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Unimaginative writing

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    [1]Nov 23, 2012
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    Dont get me wrong, i really liked Merlin and especially enjoyed seasons 1-3, but i feel really let down by the writers in seasons 4 and 5... They seem uniterested in writing engaging episodes and instead have focused on recycling previously told stories... I mean havent we already seen the Gwen/morgana storyline before in form of the Morgana/Morgause storyline in season 3: the evil smirks, secret meetings, constant scheming... surely the writers could have done better than that... similarly the season 4 finale seemed all too similar to the season 3 finale... being forced out of Camelot, making a heroic return etc.. and some of the writing in individual episodes seems totally illogical... I mean in episode 7 of season 5, when gwen accused merlin, none of the knights had a moment's hesitation in throwing him in the dungeon.. whats up with that? people like gwaine or leon who know merlin very well should atleast be shown to raise objections to gwen... Maybe if the writers took a little bit more interest then they may have come up with more logical writing.. I personall had hoped that the writers had made better use of modred than they had done so far and maybe revealed merlin's magic to add a new dynamic... but so far i have been left disappointed...

    Heres hoping that the writers redeem themselves in the last few episodes...

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    Hello john_smith11

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    Thank you
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