Season 5 Episode 2

Arthur's Bane Part 2

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 2012 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The bread that Mordred eats and gives to Merlin is white bread. This is anachronistic, as only the highest nobility could have afforded white bread. Furthermore, it required milling and cooking skills that wouldn't be available to slave traders or commoners.

    • Gaius tells Gwen that 'there are those who believe that Arthur is destined to die by a Druid's hand' and Merlin tells Gaius that the Great Dragon said that 'Arthur would meet his end at the hands of a Druid'. However, both in episode 1x08 The Beginning Of The End and episode 2x11 The Witch's Quickening the Great Dragon made clear that he was talking about Mordred and not just any Druid.

    • Despite (supposedly being asleep) Arthur can be seen closing his eyes half way through the scene where Mordred brings Merlin food and they talk about magic.

    • Goof: As they escape captivity, Arthur steals a sword and crossbow from Ragnor and Merlin steals an axe and some arrows. However, as they run towards the ice ledge Arthur is carrying the arrows. Morever, he shifts them and his sword from his left hand to his right hand several times during the running away.

    • Arthur loses his voiders (arm armour piece) and hauberk (chest armour piece) from the moment that Ragnor captures him (actually from the end of episode 5x01 Arthur's Bane Part 1 to the beginning of this one).

    • Goof: Ruadan can be seen breathing as he lays dead in Gaius' chambers.

    • Goof: Sefa attaches Ruadan's note far too quickly to the crow particularly since she has no thread (in case Ruadan provided with it, he had no time to roll and attach the little scroll himself).

    • Goof: When Morgana throws Merlin against the wall you can tell that it is cushioned by the way it bounces back and rocks as he falls down.

    • Goof: The ice ledge gap is noticeably narrower very close to the point that Arthur and Merlin choose to jump it across. Mordred could have easily followed them all the same.

    • The Euchdag (who is the Diamair, the key to all knowledge) has been called many things by the Children of Men. She is the last of her kind, some that once were revered by all. Those days are long gone and for hundreds of years they were shunned and hunted. Having found refuge under the citadel of Ismere, she is safe no more.

    • The Euchdag is the seventh character who addresses Merlin as 'Emrys'. Mordred did so in episodes 1x08 The Beginning of the End, episode 2x03 The Nightmare Begins, episode 2x11 The Witch's Quickening, episode 5x01 Arthur's Bane Part 1 and episode 5x02 Arthur's Bane Part 2, Taliesin in episode 3x05 The Crystal Cave, The Fisher King in episode 3x08 The Eye Of The Phoenix, Iseldir in episode 3x12 The Coming of Arthur Part 1 and 4x04 Aithusa, The Cailleach in episode 4x01 The Darkest Hour, Part 1 and Lochru in episode 5x01 Arthur's Bane Part 1.
      Morgana (4x01, 4x07), Alator of the Catha (4x07), Agravaine (4x07) and Gaius (4x07) have also referred to him as 'Emrys'.

    • Goof: In the scene where Gaius and Gwen are looking at Ruadan's body, Gaius's hair keeps locking and unlocking around his left ear.

  • Quotes

    • Morgana: Aithusa... come. Come here. Don't worry. We're safe. No harm can come to us now. Our troubles are all in the past, I promise (Aithusa comes closer and rests her head on Morgana's bed) Soon we will have the Diamair. Soon we will know Arthur's Bane. Camelot will be ours.

    • Arthur: Remind me, Merlin: how did we end up like this? Oh, yes. You were thinking about your stomach, as usual. I told you it was a trap.
      Merlin: And I told you to go back to Camelot.
      Arthur: Merlin!

    • (About the prisoners and particularly concerned about Merlin and Arthur)
      Mordred: Maybe we should feed them.
      Ragnor: What for?
      Mordred: They'll be skin and bones.
      Ragnor: Morgana wants slaves, not hogs for the fire.
      Mordred: Then, slow the pace.
      Ragnor: The quicker we get there, the quicker I get my money.

    • (Mordred feeds Merlin and Arthur behind Ragnor's back)
      Merlin: Why are you doing this?
      Mordred: He once saved my life. I owe him a debt. Don't be so quick to judge me. You fear me, Emrys, don't you? I know the hatred and suspicion with which men treat those with magic. You and I are not so different. I too have learned to hide my gifts. I promise... your secret is safe with me.

    • Merlin: What's Morgana looking for in Ismere?
      Mordred: The Diamair.
      Merlin: What's that?
      Mordred: In the language of my people, it means 'The Key'.
      Merlin: The key to what?
      Mordred: The key to all knowledge...

    • Ruadan: M'Lady, Sefa has been arrested. She is sentenced to die.
      Morgana: That is cruel indeed. But you must remember there is no greater glory than giving your life for a cause that is right.
      Ruadan: She has proved herself to be a worthy daughter.
      Morgana: It will not be forgotten. I will double the patrols on the border. We will be ready for when Arthur returns. There is nothing more you can do for Sefa. We must make sure her sacrifice was not in vain.

