Season 4 Episode 10

A Herald Of The New Age

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 2011 on BBC

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  • A Herald Of The New Age


    A Herald Of The New Age was a fair episode of Merlin and I enjoyed watching this episode though it was kind of slow and just seemed like a filler with a decent story. It was cool to see Arthur grow as person and King by accepting responsibility for his past actions and repenting for wrongs he committed. There was some Magic and of course a little bit of drama. There were some good laughs as well. Like I said, this was just a filler episode with a decent story. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!

  • The Ghost of ones past will come back to slay you Arthur Pentragon! Once again Arthur is haunted by the events of his past. One soul has sworn revenge; the creepy child from a few season ago. I have to admitt this episode is clever.


    Arthur and his knights stumble across a strange setting in the woods. Unknowingly Elyan awakens a spirit, a boy that died in durig a raid on a Durid village. Later he is visted by the spirit and maages to interact with it. Soon Elyan becomes possessed by the spirit as it orders him to kill the king we see how Arthur must face what he did i the past inorder to save him and his friend.

    This episod is so sad without Gwen.