Season 2 Episode 5

Beauty and the Beast - Part One

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 2009 on BBC
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Lady Catrina and her strange servant Jonas arrive in Camelot, where they are welcome to stay by a most delighted king Uther, who becomes captivated by his latest guest. Arthur, on the contrary, far from sharing his father's enthusiasm and in the sight of the flirting going on, is pretty appalled with the situation.

Merlin and Gaius have the feeling that she is not what she seems and their suspicions are proven true when Merlin discovers that Lady Catrina is a troll and that unfortunately, her intentions are far beyond the prize of a king's heart. Horrified, he reveals the truth to Arthur, who doesn't believe him.

Merlin embarks on the task of proving the real nature of the woman while at the same time saving Uther from ruin and Camelot from falling. Will the young warlock be able to overcome the powerful magic of the troll before it's too late?moreless

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  • Gross

    I hated this episode and it really sucked that it took up 2 out of the 13 episodes of Merlin this season. SKIP IT AT ALL COSTS YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
  • A high concept episode based on the gag that Uther marries a troll. In stark contrast to the last three episodes, "Merlin" takes a break with broad comedy. Engaging performance by the guest star does not impress enough to require a two-part episode.moreless

    What Worked:

    Lady Caterina with trollish behavior – Sarah Parish is hilarious when she breaks "character" as a lady as gives in to her troll nature. The juxtaposition of her beauty with a course accent and grotesque table manners is quite funny although it could wear thin after a while. Her faux simpering and blatant appeal to Uther's vanity was well played.

    Merlin power play – Showing Merlin developing greater powers with practice is one of the few times we've seen him actually grow stronger over time. His fight with Jonas had just the right energy. His reluctance to blatantly use power in front of Jonas (without killing him) is a huge risk, as well as his attempt to draw out the troll in the throne room. Colin Morgan's acting – Again Morgan demonstrates why he is the title character. He has quite a range in this episode. When Lady Caterina first shows up, he effectively shows both a little interest and embarrassment when talking with her. Although much of the comedy acting was par for the course, he is always most impressive when he gets deadly serious as he did during the final act. When Merlin is not playing the fool, he is compelling to watch.

    Uther's commitment to Igraine – They've laid a good foundation that Uther was truly devoted to Igraine. He risks his legacy by never having another wife or additional heirs but it seems clear that this is based on his love of his first wife. His hesitation prior to becoming enchanted shows that even though he is lonely, he is essentially a cautious leader. This is probably the most depth since "Excalibur" that Uther has shown.

    Partial Success:

    Arthur's attitude – After recent events with Guinevere, Arthur's support of his father's romantic happiness seems like a good bit of continuity. Further, his horror at seeing his father besotted was spot-on. What child, especially just out of the teenage years, isn't squeamish when they see their parent in a romantic situation? Conversely, approving without discussion his father's marriage after three days is blatantly dumb. Arthur continues to be dumb when the plot needs him to be. Inconsistent characterization undermines good drama.

    Gaius and Uther – Gaius is quick on the uptake and tries yet again to convince Uther to not do something stupid. At least this time Uther seemed to exercise a little caution before being enchanted. Unfortunately, Gaius completely depends on Merlin to save the day once his warning to Uthur fails. Merlin never stops but Gaius gives up or passes the buck too quickly. What Didn't Work:

    The high concept as a two-parter – Having Uther be duped into marrying a troll is a good single-episode plot. Stretching a comedy episode into a two-parter seems like a waste for a series that is primarily a drama and only 13 episodes in total. This is the Arthurian legend, certainly there are more epic dramatic tales that deserve two episodes versus this light-weight fare. Clearly aimed mostly at the tea-time crowd, it's probably a winner for that demographic but the gross jokes got a bit tedious at times. Arthur threatening to feed Merlin to the dogs was funny but in general there wasn't a whole lot of subtlety this episode. Sarah Parish does have great fun with this role and it almost appears to be catering to the guest star to have the episode drawn out simply to allow her to chew the scenery. When meta issues like stunt casting are obvious, it takes the audience out of the episode.

    Absence of Morgana and Gwen – This was a major missed opportunity. There could have easily been a shared moment of sibling bonding between Morgana and Arthur after they left the dinner table. Like Morgana in EP2, Gwen didn't say a single word. While the Merlin/Arthur dynamic is one of the major strengths of the series, the two female characters need to be better integrated into all of the stories. They seem relegated to stories directly focused on their individual arcs which seems unnecessary limited.