    • Sefa: All I wanted was to help my father and now I am condemned to death.
      Gwen: You understand the law, Sefa. I cannot change it.
      Sefa: Please... I know you have a good heart. A reprieve... I'm begging you.
      Gwen: Men have died.
      Sefa: I know. I'm sorry. I'm so... I'm so sorry. I did it for my father. It was the only thing he wanted from me. I told him I couldn't, but... I don't know, he... I wanted to make him happy, to please him.
      Gwen: He used you.
      Sefa: I know. M'Lady, I don't want to die.
      Gwen: There is nothing I can do, Sefa. The sentence stands.

    • Gaius: (About executing Sefa) Perhaps you should reconsider. The sentence is a harsh one.
      Gwen: The law is clear.
      Gaius: Sefa was naive and foolish, but she doesn't deserve to die.
      Gwen: And she won't, Gaius. I have no intention of executing her. My aim is to catch her father. He is the threat to Camelot, not the girl. I'm hoping her plight will lure him here.
      Gaius: Why did you not tell me this?
      Gwen: Her predicament must remain genuine. If Ruadan has one spy in Camelot he may have others and if he has any inkling of this, he will not come.
      Gaius: It's is a dangerous game, M'Lady.
      Gwen: Wars cannot be won without risks, Gaius.

    • (Arthur gets ready to jump across a big gap between two ice ledges)
      Merlin: You've got to be joking...
      Arthur: Do you have a better solution? We haven't got all day, Merlin!

    • Merlin: (About Mordred) Why did you spare his life?
      Arthur: He couldn't come after us.
      Merlin: He was leading us to our deaths!
      Arthur: He showed us kindness.
      Merlin: You should've killed him!
      Arthur: What is wrong with you?
      Merlin: You had the chance!
      Arthur: We escaped, didn't we?
      Merlin: Next time, we might not be so lucky.
      Arthur: I love your optimism.

    • Sir Gwaine: You saved me. Thank you.
      The Euchdag: I know that you are worthy of my help.
      Sir Gwaine: I don't understand.
      The Euchdag: You think kindness is the preserve of humans?
      Sir Gwaine: I've never seen a creature like you before.
      The Euchdag: No.
      Sir Gwaine: Who are you?
      The Euchdag: I... have been called many things by the Children of Men. I am the last of my kind. Once we were revered by all... but those days are long... gone. For hundreds of years, we were shunned and hunted till I found myself... alone. And now, even this last refuge is safe... no more.

    • Ruadan: The fight must continue.
      Sefa: You must cure yourself...
      Ruadan: I do not have such powers.
      Sefa: Try. Please.

    • Ruadan: You've done very well. You should be proud. Sefa...
      Sefa: (Whimpers) Whimpering You can't leave me.
      Ruadan: You must be strong.
      Sefa: (Crying) Father, please.
      Ruadan: I will always love you (He dies)

    • Arthur: You know what they say, Merlin: appearances can be deceiving.
      Merlin: (Appraising the fortress of Ismere) Not in this case.

    • Gaius: (Reading a piece of paper that Ruadan kept concealed inside a pendant) It is a call for victory over the enemies of the Old Religion.
      Gwen: I thought the Druids were a peaceful people.
      Gaius: For the most part they are. For some The Great Purge changed that. Some
      blame Uther for their suffering.
      Gwen: But he has long been dead.
      Gaius: Some believe that Arthur is no different from his father. Sorcery is still outlawed... for them, little has changed.
      Gwen: So Ruadan believed it was his sacred duty to fight my husband?
      Gaius: More than that. Some believe that Arthur is destined to die by a Druid's hand. Perhaps Ruadan thought he was that man.
      Gwen: Well, then, he was mistaken.

    • Merlin: (About Mordred) I told you: you should've killed him when you had the chance. We'll never make it in there.
      Arthur: There's always a way, Merlin.
      (Merlin and Arthur are crawling their way into Ismere using the garbage conduct)
      Merlin: How did you talk me into this?
      Arthur: It's genius, Merlin...
      Merlin: (Garbage falls on Merlin) Genius?
      Arthur: You've got a bit of, um... carrot in your hair. Least I hope it's carrot.
      (Merlin throws some of th gargage at Arthur. Arthur smiles amused)

    • Arthur: (Spotting a mine wagon) Ready?
      Merlin: For what?
      Arthur: Our carriage awaits.

    • Sir Percival: Arthur!
      Arthur: Didn't think we'd leave you here, did you?

