Season 3 Episode 3

Goblin's Gold

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 2010 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • The man Gaius refuses to heal unless in exchange of some gold coins is Tom, who was previously seen in episode 2x01 The Curse of Cornelius Sigan where he played a miner. Cedric manages to fool him while having a drink at the tavern and obtain information about the secret chamber.

    • Goof: Tomatoes can be seen on Gaius' chamber. However, they were first introduced in Europe following the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

    • Goof: When Gaius/Goblin uses magic to hit Arthur in the head with an urn, Bradley James is actually hit with a piece of leather.

    • Despite Merlin uses magic to escape from the dungeon, no one questions how he managed to get out.

    • Goof: It is highly unlikely for Geoffrey of Monmouth not to hear the noises of the havoc created by the goblin inside the secret chamber and especially out of it as he makes books fall here and there. Also, it is equally unlikely for Geoffrey not to notice Merlin sneaking into the secret chamber when he goes to get the lead lined box despite Merlin has distracted him by making something fall to the ground.

    • Goof: Gaius leaves his chamber in his tunic before going to the tavern but once there he is in his pants and a white shirt.

    • Goof: Gaius's rubber soles are clearly visible in the scene where he is possessed by the goblin and attacks Merlin with a knife.

    • Goof: When the goblin gets into Arthur's room searching for gold, he can't find any under the bed. However, later on Merlin gets a chest filled with gold coins under Arthur's bed.

    • Morgana still needs Morgause's healing bracelet to sleep at night. Despite having spent a year with Morgause, she still isn't in control of her seer powers.

    • This episode marks the second time where someone is brought to the brink of death only to be brought back to life seconds after with an antidote. It is also the second time where farting is used as comical gag. Both topics were first used in episode 2x06 Beauty and the Beast - Part Two.

    • Goblins can only be trapped in boxes lined with lead (the goblin in this episode had been trapped in the box for more than 50 years), gold is the one thing they value above all others and if the host body of the person they have possessed dies, the goblin dies as well so they are forced to leave it.

    • This episode marks the third time Merlin is exposed as a magic-practitioner: the first time he did it in episode 1x03 The Mark of Nimueh to save Guinevere's life, the second time in episode 2x07 The Witchfinder where it was a ploy by Aredian, and now it was the goblin's making. At all times he was (falsely) proven innocent.

  • Quotes

    • (After the Goblin has made a mess in Arthur's room searching for gold)
      Arthur: Merlin! I really hope for your sake you have a good explanation for this.
      Merlin: I do have a good explanation. I'm spring cleaning.
      Arthur: It isn't spring and it certainly isn't clean.
      Merlin: That's because I've only just started (Door creaks as the goblin leaves) You wait until I've finished. You'll be able to eat your dinner off the floor. Not that you'd want to.
      (Some banging can be heard)
      Arthur: What was that?
      Merlin: Why don't I go and see and you can make yourself comfortable.

    • Goblin: Are you going to say something, or shall I?
      Merlin: (Astonished) You can speak?
      Goblin: You're a sharp one.

    • Gwen: (Merlin is holding one of Morgana's necklaces) I'm really not sure it suits you, Merlin.

    • Gaius: It seems you have unleashed a goblin.
      Merlin: I know that face. It's not good, is it?
      Gaius: Goblins are the most mischievous of creatures. Mischievous and dangerous.
      Merlin: It didn't seem dangerous.
      Gaius: Believe me, Merlin. Goblins will stop at nothing to get their hands on the one thing they value above all others. Gold.

    • Arthur: You're needed Gaius for a matter of great urgency and extreme delicacy.
      Gaius: What is it?
      Arthur: It's my father. I should warn you. If you value your lives, do not even think (points to Merlin) about laughing. (They go in Uther's room) Father?
      Uther: I'm behind the screen.
      (Gaius and Merlin look at a completely bald Uther in astonishment)

    • Gaius: Only an enchantment could cause Uther to lose his hair like that. I have no doubt that goblin is to blame. We must catch it before it does any real damage.
      Merlin: (Laughing) Did you see Uther's face?
      Gaius: Merlin, what do you think Uther will do to the person responsible for releasing the goblin?
      Merlin: (Not amused any longer) We need to catch it. How do we do that?

    • (After failing to trap the goblin)
      Merlin: Gaius? Did you see where it went?
      Gaius/Goblin: You let it escape, you stupid boy! (Smacks Merlin at the back of his head) And now you just stand there like a sack of potatoes! Go after it! Go! Shoo! Shoo!

