Season 4 Episode 6

A Servant Of Two Masters

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 2011 on BBC

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  • Great Episode!

    Arthur expresses profound concern for Merlin in this episode. I know he has done it for several times before, but in this episode the concern is more obvious and strong, especially after they're separated. Arthur looks hell worried and is bent on to find Merlin, and when he finds him he actually hugs him! It's great. Merlin, being possessed, is determined to kill Arthur. But oops he is really a bad assassin. It frustrates me that Arthur fails to realise Merlin has changed. And Merlin is wounded when they're separated but Arthur doesn't realise Merlin is unscathed when he's found? Weird, but yet this episode deserves a solid 10. I wonder how Morgana will react when she finds out that 'Emrys' is actually Merlin.
  • Amusingly Funny :)


    I found this episode quite enjoyable. There was a good mix of serious and humorous moments throughout.

    The bromance scenes between Arthur and Merlin during the first parts are great, and then watching an enchanted Merlin try to kill Arthur was highly amusing, myhusband and son were in stitches lol! We were happy to see Morgana finally come face to face with 'Emrys' and to see a small battle between the two.

    Altogether it ranks up there with some of my favorite episodes, and is a great watch for the whole family.

  • As we progress further into this series Morgana just seems to keep pushing down the accelerator pedal.


    'A Servant of Two Masters' takes us from last weeks episode of Arthur battling between duties back to Merlin with his magical lore which I have no objections since the television series is called 'Merlin'.

    We start off this week with Merlin essentially being captured by Morgana with help from Agravaine and so Arthur sends out a search party. What really is flipped upon its head in this episode though isn't so much Merlin being captured but how Agravaine's secret treachery is slowly being uncovered for in this episode Arthur takes huge suspicions towards Agravaine.

    Merlin however soon returns with a strange evil head of a serpent in the back of his spine which seemed slightly like the Scarab Beetles from 'The Mummy'. This serpent makes it so that Merlin will kill Arthur unwillingly but with no choice and so the tale ensues giving a good opportunity for Gaius and Gwen to be used to good extent.

    This episode was able to pull off a believable and convincing storyline while also giving us humor which certainly had me laughing. There was also some beautiful work as Merlin and Morgana fought each other with magic. (Our first magic fight I believe) This overall had no floors which I can simply say 'This ruined it for me' because there wasn't anything. It also gave me a feeling that I wanted more especially the final scene which was slightly touching. It was overall a great episode and a perfect 10.

  • A Servant Of Two Masters


    A Servant Of Two Masters was a superb and very entertaining episode of Merlin and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great story with good character and plot development. It was awesome to see Merlin use magic as well as Morgana. Merlin taking the form of his older self was fun to watch as there were a few good laughs. Gwen and Gaius save Merlin and protect him from being found out by Arthur. Morgana suffers in the end and Agravaine helping her was kind of touching. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • A surprisingly comic episode but one of far higher quality than in previous series.


    This was a very enjoyable episode with 'something for everyone' Some lovely Arthur/Merlin Bromance moments, plenty of comic work for most of the characters, especially Merlin. Gwen and Gaius teaming up to solve the problem and some powerful Merlin Magic at the end.

    I loved Posessed!Merlin. Colin played it so well; a very different 'funny' to his Dragoon ... three very different versions of the same basic person; magical!

    As much as I've loved series 4, the main problem has been Morgana being separated from the 'team' and especially Merlin. Having the pair back to glaring daggers at each other was a real treat for a Dark!Mergana fan like me and I loved all their interactions in this episode from the 'if looks could kill' at the start, to the lovely confused looks at the end; Morgana confused and scared at encountering Dragoon and Merlin rather baffled but trying not to appear put off by this. And now, he knows that she knows this version of him as Emrys. I wonder how that will play from now on?

    Also loved Dragoon really showing us what Merlin is capable of. Again another thing we missed in S3 which was more about his character development rather than his magical development. Seems like he's had some time to study this year, just like Morgana has, although he does need to find a way of retaining some of young Merlin's health/fitness levels when he next transforms!

    Although the episode was based around Merlin, I loved everything that Bradley did with Arthur in this episode and just loved all of Gwen's reactions - especially when Gaius was doing minor surgery on Merlin.

    Overall I love the continuing story arc that is series 4 and this episode was surprisingly light and fun considering the subject matter.