    Overall grade 5. A few funny moments and a hilarious performance by Sarah Parish but not worth re-watching and certainly does not appear to warrant a two-parter. It was good to have Uther humanized more than he has in recent episodes but he looked pretty silly after becoming enchanted. Having Arthur once again become dumb and Morgana and Gwen just window dressing also detracted from the episode.moreless
  • If you are a general Merlin fan you will probably love this episode. If you are attracted by the development of the friendship between Merlin and Arthur you will be disappointedmoreless

    A lot of the ingredients of this episode worked very well. It was extremely well acted. Sarah Parish's physical transformation from human form Lady Katrina to human form troll was exceptional. Anthony Head got some well-deserved screen time, and delivered a tender and convincing portrayal of a man experiencing romance again for the first time in 20 years since the death of his beloved wife. The scene where he almost kissed Katrina, but couldn't, was very moving. That he hasn't even kissed a woman since Igraine's death speaks volumes about his love for her, and the devastation and betrayal he felt at her loss. His hatred of magic started with that event, so this did need to be dealt with in the script – and that was very well done. The unenchanted Uther was tempted but did not succumb. In fact he did reflect on, and take seriously, Gaius's warnings. It was important for his character that it was clear he would not have married Katrina without the spell. It had a lighter tone that most of the series so far. The comedy value of a wind breaking, maggot-eating troll getting the proud and powerful Uther to the altar was considerable. My kids found it hilarious. I think when the whole series has aired we will be glad of the balance this brief interlude of comedy provided compared to a fairly dark start, and what is bound to be a very dark finish to the run of 13.

    There were some stand-out scenes. The 2 classics were poor Gaius trying to tactfully tell Uther the truth about Lady Katrina, and Merlin's showdown with Jonas at the end.

    However this episode was let down, I feel, by another regression (as we saw in episode 1) in the relationship between Arthur and Merlin. Overall there was very little interaction between the 2 male leads, and what there was was unsatisfying. The scene in Arthur's bedroom portrayed Arthur as the patronising older man, looking down on his inexperienced country bumpkin servant. Why would he even think that Merlin would be a peeping Tom? And why didn't Merlin tell him then what he had seen in the mirror? It didn't add up.

    The second scene – when Merlin told Arthur about the troll was similarly disappointing. How many times has Merlin been proved right? Too many for it to be credible that Arthur would dismiss him in this way. It is by no means the most outlandish thing Merlin has had to tell Arthur. He believed Merlin about the snakes on the shield when he had only known him a couple of weeks, yet now, after all they have been through together, he doesn't take him seriously? Not good. On the plus side he did call Merlin a 'true friend' but given the context it was quite patronising.

    Overall if you are a general Merlin fan you will probably love this episode. If you are attracted by the development of the friendship between Merlin and Arthur you will be disappointed.moreless
Sarah Parish

Sarah Parish

Lady Catrina

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Adam Godley


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Rhys Rusbatch


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Michael Cronin

Michael Cronin

Geoffrey of Monmouth

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John Hurt

John Hurt

Voice of the Great Dragon

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • This episode marks the second time where a love enchantment is used. Previously, Sophia enchanted Arthur in episode 1x07 The Gates of Avalon.

    • The golden necklace that Lady Catrina wears during her wedding to Uther is the same one that Morgana wore during the feast at the end of episode 1x02 Valiant.

    • The seal of the House of Tregor depicts a ship with a star in its sails.

    • Goof: Lady Catrina (in her troll form) does not drink a single drop of the potion that Jonas has prepared for her when they are in the cave. The bottle is full when she removes it from her mouth.

    • Goof: When Lady Catrina takes Jonas' potion in the cave and falls to the ground, she is holding the bottle in her right hand. However, Jonas recovers it from her left one.

    • Goof: Tomatoes can be seen on Lady Catrina's plate as she first dines in Camelot. However, tomatoes were only known in Europe after Columbus brought them from America around 1498.

    • Goof: Uther stretches out his hand over the edge of the table as he talks to Lady Catrina after dinner. However, when she grabs his hand seconds afterwards, his fist is clenched and further from the table edge.

    • Goof: When Lady Catrina and Jonas arrive on Camelot, they carry no possesions whatsoever. However, Lady Catrina changes into several sets of clothing and wears jewellery and hair complements matching them.

    • Goof: When Lady Catrina rots food exhaling on it, white worms are all over the food. However, they are nowhere to be seen when she eats.

    • Goof: Gaius wears glasses, even though they weren't commonly used until the 13th century.

