Season 1 Episode 1

Can We Get That Drink Now?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Hawthorne 2.0

    First few minutes into the pilot, my thought bubble read, "Ooh, it's Hawthorne 2.0!". It's hard not to compare when you see several of the characters being carbon copies of the ones from the other nurse-centric show - an overzealous head nurse with a hint of misguided messianic complex (Taylor Schilling), a dashing doctor having a special bond with said nurse (James Tupper), a no-nonsense hospital administrator who disapproves of the nurse's actions, and a young, inexperienced newbie (Michelle Trachtenberg). However, IMO, the show is an upgrade from its predecessor as the lines are less cheesy and the characters are less irritating. Since I already watch and still enjoy Grey's Anatomy, House, and Royal Pains, I will have to pass on this one.
  • I feel like I am experiencing déjà vu with this one.

    I believe I recently saw this show on Showtime this summer when it was titled "Nurse Jackie." Messed up nurse? Check. Gay co-worker? Check. Naive newbie? Check. Clueless doctors? Check. And I don't get it, was the African American nurse supposed to be really hot or something? That's they were implying with all the men staring at her as she walked down the hall. It's not like she was naked! I spent a lot of time in a hospital recently, and I have to tell you, nurses and doctors don't act this way!! They are so overwhelmed that they don't have the time to sympathize or to sit around and chat with the patients. And usually the nurses are so scared of the doctors that they would never tell them off they way they do on these silly shows.

    I know, I know, it's just a show.
  • Better than I expected, it didn't feel like a Grey's/Nurse Jackie rip-off to me.

    I've read that Mercy is a total rip-off of Grey's Anatomy and Nurse Jackie and so avoided it. After watching 'Can We Get That Drink Now?' I realise that this isn't the case. Yes it does have similar themes but the feel of the show is quite different. For instance, the main character Veronica is nothing like Meredith Grey (in my opinion). I don't know I just seemed to like these characters...maybe I connected to them quicker because this is just another medical show.

    I actually really like Veronica, there is just something about her that stands out. The same with her best friend Sonia. She was the clichéd 'hot' one but I actually enjoyed her scenes. Chloe, the new nurse was probably the weakest character as she didn't do much and we've seen the overwhelmed newbie time and time again. Now I still could do without the closet kissing scenes but hey...that's what we're gonna get sometimes.

    I liked Veronica and her brother (I think it was her brother) talking with some drinks, could be a good relationship. Now the whole will Veronica have an affair thing does feel a little soapy and familiar but so is the medical show formula. But somehow Mercy felt different, so maybe it can take different spin on its storylines as well. I'll definitely continue anyway.
  • IS this the next best thing?

    Strong willed flawed nurse, weak doctor/strong doctor, wet-newbie nurse dresses like a pedeatric nurse and the gay latino minority nurse - nurse jackie or mercy? Mercy has fewer laughs but has promise. I love medical dramas and this is no exception. The lead has returned from Irag where quick decisions and Triage medicine are commonplace yet she returns to New Jersey and has to take her place in the medical hierarchy where nurses get limited say and responsibility. SHe has troubles at home, troubles at work and PTS disorder - what a package. Not sure where this is going but i'm tuning in next week.
  • Brand X

    So basically this is Nurse Jackie with a better looking cast. Everything seems to revolve around Iraq and how messed up the world is. Sarcasm abounds. Holy mother... Michelle Trachenberg is the cutest thing I've seen all week. Lots of laughs at the "Hello Kittie" smock. I admit I was attracted to this show by the cast. Captain Janeway as Peg Bundy. After viewing the pilot I can't say I this is my cup of tea. I don't think I am coming back next week. Its just a bunch of alcoholic nurses with superiority complexes and post traumatic stress disorder. They always know better and Doctor House doesn't exist. I'll pass.
  • Doctors treat the disease, nurses treat the patient

    Mercy has been advertised as following 3 nurses, but it seems pretty clear that Veronica is the lead character. And she is played and developed phenomenally well. Taylor Schilling is excellent in the role and I almost recommend Mercy just to watch her work.

