Season 5 Episode 7

A Lesson In Vengeance

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 2012 on BBC
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Dark times threaten to find their way into the very heart of Camelot as Morgana and Queen Guinevere, still a puppet under the sorceress' grip, conceive a perverse plan to murder the King.

However, when stable hand Tyr Seward becomes an unwilling player in their scheme, he might ruin their plans.

Will a suspicious Merlin be able to discover the truth before it's too late?


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  • A Lesson In Vengeance

    A Lesson In Vengeance was a perfectly entertaining and excellent episode of Merlin. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written with intrigue and suspense. It was awesome to see a different side of Gwen and watching her enact Morgana's plan. I liked seeing Merlin come to the rescue and it was great to see his disguise as his older self. I liked the way every thing played out and it was interesting to see how beloved Gwen has made herself. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless

    I am still wondering how much stupid Arthur is. Can't he combine the facts and see the obvious.Come this has become extremely annoying. Merli's being guilty oaa the time is not so creative. Besides, I think i'ts time for Merli'n's exposure.Anyway another Morgana's scam failed. Great plot that left us with agony all the episode.
John Bradley

John Bradley

Tyr Seward

Guest Star

Tony Guilfoyle

Tony Guilfoyle


Guest Star

Veronica Roberts

Veronica Roberts

Gelda Seward

Guest Star

John Hurt

John Hurt

Voice of the Great Dragon

Recurring Role

Rupert Young

Rupert Young

Sir Leon

Recurring Role

Eoin Macken

Eoin Macken

Sir Gwaine

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Arthur is fighting the bandits, the back of his shirt is covered in mud. When he's back to Gaius's chambers, the mud stain is much smaller.

    • Gwen's blue cloak is made of raw imported silk and its embroidery is made of woven threads of silver and gold. It costs a small fortune.

    • Goof: When Gwen accuses Merlin of being behind Arthur's poisoning he is wearing a blue shirt, a red scarf and a brown jacket. However, when he is thrown in jail (re-used footage from episode 2x01 The Curse Of Cornelius Sigan) he is wearing a red shirt and a brown jacket which will revert back to the blue shirt, red scarf and brown jacket later.
      Moreover, when Merlin is thrown in jail there is no bench in his cell but when he is waken up by Gaius and Gwaine, he is sleeping on one.

    • Goof: In the scene where Gwen runs away from Gwaine the hood of her cloak is on and off several times. Also, she can be seen running on the same spot of the way two times.

    • Goof: Tomatoes can be seen on Arthur's table and as part of his dinner. However, tomatoes were only known in Europe after Columbus brought them from America around 1498.

  • QUOTES (41)

    • Arthur: Well, this is nice, isn't it? Just the two of us.
      Gwen: Well, three of us.
      Arthur: Merlin? Merlin doesn't count.
      Merlin: I don't count. I'm not here, I'm not actually speaking right now.
      Arthur: Aren't you impressed that I remembered our anniversary?
      Gwen: But you didn't remember. I reminded you over a month ago.
      Arthur: Yes...but I remembered that it was today... today.
      Merlin: Ah. Actually, I did.
      Arthur: Shut up, Merlin!

    • Arthur: Have the men who attacked us been questioned?
      Gaius: I'm sorry, sire, their wounds were fatal. We were unable to learn anything from them.
      Merlin: We know one thing: it can't have been a coincidence they were there.
      Sir Leon: Sire. We recovered your saddle from the forest trail. The girth has been unpicked and re-stitched. It was designed to break, Sire.
      Arthur: It appears, Merlin, on this single, solitary occasion... you may be right.

    • Arthur: The evidence is staring you in the face. You can't deny it.
      Tyr Seward: Sire... I swear on my mother's life...
      Arthur: Just give me their name. Why protect them? They can't help you now. Just give me their name.
      Tyr Seward: I have no name. There's no name to give.
      Arthur: Then you leave me no choice. Though it saddens me greatly to do so, I must charge you with treason. Is there anything further... you'd like to say?
      Tyr Seward: You're my King, sire. I'd never do anything to hurt you. Never.
      Arthur: Tyr Seward, by the power vested in me I hereby sentence you to death.