    • The real Lady Catrina suffers ever since childhood an incurable bone disorder affecting her joints, which makes her have difficulty walking. Gaius' tonic was the only remedy which brought her relief.

    • It is unlikely that Uther wouldn't notice about Lady Catrina throwing her breakfast to the river. The plate goes from full to empty in a matter of seconds plus the food splashes in the water.

    • Goof: When Uther and Lady Catrina arrive from their early ride, Arthur and Merlin observe as they dismount. In the distance shot, Arthur's hair is styled towards his right, but in the close up, it is styled towards his left which is unusual. Also, in the long shot the horse's head is at Merlin and Arthur's back, but in the close shot it is in front of them.

    • Lady Catrina is revealed to be a troll. Consequently, her blood is green, she despises all other living things especially human and she prefers to lurk in the darkness of her nest feasting on rotten food.

    • Even though she has some screen time, Angel Coulby (Gwen) does not have any line in this episode.

    • Gaius and Merlin, same as they did in episode 1x02 Valiant, talk about magic and spells leaving the chambers door open in a pretty reckless way.

    • Geoffrey of Monmouth, the court genealogist, officiates at the wedding between Uther and Lady Catrina.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • (About Uther and Lady Catrina)
      Arthur: Honestly. Look at them.
      Merlin: Don't you think it's odd how quickly they've become close?
      Arthur: There's nothing odd about that. My father is a wealthy and powerful man.

    • Lady Catrina: Is it done?
      Jonas: Yes, mistress. The potion is prepared.
      Lady Catrina: Then Camelot and all its riches will soon be mine.

    • Uther: Lady Catrina. Is it really you?
      Lady Catrina: I can hardly believe it myself.
      Uther: We had tidings from the North that the House of Tregor had fallen to invaders.
      Lady Catrina: All that you heard was true, my Lord, and worse.
      Uther: But your father... the King...
      Lady Catrina: Gone, Sire. The enemy attacked without warning. We were outnumbered five to one. He could not endure. I would never have survived had it not been for my faithful servant, Jonas. But we did survive. And we have made it this far. Forgive me, my lord. I fear my trials have taken their toll.
      Uther: Your sufferings are beyond imagining, my lady. It would be an honour to help you in any way we can.
      Lady Catrina: A bed for the night would be most welcome.
      Uther: Then consider yourselves as our esteemed guests. It is the least that we can do.

    • Lady Catrina: Well, I can't sleep here. This whole place stinks of cleanliness.
      Jonas: Do not worry, mistress. I will find you somewhere more suitable.

    • Uther: The Houses of Tregor and Pendragon have been allies as long anyone can remember.
      Lady Catrina: My father often spoke of you, my lord.
      Uther: And I will remember him always.
      Arthur: I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to meet him.
      Lady Catrina: I'm sorry too. For the House of Tregor is no more.
      Uther: No, Catrina. It lives on in you.
      Lady Catrina: I only wish that were true.
      Uther: It is, my lady, your courage, your modesty and you are as you always were. Ever since you were a child.
      (Arthur makes a face)
      Lady Catrina: Oh, I fear I am much changed since then, my lord.
      Uther: Well, yes, it's true. You are far more beautiful now.
      (Morgana smiles and Arthur makes an upset face)
      Arthur: (Fakes a yawn) I'm sorry. Hard day's training. If you'll excuse me.
      Lady Catrina: Of course.
      Uther: Arthur.
      Morgana: I should retire myself.
      Uther: Morgana.

    • Uther: Can I get you anything else? You've hardly touched your food.
      Lady Catrina: I'm sorry. I find I have little appetite, ever since that day.

    • (About some nicely arranged fruit)
      Lady Catrina: What's that?
      Jonas: Compliments of the King.
      Lady Catrina: Revolting. Uther's so stupid. So blinded by pretty things. Already he falls for me. I can see it in his eyes. It is only a matter of time before he is completely under my control.

    • Merlin: (Is back with the medicine Lady Catrina has refused) She didn't ask for it, she didn't need it, she didn't even want it.
      Gaius: Interesting.
      Merlin: If you say so.
      Gaius: When I treated her as a child it was for an incurable disease. Catrina had a rare bone disorder afflicting her joints. She often had difficulty walking, especially after a long ride. My tonic was the only thing that brought her relief.
      Merlin: She walks as well as you or I.
      Gaius: So I noticed.
      Merlin: So, the tonic was some kind of test?
      Gaius: Indeed. And I'm starting to wonder if the Lady Catrina is really the Lady Catrina at all.

