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Community Page Announcement!

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    If you haven't seen them already, last week we launched an exciting new feature to TV.com: community pages! Since you are all fans of this show already, we wanted to direct your attention to the new pages so you can join in on the conversation there. The community page for this show can be found here.

    We believe that the most important part of TV.com is our passionate user community. Every month, we see millions of comments, ratings, reviews, and discussions about your favorite shows. Yet despite all this great content users like yourselves are already creating, we've gotten a ton of user requests for you to be able to express yourselves in more creative ways. That's why today we're launching a new type of page -- what for now we're calling a community page.

    For the first time, users, in addition to TV.com staff, will control the content on this community page and can post new kinds of content such as photos, polls, links, and videos. Users can also create full-length written content that will live on the community pages side-by-side with TV.com "official" editorial content.

    We've chosen a few shows to launch as beta pages, which you can find below. You can also reach these new community pages by clicking the link to them from the banner image on any of their show pages.

    Users who contribute a lot to these pages will begin to be ranked in the Top Members section of each community page. You can improve your ranking in each community page by creating posts that have lots of interaction from your fellow fans, such as views, comments, favorites, and shares. Please note that the points system on community pages and show/episode pages are not currently connected as we learn how people will contribute to these pages.

    Right now, these pages are separate from the show and episode guides. Any reviews or episode discussion items you post on the show and episode pages will not appear on the community page, and vice versa.

    Have fun with the new community pages and let us know your thoughts!

    The current beta pages:

    Breaking Bad



    Doctor Who

    Falling Skies

    Game of Thrones


    Mad Men

    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    The Newsroom

    Pretty Little Liars


    Teen Wolf

    True Blood

    Under the Dome

    - Jessica, TV.com staff

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