    • Merlin: There's no sign of the goblin anywh... What happened?
      Gaius/Goblin: It's that pesky goblin! You let it escape and it's ransacked my premises! You've got some cleaning up to do. Clean, clean!
      Merlin: Where are you going?
      Gaius/Goblin: I am going to the tavern.
      Merlin: You never go to the tavern.
      Gaius/Goblin: Then I shall see what I've been missing.

    • Merlin: You look terrible. How much did you drink last night?
      Gaius/Goblin: You don't look so good yourself. What's your excuse?

    • Morgana: I couldn't sleep last night. My healing bracelet has been stolen.
      Gaius/Goblin: Oooh. A tragedy and travesty. Whoever stole it should be hanged, flogged and hanged again!
      Morgana: I was hoping you could give me a sleeping draft?
      Gaius/Goblin: A sleeping draft? Can't you count sheep like everyone else? Why are you bothering me with such things? Shoo!
      Morgana: I don't know why you are being like this, Gaius. I'm the King's ward and you shall do as I ask.
      Gaius/Goblin: Ooooh. Shall I now? I can see deep into your heart. And it's cold. Cold as stone. You play at being Uther's loving ward, you play it so well. You fool him, but you don't fool me. You would see Uther dead and Camelot destroyed.
      Morgana: Why would you say such a thing?
      Gaius/Goblin: Because it is the truth. There is evil in your heart.
      Morgana: I don't know what has come over you. You were always such a good friend to me.
      Gaius/Goblin: I see the truth frightens you.
      Morgana: It's you that frighten me.
      Gaius/Goblin: Do you not want your sleeping draft after all, Lady Morgana? One moment. Sweet dreams. Do come back and see me, any time.

    • Gaius/Goblin: He is certain to die.
      Tom: Oh! I don't feel like I'm dying.
      Gaius/Goblin: If you value your life, you won't say another word. It could kill you instantly. Sssh.
      Rose: I believed he had a broken rib.
      Gaius/Goblin: A broken rib that has become infected, with a most severe and terrifying infection that can only be treated by this remedy. Alas, it's very expensive.
      Rose: We do not have any money to spare.
      Gaius/Goblin: In that case your husband will die and you will spend the rest of your life in poverty and misery before dying a lonely, cold death, which is no less than you deserve.
      (Tom tries to speak and points to a drawer. Rose fetches the money)

    • Gwen: What can I do for you?
      Gaius/Goblin: It is more a question of what I can do for you. It seems you are developing the symptoms already.
      Gwen: The symptoms for what?
      Gaius/Goblin: For a most severe and terrifying infection that is sweeping through Camelot like a plague.
      Gwen: I haven't heard anything about an infection?
      Gaius/Goblin: That's because those who catch it are immediately struck dumb. Fortunately I have developed a very effective cure. Which is yours in exchange for a gold coin?
      Gwen: Very funny.
      Gaius/Goblin: Is it? I don't hear anyone laughing.
      Gwen: You've never charged me for remedies before.
      Gaius/Goblin: Then I have clearly been a fool. Do you wish for a cure, or do you wish to walk around with a face covered in boils and your nose dripping with snot?
      Gwen: Boils?
      Gaius/Goblin: Big, pussy boils. Bigger than you've ever seen.
      Gwen: I'll fetch a coin.
      Gaius/Goblin: Come on. Come on. I haven't got all day.

    • Uther: You're sure this treatment will work, Gaius?
      Gaius/Goblin: I am quite certain of it, my Lord.
      (Gaius slaps Uther's head as he applies the tonic)
      Uther: Is it really necessary to slap my head like that?
      Gaius/Goblin: Completely and utterly necessary. We must restore the circulation to the scalp. You wish your hair to grow back, my Lord?
      Uther: Get on with it then.

