Season 5 Episode 2

Arthur's Bane Part 2

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 2012 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Gaius: (Reading a piece of paper that Ruadan kept concealed inside a pendant) It is a call for victory over the enemies of the Old Religion.
      Gwen: I thought the Druids were a peaceful people.
      Gaius: For the most part they are. For some The Great Purge changed that. Some
      blame Uther for their suffering.
      Gwen: But he has long been dead.
      Gaius: Some believe that Arthur is no different from his father. Sorcery is still outlawed... for them, little has changed.
      Gwen: So Ruadan believed it was his sacred duty to fight my husband?
      Gaius: More than that. Some believe that Arthur is destined to die by a Druid's hand. Perhaps Ruadan thought he was that man.
      Gwen: Well, then, he was mistaken.