    • Merlin: How long have you known Tyr?
      Arthur: He's been in my service since he was a boy.
      Merlin: Do you really think him capable of this treason?
      Arthur: What I think is irrelevant, the facts speak for themselves.
      Merlin: Arthur, to sentence him to death...
      Arthur: The law is the law, Merlin, whether I like it or not.

    • Gaius: Merlin, it's not always possible to know what's in the mind of another man.

    • Gwen: I know you were fond of Tyr, but you had no choice. He was guilty.
      Arthur: Tyr Seward is a simple man. He can't have planned this assassination himself.
      Gwen: Well, I know that's what you'd like to think. We all would. But, hard as it is to accept, even a great and honourable King has enemies within his walls. Very often the last person you would suspect. Tyr is just such a person.
      Arthur: No, you're right. I suppose experience should have taught me that by now.

    • Gwen: I've already lost my brother, I couldn't bear to lose you, too.
      Arthur: I'm here, Guinevere. I always will be. I'll never leave you, I promise you that.

    • Merlin: Thought you might like some food. Cooking's not Gaius's strong point, as you know.
      Tyr Seward: Well, at least it's not the turnip stew!

    • Tyr Seward: I was woke up by a sound. There was someone there, going over the King's saddle. I knew it wasn't right. I tried to get away and warn someone... but they saw me. They told me if I so much as whispered a word of what I'd seen... they'd take my mother. They'd take her... and they'd cut her throat.
      Merlin: Who was it?
      Tyr Seward: I can't!

    • Merlin: No one denies the crime, Sire, but the only part that Tyr played was to see it done.
      Arthur: He told you this?
      Merlin: Five minutes ago.
      Arthur: Then who was it?
      Merlin: He won't say, he's too frightened. They threatened him.
      Arthur: I must speak with him, at once.
      Gwen: Arthur, surely it can wait? Gaius told you to rest, let your injuries heal.
      Arthur: I'll be fine, I just want to hear what he has to say.
      Gwen: And you shall. But Tyr's said all he's willing to say for now. He's clearly frightened and unsure of what to do, don't push him. Let him think it over and maybe after a night in the cells he'll be prepared to say more.
      Arthur: As always, Guinevere... you're right.

    • Merlin: Have you noticed anything about Gwen of late?
      Gaius: Nothing unusual. Why?
      Merlin: I'm not sure exactly.
      Gaius: Something she's said? Something she's done?
      Merlin: No. It's nothing in particular. It just seems to me that ever since she returned from the Dark Tower she hasn't been quite herself.
      Gaius: Well, is that so surprising? She lost her only brother. Elyan was all the family she had. And grief changes people, Merlin.
      Merlin: I know that. I do, but...
      Gaius: Besides, we can only guess at what Morgana put her through.
      Merlin: That's what worries me.

    • Tyr Seward: I've told no names. I've not mentioned you to anyone.
      Gwen: I believe you.
      Tyr Seward: My mother's safe? You've not harmed her?
      Gwen: Your mother is alive and well. She's not the problem. You are.
      Tyr Seward: Me?
      Gwen: You see, Tyr, it's not what you haven't said. It's what you may yet say (Kills him).

    • (After Tyr is found dead in his cell)
      Arthur: I've been a fool. I should have spoken to him when I had the chance.
      Merlin: Arthur...
      Arthur: What?
      Merlin: Whoever did this was no stranger to Camelot. They knew the Citadel inside out.

    • Gwen: (After killing Tyr) I did what had to be done.
      Morgana: With Tyr gone you have to find someone else to take the fall. When Arthur dies you have to be beyond all suspicion. You must have the support of the knights, only with their allegiance will your path to the throne be clear.

    • Arthur: You're sure it was sorcery?
      Sir Gwaine: Without a doubt. Powerful, too.
      Merlin: Morgana?
      Sir Gwaine: It's possible. But why was she there?
      Merlin: Maybe she was meeting someone.
      Arthur: Why would she come so close to the Citadel?
      Merlin: Maybe she had to. Maybe whoever she was meeting was here in Camelot.
      Arthur: Well, until we have more to go on this is idle speculation.