    But I have 3 main complaints about the series:

    1. Despite the ER comparisons, Mercy is basically NBC's answer to Grey's Anatomy. In fact, I'd go so far as to call it a complete clone. I literally expected Patrick Dempsey to walk in at any moment! It also reminded me of that other medical show with a very outspoken character- House

    2. Nurses, doctors- it doesn't really matter, this is the same stuff we've seen before, sans the ticking time-bomb female lead. What I resent is the show implies that all the doctors are incompetent and heartless and all the nurses are better than them. is this show basically going to boil down to seeing a nurse suggest one thing to save a life, and the doctor not do it? Every week?

    3. I have a problem with the tone of the show. Is this a comedy with dramatic elements, or a drama with comedic elements? I don't care either way, but it was a bit jarring how quickly it shifted from 'plucky and fun' to 'omg disaster!' And how frequently it does so. Sometimes I was even wondering if I was supposed to be laughing or not.

    But overall, I'm giving this one a pass because it isn't bad at all. I really like all the ladies, but again, I stress how interesting Veronica is. They just need to clean up some of those things I mentioned, and it will be quite enjoyable.
  • A story about three nurses all working at Mercy Hospital. Victoria is a war veteran who was in Iraq and she is more capable than most of the doctors on call. Sonia is a beautiful women who wants out of the area. Chloe is brand new and in over her head.

    Very slow start to this new show on NBC. I was ready to call it a night after about twenty minutes but promised myself I'd stay with it through the first episode. The second half really picks up and the story turns into something that really was quite interesting.

    I think they spend a little too much time berating Victoria played by Taylor Schilling. She obviously knows what she's doing and they seem to spend a lot of time talking down to nurses in general. I know that goes on but I don't think it plays well on a constant basis.

    Sonia Jimenez played by Jaime Lee Kirchner is a beautiful women who was probably the Prom Queen. She's pretty and she knows it. She's trying to parlay that good looks into something that will get her out of living in her part of town and she is pretty open about telling everyone just that.

    Finally there is Chloe Payne played by the well known Michelle Trachtenberg of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and many movies among other things. She looks like she's fourteen (Not really, especially in that last scene with the bartender!), but she graduated first in her Master's Class. She seems overwhelmed by everything.

    A lot of personal drama involved with these ladies like husbands and lovers. Also a great deal of drinking going on. It makes you wonder what point they are trying to make so far. For Victoria we have the ex-lover from the Army show up as a doctor with a two year contract and a husband that the relationship was over with. For Sonia we have a cop who creates passion but not the kind of person she wants to be with and a lawyer we have yet to meet.

    I think the sets look good, the dialogue could use some work, but got better, the acting was like molasses till the scenes got a little better about half way through the show. I'll be checking in for at least next weeks episode to see if the quality stays somewhat more like the second half of the program. Thanks for reading...
  • It is not even Funny/comedy show!!

    I did watch Mercy's trailer like month ago, it showed lot of funny and comedy, I thought it will be so awesome to watch this show. This trailer is very different than I think. But I dislike the pilot lot! I noticed Michelle T. appeared very little time in this pilot. I found out that Michelle is not lead role in this show. I don't want to watch this show again. It is another hospital Tv show. I rather keep stick to HOUSE, MD to watch. There is no comedy in this show! Michelle is only very recongized celebrity in this show. It seem have lot of newcomer actors who are NOT famous.
  • it is ok. not the best. may b get bettr ovr time.

    it is ok. not the best. may b get bettr ovr time. 4 nevr reviewing a show bfor it is an ok show. like the sarcasm, great to kno the cast works togethr. i LOVE the last 5 mins of show where nurse Veronica cares 4 the patient. also new girl from PA sits with mothr and son vy bed side. i dont know if it is the way the script is written or the story line but will get bettr ovr time. im not quite sure call it a hunch. again ok show gets bettr at end of show. funny last min with bartender.