    • Morgana: I feared you were dead. It is dangerous for those of us with magic.
      Mordred: It's not been easy.
      Morgana: For any of us.
      Mordred: Sorcery frightens people. Even some of those who claim to support it.
      Morgana: You see a lot.
      Mordred: I've learnt to. I've had to. If I was not to be burnt at the stake or exploited for another man's gain.
      Morgana: Attitudes will change soon. The Old Religion will reign once more. There'll be nothing to fear once Arthur and his kind are cleansed from the earth.

    • Mordred: You know we had Arthur in our grasp? He escaped.
      Morgana: You let him go?
      Mordred: He got away.
      Morgana: How? Who let him go?
      Mordred: It was an accident.
      Morgana: (Losing her temper) Kill him! That's all they had to do! I am a High Priestess!
      Mordred: Morgana...
      Morgana: And yet he continues to defy me!
      Mordred: Calm yourself.
      Morgana: I want his annihilation, Mordred. I want to put his head on a spike and then I want to watch as crows feast on his eyes.

    • (Arthur and Merlin find Sir Gwaine in the mines)
      Arthur: Trust you not to be doing any work.
      Sir Gwaine: It's about time!

    • Sir Gwaine: (To The Euchdag) They're friends. Good friends.
      (The Euchdag goes away)
      Arthur: What was that?
      Sir Gwaine: I'm not exactly sure. But I owe it my life.

    • Merlin: Something's wrong. The Saxons... where have they all gone?
      Arthur: First there are too many, now there aren't enough. Are you ever happy?

    • Merlin: What was that?
      Arthur: What?
      Merlin: Feel the wind.
      Sir Gwaine: That wasn't the wind.
      (Aithusa attacks them exhaling fire at them)
      Sir Gwaine: Was that what I think it was?
      Arthur: Where did Morgana get a dragon from?
      Merlin: I've no idea.

    • Merlin: Get Gwaine back to Percival. I'll lure the dragon the other way.
      Arthur: Merlin, I knew you were stupid, but not that stupid.
      Merlin: No, I really am that stupid and if you don't believe me, watch... (He starts off on his own)
      Arthur: Merlin! (To Gwaine) I'm going after him.

    • Merlin: Aithusa.
      (Aithusa exhales fire at him. Merlin stops the fire using magic and commands the dragon in Dragonlord talk)
      Merlin: What happened? Who did this to you? I won't harm you.
      (Aithusa grumbles quietly)
      Merlin: What does that mean? You can't speak.
      Arthur: (Somewhere in the mines, coming closer) Merlin!
      Merlin: (To Aithusa) Go! (Repeats the order in Dragonlord talk and Aithusa obbeys)

    • Morgana: How good of you to save me the trouble of finding you. Oh, how remiss of you. Your bravery is matched only by your stupidity. What on earth did you think you would achieve by coming here?
      Arthur: I'm here to free my men.
      Morgana: (Points a dagger at him using magic) Ahh... this time it seems there really is no way out.

    • Arthur: I'm sorry for what our father did to you.
      Morgana: Uther was never my father!
      Arthur: But we are brother and sister.
      Morgana: Funny how you choose to remember that with my dagger at your back.

    • Arthur: What happened to you, Morgana? As a child, you were so kind, so compassionate...
      Morgana: I grew up (Hurts him again with her dagger) You are right to cower before my hand. I am more powerful than you can imagine.
      Arthur: And yet with all that, you choose to do nothing but hate.
      Morgana: Uther taught me well.

    • (Arthur is about to die at the hands of Morgana)
      Arthur: Morgana... please...
      Morgana: (Hurting him further with magic) Don't speak, dear brother. It's too late.

    • The Euchdag: Much blood has been shed this day and all for something few wise men would ever want.
      Merlin: You mean the Diamair? Morgana never found it?
      The Euchdag: And she never will.
      Merlin: Because it is you.
      (The Euchdag nods)
      Merlin: You are the Key to all knowledge? There are times that I feel the weight of my destiny crushing me, but... that is nothing to what you carry.
      The Euchdag: It is both a blessing and... a curse.

    • The Euchdag: Is there anything you wish to ask me?
      Merlin: No. I don't think it would be good.
      The Euchdag: You are wise, Emrys. Your wisdom will live long in the minds of men.
      Merlin: Wait... there is one question. If Mordred is not Arthur's Bane, then, who is?
      The Euchdag: Himself

    • Arthur: Arise, Sir Mordred, Knight of Camelot.

    • Merlin: You know, if Arthur knew you had magic, things would be... very different. Tell me something.
      Mordred: Of course.
      Merlin: You saved Arthur's life. Why?
      Mordred: Because Arthur is right. The love that binds us is more important than the power we wield. Morgana had forgotten that.

    • Gaius: So, are you going to tell me what's troubling you?
      Merlin: Mordred.
      Gaius: People change. Perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt.
      Merlin: Remember what the dragon said? Arthur would meet his end at the hands of a Druid.
      Gaius: You still believe that's him?
      Merlin: I feel that the die is cast... and that, for good or ill, Albion's great trial has begun.

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