Season 5 Episode 1

Arthur's Bane Part 1

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 2012 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Merlin: I need to know about a Druid symbol. A black spiral, within it a thin, yellow coil.
      The Great Dragon: It is the mark of a vates. A Druid seer. Where did you encounter him?
      Merlin: On my journey here. He warned me of Arthur's bane.
      The Great Dragon: His bane?
      Merlin: And then he showed me a battle. A terrible battle. Arthur was fighting for his life. I saw him wounded. I saw him fall.
      The Great Dragon: The vates' power of prophecy is unrivalled, even by a high priestess.
      Merlin: So this battle will come to pass?
      The Great Dragon: I do not know, young warlock, but one thing is certain... this was no chance meeting.
      Merlin: You think I should heed his warning?
      The Great Dragon: There was a time when the words of a vates were considered a gift.
      Merlin: Then why do they feel like a burden?
      The Great Dragon: A wise man is not cowed by knowledge, Merlin. Instead, he uses it to guide him.
      Merlin: How?
      The Great Dragon: That is something only you can decide. But remember, the vates singled you out for a reason. Now, more than ever, it is you and you alone that can keep Arthur safe.