Season 1 Episode 14

I Have A Date

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2010 on NBC

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  • Veronica accidentally breaks up Chris from Gillian. After that she gets a Valentine's date! Chloe and Angel get sent to the ER by the new ruthless Dr. Briggs. Sonia is starting to regret her relationship with Nick. Something really bad happens...

    I have to say that this episode was a vast improvement on the last few. The two places it lost votes for me is Dr. Briggs as I don't think the extra drama is needed, but they had to do something to get ratings and the ending of the episode which I'll leave at that.

    Chloe, Angel, and Sonia have a pretty difficult day. The first two get sent to work the ER by a vindictive Dr. Briggs as he is pushing his weight around. The character, even when he is wrong, is not a good person. Sort of soulless. He is everything that I don't think they want to categorize doctors as being. Excellent job Van Der Beek! He pulls it off efficiently and with great effectiveness. Sonia on the other hand is having a major case of the regrets. She is seeing herself in a relationship that she doesn't have a bright future. Unfortunately she has options and she seems to be using them finally in this episode.

    Chris and Veronica are having that important first date and of course everything goes terribly wrong. I'll leave it at that. We really don't get to see the results of what occurred until after the Olympics. I will say I found Veronica's actions to be heroic and gutsy and I sincerely hope nothing terrible comes of this.

    Overall a much better story and production than in the past weeks. Now we'll see if people come back to watch the show. If it can just get a little more viewership it may survive for a second season. I for one have enjoyed Veronica, Sonia, and Chloe's stories and characters. Thanks for reading...