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Episode 4x08 'Lamia' discussion thread

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    boom-moo wrote:
    Thank you very much! I've added all the lists to the first post and will do the same with every series 4 episode now that edit function is working again.

    What are these lists for, if I may ask?

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    They are something we pulled together while rewatching the show over the last hiatus. Since we have rewatched and discussed every episode several times, we decided to focus on some points to make a yet further rewatch more entertaining. Last hiatus we covered series 1 to 3, and now we are pulling the lists as the episodes air for the first time.

    Some of the lists (like Arthur's traits to being the king of legend, Gwen and Arthur moments etc) are to be moved to the first post in those threads to have a general picture of how the character/pair have developed along the years.

    So they are for nothing but fun, like all we do around here
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