    • Gaius/Goblin: How do you like my new body? It's a bit old and creaky but it's ever so much fun.
      Merlin: It's not yours. It's Gaius'. What have you done with him?
      Gaius/Goblin: He's still in here somewhere.
      Merlin: Gaius has done you no harm. Leave him.
      Gaius/Goblin: All right, you've convinced me. On second thoughts... I think I'll stay where I am. I like it in here. The freedom. The gold. The beer. Did I mention the gold?
      Merlin: If you hurt Gaius... I will kill you.
      Gaius/Goblin: You'd be killing him! You see the problem? I'm him. He's me. We're all jumbled up in here! (Pats Merlin's face)

    • Arthur: There have been instances of vandalism around the palace and thefts. I myself was a victim. Unfortunately,the thief managed to elude me.
      (Gwen farts, then gasps and looks down embarrassed. Morgana farts too)
      Uther: Double the guard. I want the perpetrator found.
      (Uther farts as well. Gaius/Goblin smiles and winks an eye to Merlin, who is as astonished as everyone else attending the council)
      Arthur: Yes, my Lord.
      (Uther farts again)
      Uther: The council is dismissed!
      (Gwen and Morgana fart)
      Uther: Now!

    • Gaius/Goblin: Tell me you didn't think that was funny? Not even a little bit? A teeny, weeny bit?
      Merlin: If you carry on like this, you'll get Gaius killed.
      Gaius/Goblin: You underestimate me. I have cured Uther of his farting and his baldness. He is, he tells me, forever in my debt. I am a genius!

    • Gaius/Goblin: Your magic may be powerful, but I have an advantage.
      Merlin: What's that?
      Gaius/Goblin: I can hurt you... (Gaius/Goblin throws a knife at Merlin. He casts a spell to stop it in the air and throws it back to Gaius/Goblin, but stops it again before it hurts Gaius/Goblin) ...whereas you cannot hurt me without hurting Gaius (Merlin lets the knife drop to the floor)
      Merlin: I won't rest until I have found a way to force you out of Gaius' body.

    • Geoffrey of Monmouth: Ah, Gaius. I have been meaning to come and see you. I've got this terrible pain in my leg.
      Gaius/Goblin: It is hardly surprising when it has to support that enormous gut. Lose some weight, fatty.

    • Uther: Is it true that you are responsible for the... afflictions that I and other members of the court have suffered?
      Merlin: What? No.
      Uther: Gaius.
      Gaius/Goblin: I found this in your room. It's a book of spells and enchantments.
      Merlin: He's lying. That's not Gaius.
      Arthur: What are you talking about?
      Merlin: He's been possessed by... (Hesitating) ...a goblin.
      Gaius/Goblin: The boy is reduced to making the most desperate and ridiculous accusations.
      Uther: You seriously expect me to believe that Gaius is a goblin?
      Merlin: It's, it's controlling him. Gaius is still in there... somewhere.
      Arthur: Do you have any proof of these accusations?
      Merlin: No!
      Gaius/Goblin: I fear that magic has corrupted you. It pains me more than I can tell you.
      Merlin: I really doubt that.
      Gaius/Goblin: My Lord, I have been harbouring a sorcerer. For that, I offer the most sincere apology.
      Uther: You were not to know, Gaius. He has fooled us all.
      Merlin: It's not me that's fooling you.
      Uther: Silence! You've been found guilty of using magic and enchantments. In accordance with our laws you will pay with your life.

    • (Gaius/Goblin and Sir Leon bump into each other at the tabern)
      Gaius/Goblin: You clumsy oaf!
      Sir Leon: Gaius, I will pretend that I didn't hear that.
      Gaius/Goblin: Are you deaf as well as stupid?
      Sir Leon: I am a Knight of Camelot and you will show me some respect.
      Gaius/Goblin: You are a fool and I will show you none!
      Sir Leon: You will learn some manners or I will teach you some.
      (Gaius/Goblin takes a sip of his drink and spits it on Sir Leon's face)
      Sir Leon: (Sword in hand) You may be old but I cannot let this pass. Arm yourself!
      Gaius/Goblin: I'm just a foolish old man who's had far too much to drink. Please accept my apologies. A flagon of ale for my friends!
      Sir Leon: (Putting the sword away) Then I accept your apology.

    • Merlin: We need to convince Arthur. Maybe if you speak to him he might listen to you.
      Gwen: No, I can't.
      Merlin: Why?
      Gwen: After what happened in the Council yesterday I can't ever look Arthur in the face again.
      Merlin: I know, it's embarrassing.
      Gwen: It's more than embarrassing, Merlin. I cannot face him, ever.
      Merlin: Come on, Gwen. It's not that bad. All girls do it, don't they?
      Gwen: Not in public, and certainly not in front of the man they have feelings for.
      Merlin: You still have feelings for Arthur?
      Gwen: Not that it matters now because he will never be able to look at me in the same way again.
      Merlin: Gwen, if Arthur likes you, he likes you... Warts and farts and all.
      Gwen: Merlin, I haven't got any warts!
      Merlin: Then you'll talk to him?

