Season 1 Episode 7

Destiny, Meet My Daughter, Veronica

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2009 on NBC

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  • Veronica's father ends up in the hospital and major news comes out of his test results. Sonia is upset her old high school nemesis shows up as a patient. Chloe is pursuing the firefighter. Dr. Sands has a new love interest.

    I have really enjoyed this series since it first came on. Tonight's episode was about the most joyless I think I have seen. Other than Sonia's eventual experience and Dr. Talbotno's new relationship with Dr. Sands one really came out of tonight totally unscathed.

    Veronica's life is getting pretty crazy. She's been kicked out of her house, her mothers an alcoholic (they all are actually), her father is now seriously ill, her relationship with Mike seems to be over, and there is no longer any relationship with Dr. Sands as well.

    Chloe is pursuing the firefighter she has been to bed with and as we all know now this can only end badly. He's not the shining Knight she sees. She was warned though!

    Dr. Sands gets attack by four guys in the hospital when he is trying to help Veronica's father. Of course in a way he deserved some of the punishment, four against one is never fair odds. In the end only Sonia seems to come out of this episode on the upside of things when it looked like she was the one who was really down in the dumps. It sort of proves that you need to live your life and let the dice roll where they may!

    By the way K.K. Moggie as Dr. Gillian Talbot brings a great deal to this show and should be a regular along with Sands and Harris. She brings some balance to the stories. Besides she's from New Zealand a good neutral country.

    Not a pretty picture and filled with a little too much drama and not enough character development. In other words a little too soapy for me. Maybe the worst episode so far. Thanks for reading...