Season 1 Episode 17

There is No Room For You on My Ass

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2010 on NBC

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  • Veronica's patient who's a health nut sort of mirrors her denial and she see's a little of her in herself. St. Patrick's day and the family ends up having an unplanned intervention with Veronica. Sonia and Chloe are dealing with their own problems.

    A lot going on in this episode of Mercy. A really unpleasant drinking binge with Veronica highlights this episode. St. Patrick's day becomes another excuse to get bombed and forget your troubles. At one point she literally lights herself on fire by accident and just sloughs it off as nothing.

    Sonia is having multiple problems. Just coming off the assisted suicide of her patient, she's having a little trouble with that. Plus she runs into Nick and really decides she wants him back. He has a new female partner he is hanging with though and he rejects her again.

    Chloe has a new view of Dr, Briggs. Not that he's still not a jerk, but she's beginning to at least get an understanding of his motives. After a battle between some St. Patrick's day party people she and Briggs deal with a young man with a heart problem.

    Finally the highlight of this episode is the constant theme of Veronica getting help from a therapist for her PTSD. She gets it from all angles and finally in a very strange way reaches out for some assistance.

    A pretty rough, but well done episode of Mercy. It really is a shame that no one has discovered this show. One of the best in the recent weeks on TV. Ratings are still dismal though. Oh well! Thanks for reading...
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