    • Gaius/Goblin: I believe you wanted to see me?
      Arthur: I wanted to thank you in person. It can't have been easy for you, exposing Merlin like that.
      Gaius/Goblin: My loyalty to Camelot and your father comes first.
      Arthur: Much appreciated. I should also thank you for ridding me of the most incompetent, rude and lazy servant Camelot has ever known.
      Gaius/Goblin: I am just sorry that you had to suffer his ineptitude for so long.
      Arthur: When we catch him, you'll see him hang.
      Gaius/Goblin: Ah... I shall look forward to that. Is something wrong?
      Arthur: The Gaius I know would never look forward to seeing Merlin hang, no matter what he'd done (Gets his sword) Merlin was telling the truth (Gaius/Goblin makes an urn levitate and hit Arthur in the head, making him fall unconscious)

    • Gwen: Arthur. It's Guinevere. Can I come in? Arthur? Arthur? What's happened to you?
      (Arthur, who has donkey ears, brays and whimpers)
      Gwen: Did Gaius do this to you? He's a goblin. You poor thing (Scratches his ear. He sighs contentedly, then brays again) Sorry. Merlin's working on a plan. We'll figure out what to do. Stay here.

    • Merlin: Arthur's a donkey?
      Gwen: He has the ears of a donkey and the voice. He's braying.
      Merlin: He's braying? Wow (He clears his throat and laughs)
      Gwen: It's not funny, Merlin.
      Merlin: No, no, of course not. Arthur, with the ears of a donkey. What's funny about that?
      Gwen: He just looked so pitiful. I have never seen Arthur look like that.

    • Merlin: If the host body dies, the goblin dies with it. So if Gaius is dying, the goblin will be forced to leave him.
      Gwen: You want to kill Gaius?
      Merlin: Just briefly. Once the goblin's out of Gaius we have to trap it in a box lined with lead, the only container that will hold it.

    • Sir Leon: (With big blisters in his face) It is the same for all of us who were in tavern last night.
      Gaius/Goblin: That is most unfortunate.
      Sir Leon: Please. Can you treat it?
      Gaius/Goblin: The infection has no cure. The itching will become almost unbearable.
      Sir Leon: Itching? There is no itching.
      Gaius/Goblin: There will be, soon enough. Itching so severe it has been known to drive men to madness.
      Sir Leon: Gaius, please. There must be some remedy. We will pay whatever it takes.

    • Gwen: Are you sure that was the antidote?
      Merlin: No. Gaius! Come on! Please, come on, you stubborn old goat!
      Gaius: (Coming around) Who are you calling an old goat?

    • Uther: You mean to tell me it was you who was responsible for the baldness, the flatulence, the boils and Arthur's donkey ears?
      Gaius: I fear I was, my Lord. Or at least the goblin was while I was possessed by it.
      Uther: Magic has the power to corrupt even the most honourable of men.
      Gaius: Indeed, though I must assure you that Merlin was entirely innocent.
      Uther: Then he is pardoned.
      (The goblin bangs and moans inside the box)
      Gaius: May I suggest that is kept where no-one will ever open it?
      Uther: See that it's placed in the vaults. Gaius... do you know who was responsible for releasing the goblin in the first place?
      Gaius: I'm afraid I've no idea, my Lord.

    • (Arthur and Gwen meet in the hallway and they look really uncomfortable)
      Gwen: My Lord.
      Arthur: Guinevere. The events of the last few days... I think it would be best if we... never spoke of them.
      Gwen: I don't even know what events you're referring to.
      Arthur: Quite. It's been entirely... uneventful. I need to train my men.
      Gwen: I must see to these sheets.
      (Both sigh relieved)

    • (Arthur is training with his men on the castle grounds)
      Gaius: I see you've been busy undoing the goblin's magic.
      Merlin: As usual, I'll get no thanks for it whatsoever.
      Gaius: Seeing as releasing the goblin was entirely your fault, Merlin, I am not sure you deserve any thanks.
      Merlin: Arthur doesn't know that.
      Gaius: For your sake, you better hope it stays that way.
      (Arthur defeats his opponent and laughs. Then he brays)
      Gaius: Merlin...
      Merlin: (Smiling) Just one more day.
      (Arthur clears his throat)
      Merlin: It's too good.
      (Gaius and Merlin laugh)

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