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  • The friendship of three nurses is spotlighted.Through their eyes we'll see life inside a hospital as it has never been seen before. The show also explores the personal lives of these three nurses and their relationship with the outside world.

    I have discovered this show when it was broad-casted for the first time in France in June. And for once, it was possible to have the original version so that was nice to keep the integrity of the show. I usually quite like medical drama and this one is not bad. I don't think I will have watched it during it's broadcasting in the US, I would have wait till it came to France but it's a nice show. The medical part is not too much and it's different from others medical show because the nurses are the center of the show. yes, I know in Nurse Jackie the nurses have a center part but it's really different by the style of writing and filming. And we can go inside the life of the caracters who have a life outside the hospital and there are some people who are not from the medical profession like Veronica family (husband included) and Sonia's boyfriend.... Nice show, but sad that it was cancelled :((