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When will Series 4 start?

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    I am a new viewer of Merlin when does season 4 begin here in the states? And when does it begin on BBC? I can't believe it has taken me 3 seasons to start watching but I have caught up and now am obsessed Thanks

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    To answer your question, airing dates for series 4 haven't been confirmed yet. There's been contradictory information about the UK date, since it's been said that it'll air either around its usual time (Late September 2011) or 2012. Latest news seem to support the former. The new series is gonna be shorter (just 10 episodes) so that might also have to do with it. However, filming schedules are the same as always, so I personally think that it'll air in late September or Early October, so that it ends around its usual time (beginning of December) despite being a bit shorter.

    No airing dates for the USA yet, but if it follows the tendency of the past years, it'll air some 3-4 months after its UK release is complete.

    Sorry, I know it's all very confusing but that the best I could do with the information we have as of yet.
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