Season 1 Episode 13

Can We Talk About the Gigantic Elephant in the Ambulance?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on NBC

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    The program has moved from that of a observation of how a returning veteran deals with her new reality to that of a selfish woman who cares not a wit about what effect she has on the lives of those around her as she chases her own desires. her husband, fellow workers, family etc all are damaged still further as she chases and apparent obtains her Iraq lover something he would in the real world rightly resist.
    It also appears that her girlfriend is getting ready to dump her police detective for the opportunity that a wealthy man
    I for one am moving to watching Human Target where the premise is sacrifice not selfishness.
  • Chris and Veronica join a search and rescue team to find a boy freezing to death. Chloe has to help a man who's wife died of cancer. Dr. Joe Briggs the new head of the ICU takes credit for other peoples work.

    An enjoyable episode of Mercy with the new addition of James Van Der Beek as Dr. Joe Briggs. With the poor ratings that this show and Trauma have been having I guess this is an attempt to increase those ratings and shake things up.

    The new character is not likable in the least. He is the worst vision of what a ICU doctor is like. Full of himself and thinking very little of everyone around him. Taking credit for other peoples work and belittling other peoples careers. Van Der Beek does an excellent job of playing the part.

    There were a number of major story lines in this episode. We had the frozen boy and his mother. The girl with H1N1 that Veronica disturbs and Chloe gets upset about. Sonia dealing with the mother and son with money. He buys Heroin for his mother and Sonia has a talk with him about that. Chloe has to deal with the man who lost his wife to cancer recently from an earlier episode and gets Dr. Harris to help. Well sort of! Mike buys Donnelly's with his Atlantic City winnings and hires Simone back because she was already fired. Finally we had the Chris and Veronica story line coming full circle. This one should be fun to watch the next few episode.

    Overall an entertaining episode with good acting and a clever plot. I'm not sure what the Dr. Briggs character brings to the table other than major disruption to an already disrupted environment. We'll see where they take this over the next few episodes. Thanks for reading... An extra note: This is my second and much shorter re-write of this review? I'm not sure what happened to the first one.
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