    • Gaius: What did you find?
      Merlin: Something wasn't right in there. There was this strange smell and I could have sworn the Lady Catrina's bed hadn't been slept in. And there was something else.
      Gaius: Oh?
      Merlin: Jonas. As I was leaving, I thought I saw something. This is going to sound mad, but it looked like Jonas had a tail.
      Gaius: A tail? Are you sure?
      Merlin: Well, I mean, I only glimpsed it for a moment. I could be wrong.
      Gaius: No, no, I believe you. Merlin, we must keep an eye on her. A very close eye.

    • Lady Catrina: It is a terrible thing to find oneself alone in the world. Suddenly, cruelly alone.
      Uther: When Ygraine died, I feared I would never recover...but then as time passed, I have become used to being alone.
      Lady Catrina: But you have Arthur and Morgana. Surely they are a comfort to you?
      Uther: They are. Of course they are. Both of them.
      Lady Catrina: It must be hard to be King and father both. To shoulder all that responsibility by yourself. But I feel sure, my lord, that you and I shall not remain alone forever. We will find love anew, a kindred spirit to share the burden of this life.
      Uther: I believe we will.

    • Gaius: I diagnosed Catrina with an incurable bone disease.
      Uther: Well, evidently you were wrong. There's nothing the matter with her now.
      Gaius: It has been a miraculous recovery, I must say.
      Uther: I'm sorry, Gaius, what are you suggesting?
      Gaius: Oh, I'm not suggesting anything, Sire. It's just, a little strange, that's all.
      Uther: The only strange thing I see is that you won't admit that you were wrong.
      Gaius: Sire, this is not about me. It's about the Lady Catrina.
      Uther: The Lady Catrina is our honoured guest and you will show her the respect that she deserves.

    • Uther: Gaius thought your condition was incurable, did he not?
      Lady Catrina: Well, fortunately for us, physicians are often mistaken. Even your famous Gaius.
      Uther: It is unusual, though, for such a serious illness to cure itself. Almost a miracle.
      Lady Catrina: I can neither deny it, nor explain it. But miracles do happen. After all, is it not a miracle that we should find each other again after all this time? And my good fortune continues. For you are a remarkable man, Uther Pendragon. You are brave, but compassionate. You are powerful, but modest. Most of all... are very, very...handsome.
      (She tries to kiss him but he pulls away)
      Uther: I'm sorry.
      Lady Catrina: No, my Lord, it is I who must apologise.
      Uther: It's a long time since Ygraine, since anyone.
      Lady Catrina: I understand completely. There's no hurry. We have all the time in the world.
      Uther: And that time will come, I assure you.

    • Arthur: Please tell me you weren't spying on Lady Catrina.
      Merlin: It's not what it seems.
      Arthur: Yes, Merlin, it's exactly what it seems. You've led a sheltered life. You have no social skills whatsoever and Catrina is, I admit, an attractive woman. I understand completely. And if I ever find you doing it again I'll feed you to the dogs, do I make myself clear?
      Merlin: Yes. Absolutely, Sire.

    • Gaius: Trolls are greedy. And Lady Catrina is like the rest of her kind. She lusts after wealth and power.
      Merlin: Uther's wealth and power.
      Gaius: We have reached the point of no return. Uther has to be told.
      Merlin: You're going to tell Uther that his new lady friend's a troll?
      Gaius: That's exactly what I'm going to do.
      Merlin: Good luck.
      Gaius: Thank you, Merlin.

    • Gaius: (About Lady Catrina) She is a troll, Sire.
      Uther: Excuse me?
      Gaius: Some trolls have the power to take any shape they please. This one has taken a shape that pleases you. You are besotted, my lord. The creature has you in its power.
      Uther: Gaius, this is utterly ludicrous.
      Gaius: Please, Sire. Her entire family is wiped out but she alone escapes? She has an incurable disease but makes a miraculous recovery?
      Uther: And that is nothing but idle gossip.
      Gaius: And is it gossip she does not eat her food?
      Uther: Of course she doesn't.
      Gaius: She feasts on rotten fruit like any other troll!
      Uther: Enough! This attack is unwarranted and malicious.
      Gaius: Sire, her servant is not human, he has a tail.
      Uther: I said enough!
      Gaius: Sire, please, I just advise you not to do anything rash.
      Uther: And I advise you to hold your tongue, physician, or I will indeed do something rash.

