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Rewatching Merlin 2x03 'The Nightmare Begins' [2011]

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    illegalferret wrote:

    Firstly for a kingdom that is deep intolerant to magic there are a lot of people in Camelot who have links to magic!!

    Well, Uther needs to have a long list of suspects in store for when he feels like going pyre happy
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    D-syfer wrote:

    This episode somehow frustrated some Merlin/Morgana shippers (like me). If only Merlin could have been brave enough to tell Morgana that she has magic then things could have been different. Maybe Morgana wouldn't have fallen to the dark side. Or maybe things could have been different in their relationship.

    But on the other hand, maybe the writers wanted to show that Merlin had to learn in carefully making decisions, otherwise he could face a long term consequence because of it. And since he was still young, he has to learn a lot, and his mistakes will make him stronger and wiser.

    Regardless, I still liked this episode.

    I am so glad that Merlin did not tell her. To me you could see from her fights with Uther that like him...she tends to see things in black and white. I don't think she could have been saved. Funny enough though I still kinda sorta like her. Maybe I'm just holding out hope that she will remember that she loves Arthur more than she hates Uther.
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