Season 1 Episode 18

Of Course I'm Not

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • Veronica is in therapy, but still getting into trouble on the hospital floor. Angel has a run in with a female homeless patient. Sonia learns about penguins and keeps trying to win Nick over. Chloe helps a college football player that gets a crush.

    Another great episode of Mercy. We see Mary Stewart Masterson as Veronica's therapist helping her with the PTSD and all of her problems. They seem to making progress, but Veronica insists on making decisions for the right reason, but that have personal consequences that are disastrous. It turns out her doctor was a Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot in the first Gulf War so she can relate with the drinking and destroying two marriages herself.

    Angel in helping a homeless woman who believes a doll is her son Roger. He takes the doll for a few minutes and then loses it. Later he blows up at the women, but things finally seem to fall into place for him.

    Chloe's main patient tonight is a young football player at Rutgers who seems to maybe have a fractured hand. She is taking care of him and he develops a crush which he follows through on in front of a few of the doctors embarrassing Chloe. It all works in the end though.

    Briggs is being his usual problem. After last weeks camera crew and almost botching an operation because of that, this week he's trying a new procedure that is rather risky and turns bad for a patient. Veronica goes along with him alienating Chris while she's at it.

    Sonia may be in some real trouble. Other than her chasing after Nick and humiliating herself playing Ping Pong, an attorney shows up with a few questions about a little recent incident!

    Well done with superb acting and a wonderful full story line. Another wonderful Mercy. A really fine hospital drama. Very enjoyable. Thanks for reading...