    • Merlin: Whoever's responsible the attack on Arthur's life, what's to stop them from trying again?
      Sir Gwaine: They haven't a chance, the Citadel's on full alert. Every entrance, every exit's being watched. Trust me, Arthur's safe as long as he remains in Camelot.
      Merlin: That's just it, what if he's not safe here? What if Camelot's the most dangerous place that he could be? Who could have had access to the stables, who could have known the layout of the cells? Who knew that Tyr would do anything to protect his mother? You need to stay close to Arthur, and do whatever you can to protect him.
      Sir Gwaine: You have my word on it, Merlin.

    • Sindri: What it is that you want?
      Morgana: A tincture. With the power to kill. Not just to kill, but to do so slowly and with the utmost pain.

    • Arthur: What if Merlin's right? What if Morgana did attack the patrol?
      Gwen: Morgana?
      Arthur: She wants me dead. What better way of achieving that than conspiring with an ally within Camelot? An ally who she couldn't risk meeting within these walls?
      Gwen: Who?
      Arthur: Whoever killed Tyr.

    • Arthur: Tyr's killer had an intimate knowledge of the palace. Whoever they were, they must be known to me and they must be here as we speak.
      Gwen: If what you say is true, they must be found quickly.
      Arthur: And if they're not and strike again?
      Gwen: I will not let that happen. I would lay down my life to protect you. You'll find them, Arthur. You and I together.

    • Arthur: Merlin, I would strongly recommend you start showing a little less interest in Guinevere's clothing and a little more interest in mine.
      Merlin: I think I prefer Gwen's.
      Arthur: I'm going to do everything in my power to try and forget you ever just said that. I suggest you do the same.

    • Morgana: Have you found someone to take the fall?
      Gwen: Don't worry. I have someone in mind.

    • Audrey: (To Merlin) Keep your grubby hands off of my dumplings!

    • Gaius: All the evidence suggests that the King has been poisoned.

    • Gwen: Is there no hope?
      Gaius: The poison is a deadly one, my lady. There may be a way to arrest its course but I cannot guarantee it.

    • Gwen: (After poisoning Arthur) One thing I know for certain. Whoever did this lives among us. Whoever did this has betrayed us all. Someone who is free to roam this Citadel as they please, someone who has access to the King's stables, the King's prison... even the King's food. There is only one I know of... Merlin.

    • Gwen: I know how you must feel about Merlin. You must believe me when I say how sorry I am. But the evidence against him is overwhelming.
      Gaius: You did what you had to do, Guinevere. You had no choice. I understand that.

    • Gwen: Is there no hope, Gaius? None at all?
      Gaius: I will not lie to you. Arthur's time is nearly upon him. But until the King draws his last breath, there is always hope.

    • Gaius: You were right, Merlin. Whatever Morgana did in the Dark Tower, she's taken control over Gwen and used her to get to Arthur.
      Merlin: Can you save him?
      Gaius: The poison is too strong, too virulent. Your magic is his only hope.

    • Gwen: You promised you'd never leave me, Arthur. You promised. He is our strength, our heart. How can I live without him? How can any of us live without him?
      Sir Leon: Because we must. My lady. If Arthur is to die, we will lose more than that. The kingdom will lose its King.
      Gwen: While Arthur lives, there is still a King of Camelot.
      Sir Leon: But when the time comes and it will surely come soon, we need to be prepared. If we do not have a leader and a guide... Camelot and all the kingdom will be vulnerable. Everything Arthur worked so hard to achieve will be threatened.
      Gwen: But who could wear his crown? He has no family to succeed him. And who among us is... worthy of such a thing?
      Sir Leon: You are, my lady.
      Gwen: Me?
      Sir Leon: You are as close to family as Arthur has. No one can deny your wisdom, your compassion and your loyalty. I am certain that were Arthur able to make this decision, he would choose you.
      Gwen: I don't know what to say.
      Sir Leon: I realise that this is a great responsibility but you will not be alone. I guarantee you, myself and all the knights will stand by you. Now and forever.

