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Merlin series 1-4 themed rewatch - Cycle 3 'Merlin and Morgana'

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    (Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended when posting these pictures. Merlin is property of BBC and Shine Ltd. )

    This cycle 3 rewatch is centered around the relationship between Merlin and Morgana. It includes 5 episodes:

    1x08: The Beginning of the End

    1x10: The Moment of Truth

    2x03:The Nightmare Begins

    2x12:The Fires of Idirsholas

    4x06: A Servant of Two Masters

    Discussion on this cycle will run form 5th March to 16th March. Together with the ongoing discussion, a list of best quotes and worst goofs for the episodes concerned is to be put forward. All suggestions will be listed at the end of this post and during the last week of the cycle, votation will took place.

    As a reminder of what's to come, this is the schedule for the whole rewatch:

    Merlin --->6 episodes: 1x10, 1x13, 2x09, 2x13, 3x11, 4x04.
    Merlin and his destiny (Merlin-Arthur) ---> 8 episodes: 1x01, 1x04, 1x11, 1x13, 2x12, 3x08, 4x06, 4x07.
    Merlin-Morgana ---> 5 episodes: 1x08, 1x10, 2x03, 2x12, 4x06.
    Uther-Morgana ---> 6 episodes: 1x12, 2x11, 3x01/02, 3x05, 4x03.
    Uther-Arthur ---> 5 episodes: 1x02, 1x09, 2x08, 3x02, 4x03.
    Arthur becoming king of legend ---> 12 episodes: 1x11, 2x06, 3x01/02, 3x12/13, 4x01/02, 4x05, 4x10, 4x12/13.
    Arthur-Guinevere ---> 8 episodes: 1x03, 2x02, 2x04, 2x10, 3x06, 3x10, 4x09, 4x11.
    Knights' cycle ----> 9 episodes 1x05, 2x04, 3x04, 3x07, 3x13, 4x01/02, 4x08, 4x10.
    Gaius ---> 4 episodes: 1x06, 2x07, 3x09, 4x07.
    Visiting Ladies ---> 6 episodes: 1x07, 2x05/06, 2x09, 3x06, 4x11.
    Morgana/Mordred/Morgause ---> 4 episodes 1x08, 2x03, 2x12, 4x01

    Cycle 1: "Merlin". To be opened by BM. Runs from Jan 7th to Jan 27th.

    Cycle 2: "Merlin and his destiny (Merlin and Arthur)". To be opened by Dpebbleson. Runs from Jan 28th to March 2nd.

    Cycle 3; "Merlin and Morgana". To be opened by ADCiNosey. Runs from March 3rd to March 16th.

    Cycle 4: "Uther and Morgana". To be opened by Illegalferret. Runs from March 17th to April 13th.

    Cycle 5: "Uther and Arthur". To be opened by pcdsa. Runs from April 14th to May 4th.

    Cycle 6: "Arthur becoming King of legend". To be opened by legend-dreamer. Runs from May 5th to June 15th.

    Cycle 7: "Arthur and Guinevere". To be opened by fantasyfreak77. Runs from June 16th to July 13th.

    Cycle 8: "Knights". To be opened by ForeverArwen94. Runs from July 14th to August 10th.

    Cycle 9: "Gaius". To be opened by LizzyGlue. Runs from August 11th to August 31st.

    Cycle 10: "Visiting Ladies". To be opened by BM. Runs from September 1st to September 21st.

    Cycle 11: "Morgana/Mordred/Morgause". To be opened by dpebbleson. Runs from September 22nd to September 30th.

    Have fun

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    I will come back an edit this post with the missing episodes at a later date (i.e. when i've watched them )

    1x10:Ah a loving Morgana will and keen to help people other than herself! Morgana is lovely in this episode, she sets out to help Merlin and his community with little thought about what might happen to her. She offers to help Merlin as pay back from him helping her get Mordred out of Camelot. There's friendship there between the two of them. Morgana is also shown to be an excellent swordswoman, saving Arthur and helping in the fight to save the village. It really shows how much of a forward thinking independent woman she is.

