Merlin: Secrets and Magic

Season 1 Episode 2

Merlin Time

Aired Monday 7:45 PM Sep 20, 2009 on BBC Three
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Merlin Time
The first episode of Merlin Secrets and Magic focuses on Merlin's early adventures at Camelot explained by Colin Morgan himself. It also goes behind the scenes to offer exclusive backstage footage, production details and on-set cast and crew interviews from the filming of Merlin's episode 2x01 The Curse of Cornelius Sigan.moreless

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      • Katie McGrath: The first scene I ever did, the first scene I ever shot I remember coming on set and I couldn't talk and the director said; 'it's ok, it's gonna be ok' and I was 'mmh mmh' (nods her head pretending not being able to talk).

      • Angel Coulby: I've had a few people recognize me. I was in a kebab shop once and a guy vowed at me (laughs) and said: 'My lady' (giggles) and I was like: 'Cool' (Giggles again).

      • Colin Morgan: (About jousting in series 2 and series two in general) It's fast, it's dangerous, it's gonna be some of the best action that's been in the show so far. Stories are just even bigger and better and I'm genuinely excited about that.

      • Bradley James: (About series two) It's gonna be a bit of a... blockbuster. How in earth are they gonna fit all this in a forty-five minutes? I think special effects are gonna have the work cut out because there's a lot of action and there's a lot of magic.

      • Anthony Head: (About series two) I didn't think it could get much bigger than last season but it has got bigger. It's huge! It's very dramatic, very emotional. There's a lot of story left to tell.

      • Colin Morgan: It's completely like having that sort of fun we… back again, you know? It definitely feels very much like coming home again.

      • Bradley James: We sort of fall back into it quite easily. Myself and Colin get on very well. We have a bit of a banter, we saw each other bare over the course of the break and then came back to filming it was kind of, you know? The same again.

      • Angel Coulby: It's so good to be back. I had a great time in the first series but this time around it seems to be even better for some reason. Partly maybe being in France in the sunshine and we've got you know? A lot closer all the time and it's so good to be back in the family.

      • Katie McGrath: To come back now that the show came out and people like it... it's fun!

      • Johnny Capps: (About casting the role of Cedric) We wanted to find an actor that could be very funny and then very evil and Mackenzie came into my mind straightaway. He just seemed perfect for the part and so to me it was an absolute no brainer.

      • Mackenzie Crook: Cedric is a kind of a calm man a guy that comes in just looking for opportunities to make himself rich.

      • Colin Morgan: Mackenzie Crook is fantastic. He adds a lot of sour humour within the character and definitely in those scenes where I have to be annoyed at him it's played out sort to the point where it's not that hard to act the annoyance so yeah, he is good.

      • Colin Morgan: Merlin does not like Cedric at all. Cedric has basically tick in Merlin's position and slowly edged him. So yeah, there's no qualities at all that Cedric has that Merlin likes.

      • Mackenzie Crook: Well I have a bit of a rough and tumble with Merlin himself in the bed chamber, it sounds… yeah, but this so I get ready to stand out in top of the castle battlements now and conduct all the gargoyles and send them down to wreak havoc in the castle and the town.

      • Johnny Capps: The location, Pierrefond, that we use for Camelot is the most stunning castle you've ever seen. And one of the characteristics of the chateau is that it has these peculiar gargoyles. The gargoyles were always something visually that we loved and wanted to put it into a story and they felt like a very dramatic thing that would work in episode one. And so we played around with lots of ideas and also of different gargoyles coming to life and then we decided that actually the ultimate effect would be much better if it was just one gargoyle because then just creating the CGI for one gargoyle and then repeat it and would have a much more dramatic effect.

      • Angel Coulby: I had to be attacked by an obviously an invisible flying monkey which is giggles kind of strange it's actually the first CGI I've done in this show. Hopefully it'll look great.

      • Mackenzie Crook: I've got to memorize this Old English spell. I can't get it into my head. I might have to do a word at a time and then put it all together in the edit.

      • Johnny Capps: I made him [Mackenzie Crook] shoot once sequence about 10 times cause we couldn't get it technically right. He was on this turn table when he's doing a big spell over Camelot and we started to go round and round this table with the green screen behind him and just couldn't get it technically right cause it's a very complicated sequence and poor Mackenzie was in France for a week and at the end of every day he was back into the turn table, back into the green screen to do this spell so by the end of the week he was just, he was cursing me and my family (Laughs).

      • Mackenzie Crook: It's been great, I've had a really good time. For someone who is coming for a one episode there's obviously a tight-knit family but they've been very welcoming.

      • Colin Morgan: In series one we see Merlin very much as a young boy embarking on this great adventure that is Camelot for the very first time and very quickly realizes the dangers. He makes a hell of a lot of mistakes, as we know. He makes a lot of enemies. His destiny is to protect Arthur and ensure his rise to the throne but Arthur's life is constantly under threat.

      • Colin Morgan: I guess series one is very much a growing-up tale. And series two definitely picks up from that. We see Merlin at a point where he's realized his destiny, he's accepted his place in life and in Camelot. Merlin has very much accepted that and now it's about becoming stronger, becoming better, becoming more confident in everything he does.

      • Julian Murphy: Merlin is increasingly realizing that the world is in some way a very hostile place. And the weight of responsibility that he carries is a huge burden.

      • Johnny Capps: Merlin makes a promise to the dragon early on that he will release him, and at some point Merlin can't keep stonewalling the dragon and saying, yeah I'll do it next week, I'll do it next week. He has to come to... he has to deal with that situation and, and... does he release the dragon? And if he does release the dragon, what will happen? So there's that huge dilemma of Merlin because morally he absolutely has to release the dragon but is the right thing to do? And what will happen to Camelot? So we play with that story and that builds to a very, very surprising and thrilling end to the series.

      • Johnny Capps: (About series 2 of Merlin) I think the exciting thing about series two is that now the audience knows the characters, we can do more exciting stories. We begin the romance between Arthur and Gwen and promises to be a heart-breakig heart-warming relationship.

      • Colin Morgan: (About series 2 of Merlin) There are huge changes for characters. There are things that will change the course of everything for everyone.

      • Julian Murphy: (About series 2 of Merlin) New relationships develop. Old ones change. The action's bigger. Yes, it's more exciting.

      • Angel Coulby: (About series 2 of Merlin) There seems to be more affection developing.

      • Katie McGrath: (About series 2 of Merlin) Everything's bigger. The jousting, the... you know? The stories, the scripts, the guest stars. Everything is more elaborate. Everything is just more.

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      • Episodes 1 to 6 are included on the Merlin Volume One of Series Two DVDs.

        Episodes 7 to 13 are included on the Merlin Volume Two of Series Two DVDs.

        All episodes are included on the complete Merlin Series Two DVDs.

        The 50-minute special is not released on DVD.

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