermatologist comes back with a bottle of vodka and a knife. She cuts a hole in his chest and puts a straw in it which allows him to breathe easily. Apparently, she learned all this in Iraq.

Ronnie runs into the ER alongside David's stretcher, yelling out orders to the doctor's on duty when a doctor from the hospital tells her to stop because she is just a nurse and he doesn't want the hospital to get sued. The woman in the passenger seat calls her a "stupid nurse" and threatens to sue if David gets a scar on his chest from her knife.

Ronnie is then in Delroy Lindo's office and he is asking her about saving David's life.

We then meet Chloe Payne who is all innocent and oblivious.

Sonia, a beautiful nurse, walks down the hallway to receive compliments from multiple male nurses, to which Ronnie is impressed.

They then get a box of donuts from a cute doctor for the "best nurses in New Jersey."

No one is very excited to meet Chloe and kind of shoves her to the side even though she wants to tell them all about her college days and becoming a doctor...

Ronnie and Chloe take a call from a woman with cancer and liver failure whose family is trying to keep her alive. Chloe gets thrown up on and when Mike, Ronni's ex-husband comes in, everyone is startled and bed pan spills all over Chloe as well.

Mike gives Ronnie flowers and she agrees to let him call her. And then he leaves.

They have an emergency with a kid who was part of a gang shooting with multiple critical gun shot wounds and a cop nearby is asking a bunch of questions.

Chloe is taken into a room with a brain dead patient and is instructed to unhook all the machines, fill out some paperwork and take him to the morgue. She looks a little sick.

Ronnie tries to instruct the doctor treating the gunshot victim and he doesn't understand her. She and Sonia decide he is a terrible doctor.

Ronnie and Sonia decide to go get a drink and find Chloe unable to pull the plug on the patient. Ronnie does it and calls time of death. The three of them go to a local dive bar. Sonia ignores a call from her lawyer boyfriend and says she's only dating him for the money.

Ronnie comes home to find her dad passed out in the living room and her brother Bobby back home. She and Bobby decide to get drunk on the porch outside and talk about whether Ronnie should get back with Mike...Ronnie just ends up angry.

The next day, Sonia gets invited out by her lawyer boyfriend and we find out that gunshot victim #2 is now brain dead. Ronnie yells at the doctor for not treating the gunshot victim like she had asked and the mother ends up hearing...looks like that's bad news.

Ronnie gets yelled at and sent home to where she finds her parents drinking with Mike. He blindfolds her and drives her to surprise her with the house he has bought her! She gets angry and tells him that they aren't together and he throws her engagement ring out the window, they go looking for it, find it and he proposes all over again. And she says yes!

The other nurses notice Ronnie's engagement ring and she announces that her parents are throwing her a party at the local bar.

She is introduced the newest doctor, Dr. Sands, and they go into the woman's room with cancer to discuss treatment options. Her family wants her to do everything she can to get better. Ronnie and Dr. Sands argue outside the patient's room and he pulls her into another room and they start making out. She explains she's back with Mike but he tells her he transferred to the hospital to be with her. Apparently, he was her love interest in Iraq.

Sonia is all ready for her date and gets punched by the gunshot victim but the cute cop comes to help her cover her black eye. She goes to the event and eventually leaves because she is so out of place with all of the rude, rich people there.

Ronnie and Mike are having their party and all the girls go on the patio to talk about all of their problems. Sonia ends up going home with the cute cop.

The incompetent doctor has been fired and Dr. Sands tries to have a heart-to-heart with her, convincing her that he is hear to stay.

The woman with cancer talks with Ronnie and decides to not have the surgery while Chloe holds the hand of the mother of the gunshot victim.

All the girls go out to have drinks again and a fight breaks out and the go to treat the bartender's wounds.
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