    2x12:Now this one is interesting the relationship between Merlin and Morgana! Despite his suspicions from previous episodes that Morgana is no longer to be completely trusted, Merlin doesn't suspect her like Arthur does when they find out she's the only one awake. He trusts her right up until the Dragon tells him otherwise and says he has to kill her. This then makes the rest of the episode very interesting indeed as Merlin battles his conscience and prepares to kill Morgana. You can see he really doesn't want to do it, even trying to leave her to the mercy of the Knights of Medhir, which is cowardly in my opinion. He only kills her when he has no other choice, tricking her into drinking the water, when it comes down to a simple choice: either save Morgana and let Arthur die or kill Morgana. He chooses his friend and master. I don't think he regrets it but he does try to help her as she lies dying and does offer Morgause the chance to save her.

    I feel really sorry for Morgana though out this episode. She manipulated by Morgause into unknowingly carrying a curse and then, from her own point of view, poisoned by her friend. She's not evil at point, not by a long way just a little lost and confused about who she is and what she believes. She wants the downfall of Uther's Camelot but when handed a sword by Arther she makes no attempt to kill him. She trusts Merlin and when you think about it her later hated of him is kind of justified!

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    Finally, here are my thoughts on this Cycle 3 Merlin and Morgana re-watch. I decided that all the observations I have been editing and keeping on the computer needed to be posted before they became epic novels. (Final abridged versions posted, of course.)

    1x08- This episode shows what Morgana and Merlin are capable of doing for something they see as an injusitice. At this point of the series, Merlin and Morgana are still friends (and allies) and willing to help each other. The fact that Merlin chose to take Mordred to Morgana's room, shows what trust he placed in her. He knew she probably would be willing to jeopardise her status as King's ward in order to protect an injured, druid boy from Uther. Merlin also fights within himself whether to heed Kilgharrah's words and let Mordred die. A choice that allows the future of Mordred killing Arthur to continue, and yet if Mordred were killed what other events would have changed for better or worse. (The movie "Butterfly Effect" comes to mind, one changed event changes another, etc.)

    1x10- A great buddy episode with all four friends. Morgana, because Merlin helped her get Mordred out of Camelot, goes with Merlin to help the people of his home village Ealdor. Morgana also shows what an expert swordsperson she is, and how fearless she can be. Merlin was surprised that any of his friends would risk themselves, but as Gwen and Morgana said to him he had done the same for them.

    2x03- Morgana starts to realise that she has magical powers and that there is more behind her dreams. Feeling isolated, alone and trying to understand what is happening she reaches out for help from Gaius. He tries to keep her ignorant of her gift, but Merlin wishes for Morgana to learn so she would not be afraid of her powers. It is heartbreaking to see Merlin almost open up to Morgana about himself so she wouldn't feel alone, but then he backs down because of Gaius' warnings to not reveal himself. To help Morgana better understand herself, Merlin finds out where a druid camp is and passes on the information to Morgana.

    2x12- Here in this episode everything changes. Merlin and Morgana by the end are set-up to become enemies in the future. When Kilgharrah warns Merlin to kill Morgana, Merlin still sees her as his friend. He struggles to follow through and poison her. Morgana's look as Merlin holds her dying from the poisoned water he gave her is haunting. Merlin made a hard choice, but in the end it was the right choice for that moment.

    To top off this episode, Merlin finally releases Kilgharrah and even more events are set into motion.

    4x06- Morgana is still trying to figure out why Merlin is so willing to sacrifice himself to protect Arthur. She seems to suspect, like her sister Morgause, that there is some hidden reason he is not revealing. And finally there was a magic battle between Morgana and Merlin "Emrys". Hoping to see even grander battles in the next series. *fingers crossed*



    4x06-MORGANA: Oh, don't be like that. We have a lot of catching up to do. After all, I haven't seen you since you condemned my sister to a slow and painful death, thwarted my plans to take over Camelot, and forced me to live in a hovel.

    MERLIN: Couldn't do me a favour, could you? Let Arthur know, he still thinks of me as an underachiever, but I'm quite proud of those accomplishments. I can die happy.

    ARTHUR: George, listen George, this is all very impressive. Very impressive, indeed, but I already have a manservant. All right, he's shabby looking, he has appalling manners, he's extremely forgetful. He seems to spend most of his time in the tavern. But he is my manservant. To be honest, I quite like it that way.

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