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Merlin vs Morgana

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    I would love to see this scene:

    Previous to this scene: Morgana gets discovered as a witch but flees the city.

    The scene itself: Merlin catches up to Morgana and petrifies her with a spell. She stands there between the trees, her eyes looking for whoever petrified her. And then the voice of Merlin "Nice evening isn't it Morgana" Morgana (slow and asking)"Merlin??" They talk a bit and Merlin starts to circle around her caressing her hair and says "you remember that nasty headache, that was a close one wasn't it. You never wondered how it was that you got better. I can easily take back what i have given" they talk again, and then Merlin, I wont kill you but if I ever see you again in Camelot I will change my mind" Merlin walks away and says one last thing" say hello to your sister"

    That would be awesome.

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