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Episode 5x13 'The Diamond Of The Day Part 2' discussion thread

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    TobyH wrote:
    And part 2 was on Christmas Eve so some people may have been doing family stuff.

    Exactly... Saturday was good because if people are at home (most families are) and if they weren't X factor fans they'd watch Merlin, and the last two weeks even more because X factor wasn't on. I know loads of people who always either recorded Merlin or watched it on iPlayer because of that. I'd like to see the iPlayer viewing figures for this episode...

    Off topic but - What surprised me even more was 6 (!) million people watched 'The snowman and the snow-dog' instead...

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    The Snowman is sort of a classic though and commonly watched at Christmas. I know I loved it as a kid. I don't know if this sequel is as good but I can see why people would be curious.
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    I've greatly enjoyed this series for the past 5 years, but because of always having to catch up on dvd, this is my first post ever regarding Merlin lol.

    I saw the finale last night. Had strong emotions about it, both good and bad, but mostly good.

    Whenever the time comes to say goodbye to a TV show and all its characters, especially ones as endearing as Merlin's, it strikes a cord in you.

    The series finale I thought was overall a very strong, moving episode, that hit most of the right cords. Everything with Merlin and Arthur was great, I thought they did a terrific job with the reveal, and their parting at the end was beautiful. And since that is the very core of the show, they got the most important thing right IMO.

    The little extra scene at the end in modern times I don't think is that important - I took it almost as a bit of a joke, nothing more. Anyone seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

    What I found to be lacking, however, were the closing arcs for the secondary characters. I really expected we were going to see something happen with the dragon - either join the fight and die, or be the one to kill Morgana, or turn into something - anything really. They have been building him up for 5 seasons, and he kinda just dropped in the finale for a moment of wisdom and flew off.

    Bigger yet is Morgana. I thought she had a very interesting character arc throughout the show, they made Merlin's main enemy a compelling and conflicting figure. However...it felt a bit surprising or incomplete that they just killed her off without allowing her some reflecting on how far she's fallen. I'm not saying she should have pulled a Darth Vader, but I was hoping there would be something more, some acknowledgment that she had fallen in the dark path. She was Arthur's sister after all, and an important character to all of them...

    But anyways, very sad the series is over. One to treasure for sure.

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