Merlin: Secrets and Magic

Season 1 Episode 5

Maid To Be Queen

Aired Monday 7:45 PM Oct 12, 2009 on BBC Three
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Maid To Be Queen
The fourth episode of Merlin Secrets and Magic focuses on the character of Guinevere, from lowly maid to the future queen of Camelot and on her casting process as explained by Angel Coulby herself. It also goes behind the scenes to offer exclusive backstage footage, production details and on-set cast and crew interviews from the filming of Merlin's episode 2x04 Lancelot and Guinevere.moreless

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      • Angel Coulby: (About Gwen) I guess she does get all the guys which is kind of strange cause she would never have considered herself to be a vamp or even attractive to the opposite sex.

      • Katie McGrath: (About Angel Coulby in her role of Gwen) She gets all the men, it's not fair!

      • Angel Coulby: (About Gwen) She is a very sweet girl, quite selfless, who tends to genuinely thinks of other people before herself. Also has a very noble heart. Tends to kind of speak her mind sort of accidentally. As we all know one day Guinevere will be queen; in series one there's not really much to suggest that you would imagine her as queen. Perhaps in series two she's began to grow up a little bit more as a woman and in character. It's just exciting to see where she's gonna go and how she's gonna get that sort of thing. Maybe you can kind of see a bit of the inner queen emerging but still she's got that sort of humbleness that you can't really imagine her kind of commanding necessarily and to go from where she is now to there, it's great fun to kind of define that.

      • Johnny Capps: We'd seen an awful lot of actresses for Gwen and we were getting right down to literally some three days before about to do the read-through and the filming and we still hadn't cast her. We just hadn't quite found the right actress that had the sort of level of dignity that you'd believe as a queen whilst at the same time could be sort of humble and also we wanted someone who had a comic ability as well, that was another key thing and then Angel came in literally sort of one day and she read out with James Hawes the director and James Hawes looked at us and just thought: 'wow, she is fantastic'.

      • Angel Coulby: I quite like to play Guinevere, I just thought it'd be great, she is a female lead. I felt like this is my character and I really, really wanted the part and the audition went really well and that was it, I didn't have to do any more auditions, it was just one audition. When you are an actor you want to audition as little as you possible can so that's great.

      • Julian Murphy: (About Angel Coulby) I think in the second series she's had some very challenging episodes.

      • Johnny Capps: Angel [Coulby] again has this extraordinary presence on screen and she has a great ability to do really big emotional scenes whilst at the same time having a real lightness of touch.

      • Katie McGrath: I think it shows a lot about the show that people can have fun as well as producing an amazing product because everybody is enjoying themselves.

      • Bradley James: There's a lot of buddy movie type stuff going on in this series and I suppose there's a lot of that between myself and Colin [Morgan] as well.

      • Colin Morgan: Bradley [James] brings a lot of his great comic and sense of humour to the roles.

      • Angel Coulby: We've had the same crew from the beginning also the same core cast but we do genuinely get on really well and I think it translates onto the screen, you can see it.

      • Angel Coulby: Bradley [James] is very funny. I remember from the first read-through he seemed very confident everyone else was like just absolutely terrified, it was the first read-through and it's always very scary. Bradley just seemed really comfortable, cracking jokes all the time.

      • Angel Coulby: (About Gwen) There's a scene [episode 1x10 The Moment of Truth] where Gwen brings Arthur some food and they're in this village where they have very little food and that's a sort of moment between them which I think it's quite important for the future. She stands up to Arthur much more. She is getting a bit tougher and a bit stronger I think.

      • Katie McGrath: (About the love relationship between Arthur and Gwen) Eventually they come to see who each other really are and Arthur starts to see her as a woman rather than as a servant and she starts to see him as a man rather than a prince.

      • Angel Coulby: (About the kiss in episode 2x02 The Once and Future Queen) Everyone keeps talking to me about this kiss. Bradley [James] is very romantic and lovely.

      • Jeremy Webb: (About the kiss in episode 2x02 The Once and Future Queen) Sometimes your job as a director is just to step back and see what happens and they were so sort of tender with each other, it was one of those wonderful moments when you think: 'I think this is going to be special'.

      • Angel Coulby: (About the love relationship between Arhtur and Gwen) Kind of surprising, I didn't think it would be introduced that early.

      • Santiago Cabrera: Lancelot obviously has very strong feelings for her [Gwen] and he sees her in a context that he doesn't expect at all when he is in the ring ready to fight someone and suddenly she is there as a prisoner. He sees this poor girl trapped in a cell and not only does he have feelings for her but what's gonna become of her? So there's kind of a real need to be living again.

      • Johnny Capps: (About the love triangle in episode 2x02 The Once and Future Queen) It's a great story of these two lovers in their way to help Gwen and what would happen when all three of them meet.

      • Santiago Cabrera: It's good to see everyone and see that most of the people in the crew also are the same group and they all seem to still be having a lot of fun. In this episode [2x02 The Once and Future Queen] we see a Lancelot that has kind of given up on life and has no respect for himself he is just fighting for money and just kind of living each day doing that he knows best that is fighting. Probably a little bit ashamed of himself if you really think about it.

      • Johnny Capps: Gwen in a way her love with Lancelot is more realistic to her because they're from the same background.

      • Angel Coulby: (About the love triangle in episode 2x02 The Once and Future Queen) I think Gwen kind of doesn't want anyone to be upset. Gwen feels a bit bad about the whole thing. I am quite enjoying it, Angel [Coulby].

      • Johnny Capps: It's interesting the whole love triangle to play around with it because when Gwen falls for Arthur, Arthur knows that he can't be with her and then when Gwen falls for Lancelot because she thinks she can't have Arthur, Arthur realizes that he loves Gwen but then it's too late because Lancelot is on the scene.

      • Angel Coulby: Well, I've always said that when I become Queen I want to be like a warrior Queen so I do a lot of fighting.

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