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Merlin series 1-4 themed rewatch - Cycle 1 'Merlin'

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    I feel like I am back in College trying to catch up on finishing projects and research papers. Anyway, here are my final thoughts on this Cycle 1 Merlin re-watch. (The shortened version, because what I had originally written was starting to look like a thesis.)

    2x09- It was good to see Merlin have a love interest, even though it ended in tragedy. His love for Freya has probably been the strongest pull he has dealt with to leave behind his destiny so far in the series. Like so many others, I have wondered that if Freya had lived would Merlin really have left Camelot.

    2x13- Another emotional episode for Merlin, and also an episode where he learns how much inner strength and power he has. He learns about his father, where his "magic" comes from, discovers his power as a Dragonlord and then watches his father die saving him. I still watch and cry at the Merlin/Balinor scenes.

    3x11- Merlin acknowledges to Gilli that despite being as powerful as he is with magic, he would not use it for evil/destructive purposes. After Merlin prevents Gilli from killing Uther, Gilli realizes how the power can corrupt and why his father avoided using it. It is interesting to note the fine line with power and corruption that Merlin himself walks when it comes to magic.

    4x04- Being the last Dragonlord, Merlin is willing to do whatever it takes to save the last dragon egg from the Tomb of Ashkanaar. As much as it is his destiny to protect Arthur and the future of a united Albion, it also seems to be his destiny to protect the most powerful magical creature left....dragons.

    Merlin at the end of Series 4 has grown from the meek, awkward boy who entered Camelot in Series 1, to a powerful sorcerer and dragonlord. His journey isn't finished yet, but he is getting closer.

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