    • Jonas: We have a problem. Last night. You were followed.
      Lady Catrina: Who?
      Jonas: The boy, Merlin.
      Lady Catrina: (Snarls) Merlin.
      Jonas: Shall I dispose of him, mistress?
      Lady Catrina: No. That may arouse suspicion. But it is time that Uther bent to my wishes.
      Jonas: And if he does not?
      Lady Catrina: Well, he'll have no choice. There's more than one way to enchant a man.

    • Gaius: Please don't say anything, Merlin.
      Merlin: I wasn't going to say anything.
      Gaius: You were going to say I told you so.
      Merlin: Ok, I was. But I'm not going to now.
      Gaius: Uther didn't take it well.
      Merlin: Oh, you see, I told you. Sorry.
      Gaius: But I know him, Merlin. He's a proud man but he's not stupid. He will reflect on what I said. I'm sure he will.
      Merlin: Let's hope you're right.

    • Lady Catrina: Isn't this perfect? You and me together. A toast, a toast to us.
      Uther: I'm not sure everyone sees it that way.
      Lady Catrina: Well, there will always be those who resist change. That's to be expected.
      Uther: We must be mindful of public opinion.
      Lady Catrina: What are you trying to say, my Lord?
      Perhaps if you were to visit your cousins for a while. To show people that we're not rushing into anything.
      Lady Catrina: (Angry) You would let yourself be bullied by some petty-minded fools? (Pretends to be calmed down) But of course, of course, my Lord. If that is what you wish, then that is what I shall do.
      Uther: It is as you said, we have all the time in the world.

    • Lady Catrina: Before I go, my lord, there's something I want to give you. It belonged to my father. And his father before him.
      Uther: Catrina, I couldn't possibly.
      Lady Catrina: No, no, no, my lord, I want you to have it. Perhaps when you look at it (putting the pedant around his neck) it will remind you of me... and the times that we have spent together.
      Uther: (Enchanted by the magic pendant) I shall wear it always.
      Lady Catrina: That is as well, my lord. For while others doubt me, you must not. You cannot doubt me. For am I not beautiful, my lord?
      Uther: You are beautiful.
      Lady Catrina: Am I not your heart's desire?
      Uther: You are my heart's desire.
      Lady Catrina: Then seal it, my lord. Seal it, with a kiss.
      Uther: Yes, a kiss.
      (They kiss)

    • Jonas: The King was receptive to your advances?
      Lady Catrina: (In troll form) How could he resist such beauty?
      Jonas: The enchantment proved effective then.
      Lady Catrina: He is but a puppet in my hands (Laughs)

    • Uther: Gaius. You will be delighted to hear that none of the worries you brought to my attention have any truth to them whatsoever.
      Gaius: Sire?
      Uther: I hope, over time, you will come to see Lady Catrina as she really is.
      Gaius: Over time?
      Uther: I've asked Catrina to extend her stay indefinitely.
      Gaius: But...
      Uther: I consider the matter closed, and I hope you show me the courtesy of doing the same.

    • Gaius: It's no good, Merlin. I can tell him she's a troll till I'm blue in the face. He simply won't listen. He sees only a charming, beautiful woman.
      Merlin: With a body like a tree trunk.
      Gaius: But we only know that because you saw her in troll form.
      Merlin: So what do we do?
      Gaius: We must open Uther's eyes. Show her for what she really is.
      Merlin: Using magic?
      Gaius: It's the only way to reveal her true form.
      Merlin: But she never leaves his side.
      Gaius: I know.
      Merlin: You want me to use magic in front of the king?
      Gaius: Yes, Merlin, I do.
      Merlin: I'd never get away with it.
      Gaius: I'm sorry, Merlin. I know how dangerous this is. But we cannot allow her to gain any further control over the King.

    • Lady Catrina: (Looking at Camelot from the castle battlements) A beautiful day.
      Uther: The first of many, I hope (Kisses her cheek)
      Lady Catrina: How fine it must be to have all this at your command.
      Uther: It can be a burden sometimes.
      Lady Catrina: Let me share your burden, my lord. Together we could achieve so much.
      Uther: There is nothing I would like more.
      Lady Catrina: Well, my lord... would it not be a good idea to send a message to those who doubt us? To show all of Camelot the strength of our love, our commitment.
      Uther: Yes, what did you have in mind?
      Lady Catrina: I was thinking of something traditional, something permanent.

    • Uther: Thank you all for coming. You are no doubt wondering why I have gathered you here today. Though we live in dark times, today I bring you light... and love. It gives me the greatest pleasure to inform you that the Houses of Tregor and Pendragon are to be united in the closest bond of all. I am to marry Lady Catrina of Tregor.

