Season 1 Episode 6

The Last Thing I Said Was

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2009 on NBC

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  • Soapy but still worth to watch

    This week episode features "mad men's" elizabeth moss, as an ill-patient. As I expected, she really get into the character, and she was good! Elsewhere Veronica is feeling guilty about his affair with Dr. Sands. This was an emotional episode. Though, there's a lot of humor in this installment, I found myself crying in some time. I wasn't bored at all This show rocks! Even better than watching those medical shows that way past it's prime. **Spoilers Alert** I like how when Veronica was about to tell Mike about her affair in Iraq and Mike found out before Veronica was about to tell him. I found that scene a little predictable, but very exciting. I think this show (if the show will stick around next year) will be great great, ER great, someday. A show that mixed Drama + Humor that result an edgy but got me craving approach. Mercy is also a keeper, I wish this show will be on NBC's 2010 next fall..... Overall, this installment is soapy but tearjerker episode that will make you chuckle some time.
  • After many attempts at secrecy, just when Veronica is going to reveal to Mike her indiscretion in Iraq it slips out of the mouths of her little nieces. Sonia is afraid Nick was killed in a shoot out and she can't get a hold of him or know who to contact.

    ***** Spoilers *****

    Emotional episode that will make you cry at times.

    A lot happening with our three nurses at Mercy Hospital in New Jersey this week. Veronica does some great work and gets her personal life messed up more than it has ever been. Sonia says some things to Nick and then regrets it when she think he is killed. Finally Chloe's ex shows up, she thinks to hook up, but it's to tell her he's getting married.

    Stiller and Meara playing Joe and Estelle Thalberg are a couple who is celebrating their 65th anniversary in the hospital because Meara is having recovery time from hip surgery. Sonia and Joe have a few moments together because Estelle has a mild stroke and all Joe can remember are the mean things he said before it happened. Sonia tells him Estelle knows you love her and Joe reminds her that maybe they're in the same boat.

    Chloe and Dr. Harris are working on a Bone Cancer patient played by Elisabeth Moss who is going through the marrow transplant after her chemo therapy and is dealing with excruciating pain. The kind you wish to die to avoid. Both Harris and Veronica do an exemplary job of supporting and helping this women thru the toughest of times.

    In the end Chloe has hooked up with the firefighter from last week after her ordeal with her ex. Sonia is relieved when Nick shows back up at the hospital. Lastly Veronica is told not to come home by Mike. So the episode ends with her and Dr. Harris sharing quarters at the hospital sitting and drinking Vodka at a table. Both commiserating over their loses and looking for solace in their work.

    Pretty heavy duty. This is the medical drama that will survive the full season. Now we will have to see how much of an audience it will draw. This show can go from heavy dramatic to light humor in minutes. I can't think of too many casts that can pull that off. Thanks for reading...
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