Season 1 Episode 2

I Believe You Conrad

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2009 on NBC

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  • Fairly dull.

    I wasn't that into everybody this time. I thought it seemed a little contrived and samey. I didn't particularly like Veronica or Sonia like I did in the fact I think my favourite was Chloe who I didn't like last episode. But even her storyline was weird...did it want to be funny or dramatic...I dunno. I mean I didn't care about any of the characters throughout the episode...the way Veronica and Sands were trying to be 'friends' was actually kind of irritating and cliché.

    So yeah I found myself bored and not liking the characters. It lacked something that the series premier had.
  • Cloverfield dude

    Though this episode was less interesting to me than the premiere, it was better made. What I mean by that is there was a better sense of tone, which was my biggest issue with the pilot. When is it okay to laugh? So many scenes played to where I wondered if it was funny or not. That question still comes up in a few scenes here (tackling the ear guy, the foot) but it's toned down. Mercy has sort of slipped into normal medical drama territory, now, and has settled into it's own skin. What is really going to bring viewers back are the characters, and while I still like my leading lady, Veronica, I'm torn a bit on her friends. Sonya may have been concerned for the old woman with a bracelet and no name, but I sure wasn't, and this plot, though trying to bring some warmth to her somewhat old character, did nothing but slow the episode down.

    I did like Trachtenberg's scenes with the ear/drug guy (he was very good here). But is her doe-eyed newbie going to wear thin too quickly? I think the only thing viewers will take away from this one is the memorable scene where veronica casually goes looking for Cloverfield's severed foot. Grossly fascinating.
  • Veronica is determined to try and make her marriage work. Forces seem to be trying to keep that from happening. Sonia refuses to call the cop she was with until she finally needs a favor. Chloe turns out to be a extraordinary softball player.

    In certain ways a much better episode than the first one. In others not so much.

    Veronica is trying to juggle her husband, her feelings for Dr. Sands, and her emotional involvement in her patients. Especially a new patient who loses his leg below the knee because of an accident he had while acting foolishly. She tries to get the young man to come to terms with the loss.

    Sonia is having her own issues. She refuses to call Nick as she believes the man should make contact first after a relationship first starts. She breaks down and uses the excuse that a patient she was caring for was a Jane Doe and she needed help in identifying her. Nick takes great pride in winning their first battle of the relationship and proceeds to rub it in, but he does help her with the patient.

    Chloe gets taken in by a patient who is a user. She supplies him with his stash not knowing what it is and gets berated by the rest of the staff. In the end her caring for the patient probably saved his life. On a lighter note we find out that Chloe was a softball played in college and can throw a mean fastball. She comes and plays for the softball team helping them finally win a game for Donelly's Pub.

    Dr. Sands informs Veronica that he doesn't want to be her friend but will wait for her marriage to implode like he believes it will. I enjoyed that the episode was more even in its presentation of the different characters this week. There was less berating of the staff by the doctors as well. On the other side, it seems these people have more drama than the regular hospital workers you deal with and a number of them cannot make a decision to save their life. I know that is what drives the stories, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

    Unfortunately the ratings on this show are not good. If they don't get better soon this show will be heading toward the morgue. I am going to watch for a few more weeks to see where the story takes us. Thanks for reading...
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