    • Guard: What are you doing here?
      Old Merlin: Incredible. You follow one idiot question with another. I'm visiting the cells, as you perfectly well know.
      Guard: No, you're not. Not unless we say so, you're not.
      Old Merlin: But you already said so. Only ten minutes ago you said so. You said so and I did so!
      Guard: No, we didn't.

    • Guard: Who are you?
      Old Merlin: What kind of a damn fool question is that? I am who I am and I am who I was and I am who I will always be.

    • Old Merlin: (To the guards in the cells) It's hardly any wonder your prisoners are being murdered if you can't even remember who you're letting in and who you're letting out. You let me in! And I thank you for that. And now, apparently, I have to let myself out. Ah! Goodbye!

    • Old Merlin: Why on earth would anyone want to steal your godforsaken pies?
      Audrey: My pies are the talk of Camelot!
      Old Merlin: Oh, yes, indeed they are. A crust like rusted iron, a filling like last year's horse dung and the smell, oh, yes, just like the guardhouse's latrine!
      Audrey: No-one insults my pies and gets away with it!
      Old Merlin: Oh, I'm sorry! Should I speak instead of your poisonous flans? Like vomit curdling in the noonday sun! Or your dumplings! The King himself likened them to freshly-lain frogspawn wrapped in pig's snot!

    • Gaius: My lady, you may be in danger. Gwaine will take you to the guest chambers. He'll ensure no harm comes to you.
      Gwen: Why would anyone wish me harm?
      Gaius: You are to be our leader, Gwen. You are Camelot's future. Do you imagine our enemies don't want you dead?
      Gwen: I can't leave Arthur, not now.
      Gaius: Gwen, I promise, if there is any change, I'll fetch you at once.

    • Merlin: How is he?
      Gaius: His heart has nearly stopped. I fear he's close to death. The sickness is so deep in him.
      Merlin: I don't know if I have the power to bring him back.
      Gaius: You can do this, Merlin.

    • Gaius: You'd better get back to the cells before you're missed.
      Merlin: There are guards on every floor and stairwell. How can I get back down?
      Gaius: The same way you came up, obviously.
      Merlin: Obviously...

    • Gaius: (Waking him up in his prison cell) Morning, Merlin.
      Sir Gwaine: If you've got a moment, the King would like a word.

    • Arthur: This is one of the two... possibly three moments in my life where I've actually been glad to see you.
      Merlin: That's my thoughts exactly, Sire. How're you feeling?
      Arthur: Like death. Well, death warmed up, at least.
      Merlin: I can imagine.
      Arthur: It seems like we've both been through something of an ordeal.
      Merlin: It wasn't so bad, really. Once you get used to the eternal night and the rats, the mouldy pillows, living with a bucket of your own...

    • Arthur: Merlin. I'm sorry about what happened to you. Truly. As soon as I heard, I told them it couldn't have been you who poisoned me. I had the cook confirm your alibi.
      Merlin: Thank you.
      Arthur: I also told them you simply weren't bright enough to organise an assassination attempt.
      Merlin: That's very thoughtful.
      Arthur: You're welcome.

    • Sindri: (About the poison that almost killed Arthur) I supplied it, I confess. But I did not know it was intended for you. In truth, I was... too afraid to ask.
      Arthur: Too afraid to ask who?
      Sindri: She who... procured it.
      Arthur: And did you recognise this woman?
      Sindri: Well, I cannot say for certain but I believed it to be Morgana Pendragon.

    • Arthur: Because of the Queen's diligence, the truth has been uncovered. Each and every one of us owes her a great debt. Long live the Queen!
      All: Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen!

  • NOTES (7)


    • Just as Gwen uses it (a drop through the ear) to poison Arthur, henbane is supposed to have been the 'hebenon' poured into the ear of Hamlet's father in Shakespeare's play Hamlet.