Season 5 Episode 12

The Diamond of the Day, Part 1

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 2012 on BBC

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  • Great episode but...

    unfortunately it is only one episode away from the end of the show. This episode is obviously bringing all things to a close. We have Arthur taking on Morgana's army while Merlin's magic has been negated by a worm creature introduced by Morgana. Merlin must leave Arthur to battle on his own, which Arthur believes is because of Merlin's cowardice, to go off to the crystal cave to try and recover his magic. Meanwhile Morgana continues to plot and Katie McGrath does a great job of being the evil sorceress. Merlin makes it to the cave to find the ghost of his father who tells him how to heal himself as well as to take on his manifest in life to save Arthur. Being a two parter this ends the first half and being a week late watching it I can now pick up the second half tonight. It appears this last two part episode is going to do a great job of finishing up the show.
  • Do love

    these Brit boys and their show....
  • Find the season 5 soundtack

    who knows what the name of song on merlin s5 episode 13 at 44:52?
  • Finally a reveal!

    Stay tuned for the final episode ever!!!! Merlin will nail them and prove once again his importance and his loyalty!
  • HELP!!!

    does anyone know how to watch this because i just got the account and every time i click the video it wont let me watch it??:(
  • Merlin

    it's amazing when Merlin warn Arthur through the crystal
  • Merlin is back!!! :-)

    I'm just thrilled!!!! This was an amazing, stunning and moving episode! I absolutely and totally LOVE Merlin and really don't want it to end. But I can't help to say this is a worthy finale with a Merlin we always loved and believed in. Strong, brave, loyal and true-hearted. I believe we all will shed a lot of tears. Can't wait for the last showdown. I'm going to miss you a lot, MERLIN... ;-(
  • Watch Episode Fullvids here->http://tinyurl .com/Merlins05e12finale

    Watch Episode Fullvids here->http://tinyurl .com/Merlins05e12finale

    Watch Episode Fullvids here->http://tinyurl .com/Merlins05e12finale

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    Diamond of the Day, to give freshness to all of us. Previously, maybe we need to inform a complete and accurate information to you, so you'll get the right information about this good news. Merlin Season 5 Episode 12 will be broadcast by BBC on 12/22/2012.
  • Crying

    I love love love merlin I beg producers please make other series great writing climax be brill
  • Diamond to Crystal Cave, 12th episode review

    The suspense, in this episode, is killing. You feel like every thing is going wrong until the last 10 minutes or so. Merlin is always cheerful person but at one point he makes you feel unhopeful. Great episode can't wait for the climax!