Season 1 Episode 3

Hope You're Good, Smiley Face

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2009 on NBC

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  • The staff deals with a nightmare when a club fire breaks out and everyone dies but one 25 year old women Veronica brings back. The situation makes Veronica deal with her Iraqi emotions. Sonia's bother gets shot. Chloe has a thing for Dr. Sands.

    I think this show is getting better and better. I like the new opening sequence. I like the characterizations we are getting to see finally. The ups and downs are a little more even. Even in the bad moments humor can sort of leak out.

    An example of the humor is with Chloe this episode dealing with the rabies patient. The work she does to get the vaccine and then the shouting at the window only to get the serum easily after her tantrum. Another one is the shopping with Sonia and Veronica where she buys the very nice dress and then Dr. Sands misses it completely, but the young boy sure didn't. Some thing about her getting new breasts since the earlier time they saw her!

    Sonia has a huge problem with her brother. Her boyfriend the cop comes in and her brother is sitting there shot on her couch. She stitches him up and really has to avoid getting in trouble when he gets and infection and steals some antibiotics. I like the new resident Sonia had problems with. She was actually pretty cool with the prescription and I liked her character.

    Veronica is losing it. She saves that young woman and then almost gets her killed because she refuses to meet her demons head on, but she expects the girl too do it no problem. I'm hoping this will be the beginning of many more scenes with either her husband or Dr. Sands like the final touching scene on the couch with her husband Mike.

    We meet Dr. Harris' wife which was a big surprise and gives you a whole new view of his personality as well. I agree with the nurses. They portrayed Harris and his wife as being very much in love. I think this show is looking really good now. Let's hope we see a larger viewership pick up during the next few weeks. It would be a shame for this show to fail. I have to admit, Mercy makes me look forward to Wednesday nights now. Thanks for reading...
  • :)

    It doesn't seem like most people are into this show, and now I'm starting to see why. The characters are kind of fun to hang out with, but the stories aren't particularly engaging. "Hope you're good.." Opens with a Code Black, where multiple casualties are brought to the hospital. (in my neck of the woods, a Code Black at the hospital means Tornado?) Anyway, the scene is overwrought with slo-mo shots because of all the sad deaths. Yawn. And kind of corny. Even cornier is Veronica hammering down on 'one last patient' to try and save her life- which she does.

    That patient goes on to just be depressed and ungrateful, wishing she was just left to die. Speaking of depressed and ungrateful, Veronica still won't open up her feelings to her husband, and they seek counseling from the church pastor. After a(nother) breakdown by herself in the bathroom, she finally tells hubby about a traumatic event in Iraq where a friend died. If this sounds half as boring as it was for me to write it, that's because it is.

    Sonia got the my-brother's-mixed-up-with-the-wrong-crowd-and-only-I-can-look-after-him' plot this week. None of this was remotely interesting. Lots of dramatic stare-downs, though. She got some friction with a new female doctor, but the two worked together in the end. Meh. I'm really beginning to question some of the etiquette at the workplace with the way some of these characters behave to each other at the hospital. Speaking of etiquette, that bearded doctor that looks like John Ritter, may or may not have a scandalous European mistress! They could have had a lot more fun with this, but it all just kinda sat there. Turns out it was his wife after all. Yawn.
    Finally, Chloe our young virginal nurse, busted out the cleavage for some attention. most of the humorous scenes will go to Michelle Trachtenberg, I see. There was a raccoon running around, and a couple of really awkward scenes where she demands Rabbis vaccines. Sigh.

    It kills me because I want this show to succeed. I like the actors, (especially Taylor) I like their characters, but week after week, they hit me with cliched plotline after cliched plotline. Mercy brings nothing new to the world of medical dramas.
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