    • Jonas: The boy, Merlin. It seems he has magic.
      Lady Catrina: Do not concern yourself. I resisted him easily enough.
      Jonas: But there's no telling what he'll do next. He could ruin everything.
      Lady Catrina: That cannot be allowed to happen.
      Jonas: What would you have me do, mistress?
      Lady Catrina: I think it's time we set a trap.

    • Merlin: Arthur, I'm going to tell you something. It's not going to be easy.
      Arthur: Right.
      Merlin: It concerns the Lady Catrina.
      Arthur: You're not using my chambers to spy on her again.
      Merlin: Oh, no. Trust me. I saw everything I needed to see.
      Arthur: I'm sure you did.
      Merlin: Arthur? She's a troll.
      Arthur: (Laughs) She's not that bad.
      Merlin: I'm being serious, she is, she's an actual troll.
      Arthur: Merlin, I know what you're trying to do and I appreciate it, you're a true friend. But it's not about whether I like her or not. It's about what makes my father happy. And when they announced the wedding today, I realised that Lady Catrina does just that. She makes him happy.
      Merlin: Well, he won't be so damn happy his wife's a fruit-munching monster!
      Arthur: That's enough.
      Merlin: But...
      Arthur: She's the future Queen of Camelot, whether you like it or not. So you better get used to it.

    • Lady Catrina: (In her bride dress) Jonas? Have I ever looked more revolting?
      Jonas: No, mistress.
      Lady Catrina: (Giggling) Oh, Jonas. You always say the right thing.

  • NOTES (13)

    • Sarah Parish is Johnny Capps' favourite guest star of the season.

    • Also Known As:
      France: La Belle et la Bête, première partie.
      Germany: Die Schöne Und Das Biest, Teil 1.
      Italy: La Bella e La Bestia (1a Parte).
      Poland: Piękno i Bestia: Cześć pierwsza.
      Portugal: A Fera e Bela - Part 1.
      Spain: La Bella y La Bestia (Parte 1).
      Ukraine: Красуня і чудовисько. Частина перша.

    • International Air Dates:
      Australia: May 23, 2010 on Ten.
      Canada: October 9th, 2010 on Space.
      France: March 7, 2010 on Canal + Family.
      Germany: January 26, 2011 on RTL.
      Italy: January 23, 2010 on Italia 1.
      Malaysia: January 3, 2010 on TV3.
      Poland: October 2, 2010 on Polsat.
      Spain: February 27, 2010 on Neox.
      Turkey: January 3, 2010 on CNBC-e.
      USA: April 30, 2010 on Syfy.

    • The scroll that Geoffrey of Monmouth uses it's actually a fully written-out piece of medieval jurisprudence.

    • The rotten troll food was a mix of apples and pears which were put in the microwave to achieve the texture needed.

    • Filming locations:
      Château de Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, Oise, France (Camelot).
      Cardiff, Wales (Studio sets).
      Forest of Compiegne, Oise, France (Pierrefonds forest).
      Pontygwaith / Bridge of the Ironworks, Cardiff Road, Treharris, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales, UK (Bridge by which Uther and Catrina picnic).

    • Lady Catrina hands her wedding bouquet to Morgana, although that can't be clearly seen during the episode.

    • The wedding scene between Uther and Lady Catrina was shot on the hall of Pierrefonds castle on June 10th 2009.

    • The Great Dragon does not appear in this episode, but John Hurt is credited (for the voice-over which begins the episode).

    • This episode has a continuation in episode 2x06 Beauty and the Beast – Part Two. It is the first Merlin episode that consists of two parts albeit either part is scripted by a different writer.

    • Sarah Parish found the prosthetic make up and the fat-suit very uncomfortable, heavy and slightly suffocating. It took 2 and a half hours for her to get all of it put on. The fact that the episode was filmed during a heat-wave in summer made it a challenge. Despite it all, she really enjoyed playing the troll part.

    • A working title for this episode was Uther and the Troll.

    • Broadcasts:
      Sat 24 Oct 2009 at 18:15-19:00 on BBC One.
      Mon 26 Oct 2009 at 19:00-19:45 on BBC Three.
      Fri 30 Oct 2009 at 20:00-20:45 on BBC Three.


    • Beauty and the Beast.

      The episode title alludes to the traditional fairy tale of the same name. It was adapted in 1991 for the big screen in the form of an animated movie by the Walt Disney Corporation.