Season 5 Episode 2

Arthur's Bane Part 2

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 2012 on BBC

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  • A bit more of the mythology

    This was a good episode and revealed more of what to expect in the future. We saw Mordred cross over from what we thought was the darkside although the ending left in question a bit whether Mordred was truly good or not, we'll have to wait and see if anything further develops. We saw Morgana's deep evil that she cannot change. At the end she was walking across the snow with the dragon but Merlin's meeting of the dragon makes me think Morgana has done something evil to it and hurt it. Then there was the lighter side with the banter between Arthur and Merlin, wouldn't be an episode without some of this. Finally near the end it was revealed that the mythic creature in the cave was the "key" and bearer of all knowledge. An interesting episode leading into the remainder of this final season.