Season 1 Episode 11

We're All Adults

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2010 on NBC

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  • Dr. Sands sister shows up and cause a buzz around the hospital. Three Seton Hall students with Meningitis are admitted and seem to parallel the Veronica's situation a little. Chloe has a patient with stage three Ovarian Cancer who was getting married.

    Too many stories to mention in the summary so I'll put a little piece of each into the review. Some very strong heart wrenching TV this week on Mercy. Unfortunately no one is watching. 1.5 18-49 and under 6 million viewers will just not get this program renewed which is a shame. I really like the characters and the stories.

    The one not mentioned in the summary was Sonia's patient with the hand transplant which is still fairly rare. He found out while trying to thank the family of the donor that the hand came from a serial child molester. He can't live with it and wants it removed. Sonia is also having problems with Nick's career and guns. She is not comfortable with them and Nick is not helping matters.

    Veronica and Angel have a group of Seton Hall students all with Meningitis. The two girls are roommates and the third is one of their boyfriends but in reality has slept with both of them. This whole situation is complicated within the hospital by the different workers paralleling Veronica, Dr. Jelani, and Chris' situation with this one. Everyone seems to be siding with Lilly, the patient that most follows Veronica's path. Things get even stranger when Chris' sister shows up and mistakes Dr. Jelani for Veronica as she seems to be with Chris and of course Chris was in love with Veronica. A very awkward moment ensues. Oh, did I mention that Chris' sister wants to sell marijuana laced cupcakes for a living and coincidentally meets Mike!?!

    Chloe's case may be the most intriguing overall. First of all does anyone else see the sparks flying for Dr. Harris and they are smack dab flying at Chloe. He is falling for her or at least developing some deep personal feelings for her. They have a patient who is suppose to get married when they discover Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. Cancer is not good, but this type is especially fatal. Chloe ends up arranging a wedding at the hospital for the couple before the women goes into surgery which she has a 50% chance of surviving. Riveting stuff.

    Lots more happens as this is just the tip of the iceberg here at Mercy this week. A wonderful episode with plenty of drama, tears, and humor interjected. It's too bad no one else is watching. Thanks for reading...